When is Ramadan 2020? Timetable: When Does Ramadan Begin & End?

When is Ramadan 2020?

Ramadan is a Muslim ritual, observed by everyone following the Islamic religion worldwide, following the Islamic Lunar calendar. It is also known as the Fasting Month. The Arabic meaning of Ramadan is Scorching heat. A grantable explanation could be that the holidays fall during a time when the temperature is only rising in the Arabian countries. Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islamic principles. During this time of the year the people believing in the religion, fast through the month. It is believed that this is an attempt to purify our souls. Evil thoughts and activities considered sinful are to be avoided this time of the year. When the crescent moon appears in the night sky, the holy month ends and it is thereafter followed by the three day festival of Eid al-Fitr. 

Today, we are going to take a look at the details of the ritual and as to when it is celebrated. So go ahead and read along:

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Ramadan- the history behind it

When is Ramadan 2020

According to the Islamic religion, their holy book, the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad, when he was meditating in a cavern outside Mecca, the City during this Holy Month. This month hence commemorates the first revelation that was made to the Laylat al-Qadr. There, however, exists a popular misconception that people following the religion do not eat anything at all during the month. It is for obvious reasons, not the truth nor is it possible. During the time of Suhoor that is before dawn and after sunset called Iftar, people can eat just as they do regularly with of course the conventional prohibitions of alcohol and pork and such food items. 

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The dates of Ramadan 2020:

No specific dates regarding the start and the end of the Holy Month have been mentioned in the Islamic Lunar calendar. In this year, 2020, Ramadan will begin on Thursday 23rd April 2020 evening and end on the evening of Saturday, 23rd May 2020. Check our recent posts on,

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