22 UFC Live Free Stream Alternatives for 2023 – Best Platforms to Watch MMA


The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is one of the world’s most popular contact sports leagues, and its fan base has grown exponentially over the years. While traditional pay-per-view events offer an exciting live-streaming experience, many users search online for a better alternative. In this article, we’ll list 22 UFC live free stream alternatives for 2023, so you can watch your favorite MMA events without any worries.

Tips to Choose Safe UFC Live Free Stream Alternatives:

Streaming illegal and unauthorized content is a punishable offense in many countries. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons before deciding on an alternative platform since some options may provide better features at affordable prices. In contrast, others could be fraudulent or simply unreliable. Here are some tips that will help you pick the right choice:

  • Check the terms and conditions before signing up for an account: Some platforms might showcase copyrighted content without permission. It’s also essential to secure your personal information with any service provider you choose.
  • Mobile compatibility: Make sure your chosen streaming platform is optimized for mobile use so you can view it on the go. You should also check if captions or subtitles are available since they make the viewing experience more enjoyable.
  • High-quality streaming: Quality should be a priority when choosing an alternative platform for UFC live free streaming. Pay extra attention to the loading speed and sound of the video, as these are essential for having a stable, uninterrupted viewing experience.
  • Personalization options: Today’s streaming platforms offer various personalization tools that help you customize your experience according to individual preferences, language choices, or genres. If applicable, you could also opt for parental control settings to ensure unauthorized users don’t access your account.
  • Free vs. paid options: Choosing between free and premium streaming services can be tricky as both offer their benefits. Some free platforms don’t need user registration, while others require users to create an account (which could include providing personal information such as name, email address etc.). Similarly, some reputable premium streaming providers might give access to additional content or support various devices through monthly subscriptions.

Best Alternatives:

Let’s begin with the list of 22 UFC live free stream alternatives for 2023:



Destination Link: sportlemon.net

A popular streaming platform, SportLemon is an excellent choice for avid MMA viewers as it provides good quality video streams and hosts archived videos from other sports leagues such as football and tennis. It’s also perfect for team sports fans since, besides providing real-time updates on scores or rankings, the users can watch pre-recorded games within a few minutes of their conclusion.



Destination Link: rojadirectatv.de

If you’re looking for an MMA streaming service that broadcasts fights from almost every corner of the world, check out this website or app, which has become a go-to source for millions worldwide who wish to watch and keep track of mixed martial arts bouts online in real time. It also enables users to follow live scores, match highlights and more in one place.

Fight Live


Destination Link: fightlive.net

This website is perfect for those who want to tune into MMA main cards and significant events, with the option of watching archived fights in several different video qualities ranging from standard definition to full HD. The platform also provides an extensive range of post-match analyses and highlights compilations that users can access anytime.

Pirlo TV

Destination Link: pirlotv.fr

Pirlo TV is an obvious choice if you’re after high-definition streaming of UFC fights. It’s one of the most popular websites for catching up on MMA bouts and offers subscribers Pay Per View events. Additionally, it comes with an intuitive user interface and full coverage support for hassle-free online viewing.

Acho TV


Destination Link: achotv.com

If you are lIf you are looking for a reliable option that doesn’t involve complicated setups, try out AchoTV, a great online resource for watching UFC events and other fighting matches. It offers multiple streaming options with different levels of quality, so you can choose the one that fits your needs.



Destination Link: stream2watch.ws

This website has long been considered an excellent option for watching fight sports, along with other traditional broadcast content like award shows, documentaries, etc. With features such as auto-play mode, live chat support and HD-quality video available to view at no cost, Stream2Watch is a top choice for many viewers.



Destination Link: streamgoto.sx

This MMA streaming website has made great strides in recent years, and now it’s one of the go-to platforms for people looking to watch UFC fights online without downtime or disruptions between highlights or important match moments!



Destination Link: crickfree.org

Suppose you want to bypass the hefty Pay Per View charges while enjoying a reliable streaming experience. In that case, this website is ideal as it showcases all UFC events worldwide and allows users to access niche content, such as boxing, etc., without any limitations.

First Row Sports


Destination Link: firstrowsports.bz

This site may not display the same level of quality that other top providers offer. Still, it provides ease of access for users since its user interface isn’t complicated at all, with even a little technical knowledge being enough to get started with the streaming.



Destination Link: 720pstream.tv

If you love watching MMA fights in full HD, this streaming platform could be worth a look as it showcases all UFC events without lags or stutters from multiple sources! Furthermore, its neat user interface makes it extremely easy for viewers to navigate through different sections at lightning-fast speeds.

Live Soccer TV


Destination Link: livesoccertv.com

A comprehensive sports streaming platform that aims to provide scheduled fight-night updates and timely highlights compilation, this is one of the best sources for those who want to stay updated with UFC results or team progressions! Additionally, it also hosts pre-recorded events along with match reviews and player rankings



Destination Link: streameast.life

This website has become a go-to source for millions worldwide as it provides good quality video streams and extensive live coverage support compared to other live streaming platforms! Furthermore, it offers fan engagement tools such as forums or online chats, making the viewing experience more enjoyable.



