Where Color Meets Gaming: The Advantages Of Modern Tech

While color naturally exists in our day-to-day lives, from the greens of the grass to the blues of the sky, the development of man-made color didn’t come so naturally and has taken years of development. Though, thanks to artists and scientists across the world, color is now the focal point of most digital screens, quite the contrary to the traditional black and white television.

How color transforms the online gaming sphere

Source: Unsplash

The development of digital color has worked wonders for the online gaming industry since it makes the intangible seem tangible via the ability to inject life into the screen. That being said, online games have become a second reality, as opposed to the fiction they more often than not, actually are. Without the use of color in online gaming, titles would fail to continue to meet their primary objective; to entertain.

Perhaps one of the most colorful examples of online titles on the market are online casino slots and games, with slot machines like Scatter Tales and Billionaire Casino boasting incredibly vibrant color palettes. Since slot machines are traditionally known for their array of colors that light up a room, imaging them without such visuals is almost impossible. And, when visiting a casino site, the abundance of slots available or not short of eye-catching palettes, due to the array of thumbnails on display on any given site page.

The success of such games is therefore owed to the combination of color, since it is in fact the vivid graphics that make them stand out from the crowd, especially in a market that is so saturated. Color carries individual meaning too, and can evoke emotional feelings of excitement, happiness, and anger; all of which allow the player to feel more absorbed in the game itself.

Color on mobile vs color on desktop

While color is available on all games across all devices, the pigmentation of such color varies. For those that are avid gamers, investing in a PC with a top-spec graphics card can work wonders for the colors that are translated on your screen. Yet, using a mobile phone to access games like live dealer casino games will still inject life into your screen, but the results won’t be as sharp.

A look back at how color got to where it is today

Source: Unsplash

While praising the magic of color in gaming, we mustn’t forget the journey that it has been on. Dating back thousands of years, color was originally created using raw materials like soil and chalk to create five primary color pigments: red, yellow, brown, black, and white, which could be mixed to form other colors like blues, greens, and purples. It wasn’t until the 17th century when Isaac Newton discovered the light spectrum, that color began to develop. The color wheel has since been an instrumental concept amongst artists and designers in creating eye-catching art, with millions of colors readily available to use.

Yet, color in the digital age is much different and was first introduced to our screens in the mid-20th century. Rather than using tangible materials, digital color uses RGB (red, green, and blue) colors in a pixelated image to form other desirable colors. Color mixing on our screens isn’t actually all that different from color mixing on paper as they both use the primary color wheel.

 With the development of technology, the colors on our screens become more vibrant year on year, and have a profound effect on the gaming industry – since it not only makes a game more eye-catching, but enjoyable and emotive too.

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