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What do you Need to Look for in a Laptop for the Best Video Editing Purposes?



Laptop for the Best Video Editing Purposes

Video editing is a crucial part of movie-making these days. People create many types of videos for vivid purposes, like for marketing campaigns, corporate meetings or entertainment videos to post on social media platforms. The need to have the best laptop for video editing is hence crucial. The configuration of your system should be good enough to help you perform video editing without hassles.

Some of the finest video editing tools online or offline are usually used in the post-production stage of video creation. It is essential to achieve a perfect flow of the filmmaking process. Editing the videos perfectly can obtain many cut shots at perfect timing, which can indeed lead to the success of the film. Especially, when you are supposed to edit a 4K, 6k, and even 8k video, a good computer that can process and handle huge information is necessary. Although online video editing apps like InVideo are usually well-equipped to be working on any system, it is still recommended that you get yourself a good buy when you want to take up video editing seriously.

Some smart tips to buy the best laptop for video editing on online platforms

Below are a few essential tips to single out the best laptop for your video editing task:

Screen resolution

With the constant changes happening in the digital landscape, screen and display resolution are also undergoing many transformations to make detailed images. The full HD videos are now giving way to 4K video resolution standard. The main reason for choosing the 4K standard is the advanced level of image quality and display.

This technology is now widely adopted in the cinema industry and home theatres as well. So, while choosing a laptop for online video editing, make sure that it can edit, process and display 4k videos with more ease and convenience. Having a laptop that can edit 4k resolution images will help you to edit all the videos of low resolution as well.

Power Constraints

The power of the laptop plays an important role while editing the videos. The video card and CPU are two machines that deal with the video editing part. The effective functioning of these two devices affects the power and speed of the videos. The best laptop for video editing can always find the right balance between these two aspects and deliver the best power, speed, and accuracy while editing videos online.

The hard drive also plays an important role in video editing as the transfer of sizable data takes place in and out of the storage during the process. Different hard drives have different speeds but solid-state drive (SSD) is one hard drive that finds religious use these days, so try to opt for a laptop with SSD hard drive.

Storage size

It is usual for video files to occupy considerable storage space in a device. The best laptop for video editing enables you to upload and store the bulk or heavy-sized file in the cloud as well. As you might be aware, cloud storage can always store more data than usual and is quite durable and reliable than the normal storage space.

It would also give an added advantage in case of hard drive failures since you can use cloud storage as a backup to retrieve your data. Always try to opt for a laptop that can offer you both hard drive and cloud storage solution so you need not worry about any damage caused to your stored videos in times of hard disk failures.

Software used

Software is another important factor to consider while choosing the best laptop for online video editing. Not all the laptops may be compatible with the software you want to use for editing purposes. Different kinds of software are on the fray for this task, like Windows Live Movie Maker (Microsoft), Pinnacle Studio (Pinnacle Systems), Premiere Pro (Adobe.

Movie Maker from InVideo is also emerging as a promising name in this list. This software might not prioritize the same parts of the laptop while working. For example, the premiere pro powered by Adobe uses more of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Random Access Memory (RAM) instead of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

Therefore, it is better that you choose the laptop, which can be compatible with the software you want to use for video editing. Choose the software first and enquire about the laptop that can best handle the software and purchase it.

Allow external connections

Video editing online or offline is not that easy a task as one might think. In fact, you would need the support of all the external devices like mouse, keyboard, external monitor, speaker, and tablet together to inflict the desired result. To connect all these peripherals at a time, your laptop must have a minimum of three to four USB connectors to connect all your devices at once.

Cost consideration

Make sure to enquire about the price in multiple stores before buying. If possible, make a list of brands that offer laptops as per your chosen configuration and requirement. If most of the things are similar, probably cost could make a difference.

What are the advantages of looking for the best laptop for video editing?

All these tips to choose the best laptop for video editing are worth noticing before you go on to buy one for your specific purpose. Moving over, below are a few advantages of having a high-quality laptop for video editing.


Having a good laptop is always beneficial as you can carry your laptops anywhere and everywhere with more convenience and ease. The traditional desktops are difficult to carry everywhere, as they are large and occupy more space when compared to laptops. This way you can edit your videos while you travel as well.


Laptops are very flexible when it comes to connecting any external peripherals like printers, hard drives, and speakers. It is no less than a desktop in terms of connecting the devices. Hence opting for a laptop is also the best choice for editing your video online in terms of connectivity.

Ease of Use

Laptops are way more convenient to use when compared to desktops because they are lightweight and come along with inbuilt CPU and keyboard. It is easier to maintain them than traditional desktops as the latter are large in size and weight as compared to that of laptops.

Videos hold the power to create sensation and appeal to your targeted audiences if edited the right way.

Henry is a writer from Berlin. His work has appeared at various popular media sites such as BBC, The Outline, DAME, etc. At GadgetFreeks, He reports news about the latest startups launching in the market. Also, He likes to share the latest tech news from the market.

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