Which Online Casino Games Do Pakistanis Like The Most?

More people are finding themselves at home accessing the Internet to find things to do. This is true in Pakistan as well, where many have used their computer or handheld device to find out more about religion, grab a new hobby, or enjoy video streaming services. It has also opened the door for a number of people to spend time playing their favorite casino game.

Finding Ways to Play

It should be stated up front that gambling is illegal in Pakistan. As a very devout Muslim nation, laws forbid people from participating in gambling because the faith considers it to be a severe transgression of the law. Therefore, people cannot legally gamble offline in Pakistan.

However, since the laws haven’t been changed since 1977 online gambling isn’t limited by the country laws. Meaning, international gambling and casino websites can legally welcome Pakistani players.

This has enabled Pakistani citizens to play such games as roulette, blackjack, poker, and slot machines. For those who were unfamiliar with the games, the sites allow them to learn so that they can enjoy these activities and they have been discreet enough to protect the identity and accounts of users.

In fact, many Pakistanis are sophisticated enough to understand that the use of a VPN (virtual private network) can protect them from government scrutiny. VPNs provide a secure masking of one’s Internet browsing history and IP address, making it so that people can be sure that no one is tracking their activity.

Getting in on the Action

With the availability of these online casinos and the ability to mask one’s access to the Internet, it is no wonder that these games are becoming more popular. Playing at an online casino can be a lot of fun and, even if you do not win, it is still a great way to pass the time. As long as a person does not let it dominate their life, it is a great activity that millions of people in Pakistan enjoy.

While many games are popular to play, there are a group that are more frequently played than others. Here is a list of the five most popular.


Poker has quickly become the most popular game, including high-stakes options. This was not true even as recent as five years ago, but the game has quickly gained in popularity with its best Pakistani players. Pakistani citizens are enjoying the diverse options of poker games that are available and are finding that the game fuels their competitive nature.

It is the art of poker that has truly helped to make this an extremely popular game in Pakistan. Both men and women have enjoyed the experience of trying to outplay their opponent or opponents to come away with the big pot. Because it is considered to be a game that requires a great deal of skill and artistry, one who is able to master the game is looked upon with greatest esteem.


Slot machines have long been a popular option for Pakistani citizens. That popularity has continued to grow because of the designs, features, and availability of slot machines at online casinos. Now, people can play a slot machine that is theme-based. These types of machines offer people the opportunity to play a game that is based upon a favorite movie, television show, or other genre of entertainment.

In addition, slot machines offer people who are not experienced with online casinos the opportunity to still play. There is not a steep learning curve involved, so everyone can enjoy the experience. The graphics, scenarios, and ways to win have helped to draw in thousands of new players each month.


Roulette is one of the most popular casino style games across the planet. It is not necessarily that the game itself is as attractive as others. It is the glamorous way that roulette has been portrayed in movies that has helped to captivate the attention of casino players. 

This is true in Pakistan as well. Many love this game. It is the best game based around chance. There are only a limited number of strategies that a person can employ in playing roulette, so it is based almost solely upon the luck of the wheel.

This is one of the reasons why it is so popular in Pakistan. There is a certain level of appreciation placed upon luck and good fortune. This is a cultural part of Pakistan, so one who is able to win at roulette is a person who feels like things are going their way. After all, the odds are not great to win if you are betting on one of the numbers. Therefore, if you do win, but does feel like fate is shining down upon you.


Bingo is another game that is extremely popular almost anywhere on the planet. It is a game that people of all ages can play and do well in. If a 10-year-old is competing against a group of people in their 40s, as long as they are paying attention to the board they can do just as well as those who are more mature than them.

Because of its popularity, it is not surprising that this would be one of the favorite choices of Pakistani citizens. They love being able to play a game that they have known since they were a child, and can enjoy it as an adult even if they have never played it before. It is a game that is simple to learn and the variations and design of bingo at online casinos has helped to make it a popular choice.


Blackjack is another game whose popularity has increased because of its simplicity. Blackjack is a game that many have played since they were a kid. There are strategies involved, but they are easy to learn and those rules that are sophisticated are not difficult to learn either.

This is a fun and enjoyable game, so it is not surprising that it would be popular in Pakistan. Besides, like roulette, since the game is based upon numbers there is a sense of good fortune that comes upon a person who wins big.


Online casinos are becoming extremely popular in Pakistan. These five choices are some of the more popular games that people like to play. No doubt they will continue to increase in numbers of players as more in the country gain access to these websites.

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