What’s coming to Netflix this week October 21st- October 27th

Netflix is the primary source of entertainment for many. so let’s take a look at the list of shows that we have in stock for the coming 7 days. In this article, we will cover all the Netflix releases between 21st October and 27th October.

But before we move onto the list, let’s walk you through some of the highlights first. You should know that we have the entire list to serve you.

What’s coming to Netflix this week October 21st- October 27th

What’s coming to Netflix this week October 21st- October 27th

Free Fire (2017)

Type: Movie

Release date on Netflix: 21st October

free fire 2017 netflix release

Starring Brie Larson, Free Fire happens to be our first pick of this week. This is a moody crime comedy that takes place in Boston in 1978.

The movie is all about a meeting that didn’t go as planned. It soon turns into a game of survival. With a unique outline, the movie has received a lot of positive reviews. Critics have been kind to the movie. It has received 6.4 on IMDb and 63 on Metacritic. In other words, the movie is a one-time watch.

The movie is supplied by A24 which has been a constant source of suppliers for Netflix movies for the last few years.

Daybreak Season 1 (Netflix Original)

Type: TV series

Release date on Netflix: 24th October

Daybreak (Season 1) Netflix Original

If you are into zombies then you will probably like it. releasing this Thursday, Daybreak is a teenage zombie series.

Just like most other zombie movies, the story begins in a post-apocalyptic world where a man is desperately looking for his lost girlfriend. Overall, it is an interesting teenage series which can be an entertaining experience.

10 episodes are due out this Thursday.

Echo in the Canyon (2018)

Type: Documentary

Release date on Netflix: 24th October

Echo in the Canyon

After movies and series, who’s up for a documentary? Unlike other boring documentaries, Echo in the Canyon has some of the big names to offer. They have The Byrds, The Beatles, The beach boys, The Mamas, and the Papas and others.

It is guaranteed that you do not regret to waste your time after watching this. The documentary takes a look at the origins of the historic scene of Laurel Canyon from Los Angeles.

The Untamed/ Chen Qing Ling Season 1

Type: TV series

Release date on Netflix: 25th October

The Untamed/ Chen Qing Ling Season 1

The Untamed happens to be one of the biggest Chinese titles. Netflix has finally been able to secure the streaming of this popular Asian TV series for the audience. If you are into Chinese shows then this has to be good news for you.

The series is all about epic fight scenes, warring clans and more. However, there is no information on whether all the 50 episodes will be available or not. There are chances that Netflix will split them up.

Bojack Horseman Season 6 to Part 1 (Netflix Original)

Type: TV Series

Release date on Netflix: 25th October

Bojack Horseman Season 6 to Part 1 (Netflix Original)

The final pick for the week is Bojack Horseman. This is one of the longest-running anime shows out there. This could be the perfect source of entertainment for your kids.

With the release of the series, you will once again get to see the drunk adventures of Bojack in Hollywood.

Complete List Of What’s Coming to Netflix this week

21st October

  • Free Fire (2017)

22nd October

  • Hunter’s Prayer (2017)
  • Yommedine
  • Jenny Slate: Stage Fright (2019)

23rd October

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Season 1
  • Master Z: The IP Man Legacy (2018)
  • Dancing with the Birds (2019)

24th October

  • Daybreak season 1
  • Revenge of Pontianak (2019)
  • Echo in the Canyon (2018)

25th October

  • A Tale of Love and Darkness (2015)
  • Interior Design Masters Season 1 
  • It Takes a Lunatic (2019) 
  • Moms at War
  • Monzón: A Knockout Blow
  • Assimilate (2019)
  • Bojack Horseman Season 6 – Part 1 
  • Brigada Costa del Sol Season 1
  • My Next Guest with David Letterman and Shah Rukh Khan (2019) 
  • Nailed it! France Season 1 
  • Nailed It! Spain Season 1 
  • Prank Encounters Season 1 
  • Rattlesnake (2019) 
  • The Awakening of Motti Wolkenbruch (2019) 
  • Brotherhood / Irmandade Season 1 
  • Consequences / Silsile (2014)
  • Dolemite Is My Name (2019) 
  • Drug Squad: Costa del Sol Season 1
  • Greenhouse Academy Season 3 
  • The Kominsky Method Season 2 
  • The Untamed Season 1

26th October

  • The Last Whistle (2019)

Now that you have the complete list of this week’s Netflix release, you can prepare yourself to watch the shows and movies that you want to watch.

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