What is the Safest Crypto Exchange for Trading?

Cryptocurrency trade is a popular option for making money using digital assets. There are some popular trading methods, such as:

  • Intraday trading
  • Swing
  • Position trading
  • Arbitrage
  • Scalping.

They differentiate by the frequency of opening and closing positions and timeframes. The longer the period between buying and selling assets, the more time a trader had to think and plan one’s next steps. In this sense, the less stressful trading method is position trading (buy and sell) which may last for months. Conversely, the shortest and most tense methods are intraday and scalping, implying closing positions within 24 hours or 15 minutes. 

All these strategies need to be practiced somewhere, which is what crypto exchanges are used for. We would like to discuss the most secure cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT.

What are the Features of WhiteBIT?

It is the biggest crypto exchange in Europe offering:

  1. Over 450 crypto pairs for trading 
  2. High level of safety for users funds
  3. Convenient interface divided into simple and advanced versions
  4. Ability to use leverage in trading
  5. Advanced trading tools such as futures, margin, etc.

Why is WhiteBIT the safest crypto exchange? The fact is that the platform holds 96% of clients’ investments offline, on cold wallets, which means they are inaccessible to hackers. Another reason why it is the safest crypto exchange is personal protection for every single account a user sets up. That is called two-factor authentication. 

Every client that wants to reach all the platform’s features and tools must pass the KYC verification, providing one’s passport and documents to verify identity.  WhiteBIT is a centralized platform with centralized control of transactions and tracking of any suspicious activity. If such activity is noticed, a user is blocked until the service makes sure one did not impose a threat to other platforms’ users. Such a strict mechanism ensures the protection of every client and ensures safety. 

To learn more about the WhiteBIT platform, welcome to its WhiteBIT blog.

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