Destination Link: plus.espn.com

This is one of the most comprehensive sports broadcasting apps available today, encompassing many professional and amateur MMA events worldwide. It requires users to have an active subscription to gain access. However, its well-crafted features ensure subscribers get their monthly money’s worth.

UFC Fight Pass

UFC Fight Pass

Destination Link: welcome.ufcfightpass.com

If you want to be able to watch anything and everything related to UFC fights, then this streaming service is perfect for you! Unlike other apps, users must pay a monthly fee to gain access; however, it provides live fight coverage and a whole new range of original content, such as ‘best moments’ compilations, which guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Sling TV

Sling TV

Destination Link: sling.com

A relatively new addition to the streaming industry, Sling TV offers its users a lucrative monthly subscription plan to access live UFC events and other high-profile leagues. It’s also compatible across multiple devices and comes with reliable customer support!

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV

Destination Link: hulu.com/Live-tv

Popularly known for its online streaming services, this website has recently ventured into delivering live sports covering NFL matches, global soccer, NHL ice hockey and UFC fights. It also provides users access to its sizable library of classic shows at the exact cost, making it one of the most sought-after streaming providers today!

YouTube TV

YouTube TV

Destination Link: tv.youtube.com

If you’re an avid fan looking for a comprehensive platform that offers full coverage support and incredible video quality, this service is for you. Besides allowing viewers to watch live UFC events on multiple devices, they could save their favorite fights and replay them as many times as they want.

Fox Sports Go

FOX Sports GO

Destination Link: foxsports.com

Another reliable platform, Fox Sports, is the perfect destination for sports lovers who wish to stay updated on UFC scores, updates or news in real time! Moreover, its monthly packages are slightly cheaper than similar providers – making it a budget-friendly solution for MMA fans worldwide.

BT Sport

BT Sport

Destination Link: bt.com/sport

BT Sport is a significant player in the streaming industry with a wide variety of content, including world-class UFC fights. It allows viewers to watch their favorite MMA events without enduring buffering or long loading times! It’s also available on multiple channels worldwide, increasing its accessibility further.



Destination Link: dazn.com

DAZN is a comprehensive sports broadcasting service that puts its subscribers’ needs and interests first. Apart from showcasing 16 live matches featuring teams worldwide, it offers exclusive coverage of UFC events and commentary for insight into each fight.



Destination Link: fubo.tv

A relatively new name in the streaming industry, this is a fantastic platform for fans who want to watch pre-recorded or archived MMA appearances that date back many years! Its intuitive user interface makes switching between different channels extremely simple – ideal for viewers with little technical knowledge.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime

Destination Link: primevideo.com

This streaming service provides users access to exclusive NFL matches, global soccer games, or classic shows worldwide. The UFC fights showcased on this platform are also of very high quality, making it an ideal choice for those who want a smooth viewing experience without interruptions!

Protect Yourself with VPNA Must-Have For Safe Streaming:

If you plan to watch MMA bouts via free streaming services, get a VPN subscription, as it will make your online activity anonymous, allowing you access to any website or platform without compromising safety.

NordVPN Pros and Cons:

One of the leading providers in this field is NordVPN, which has its own pros and cons. It provides users with an all-inclusive security system that encrypts their data from third parties at no extra cost! However, some features, like double encryption, may require premium subscriptions.


Thus, staying up-to-date with your favorite MMA fights is easier than ever because of all these reliable UFC live free stream alternatives for 2023. These services have allowed viewers worldwide to access exclusive fight events without any hassle and at an affordable cost! Moreover, a VPN subscription can ensure that no data is stolen or leaked during online sessions – so you can watch without worries!

UFC Live Free Stream FAQs

A. It depends on the country of residence and local laws. However, many streaming services that host non-licensed content could face a hefty penalty, so best to be aware of these issues before engaging in this type of activity!

Q. How safe is UFC live free stream site?

A . Some platforms are more reliable than others due to their levels of security protection, encryption procedures and various features like anti-virus or malware checkers. It’s best to research before signing up for an account on any website or app.

Q: Which are the top UFC live free stream alternatives?

A: The list above provides you with a comprehensive range of options that have been verified in terms of safety, performance and content reliability. Be sure to read their user policies carefully first before deciding if they are suitable for you.

Q . What happened to UFC live free stream?

A . Due to copyright infringement issues and purported discrepancies between existing Pay Per View contracts, many streaming services have been shut down or closed by the UFC Live Free Stream team over the past few years, so users should be highly cautious when signing up for new accounts with other providers.

Q: What happens if I get caught while watching UFC live free stream and its alternatives?

A:” If you’re found accessing copyrighted content without permission from its rightful owner, you can be fined or even face a jail sentence! Only watching the UFC fights on official and licensed platforms is essential to avoid these complications.

Q: Is UFC live free stream down?

A: It’s not uncommon for streaming services to experience temporary downtimes due to various technical issues; however, most return within a few hours. Moreover, if it is shut down permanently, any alternatives that offer similar content should be safe to use, provided they are secured and verified by the user before accessing.

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