Types Of Men’s Belts And Tips To Style Them Fashionably

Belts were invented to be functional and hold your pants securely around the waist. But today, the story has completely turned. Mens belt are no longer just for functionality but a lot more. You can find high-end brands and fashion houses coming out with their signature belt collections to satiate the craving for this diverse accessory. There are numerous types and styles of belts that you can find today – leather, suede, fabric, chains, and many others. 

Here, you will get to know some popular types of men’s belts and how to style them.

  • Formal leather belts 

Formal belts in classic colours and materials are a must-have for everyone. Whether you want to wear a classic shirt and trouser combo or a full-suited outfit to your workplace, a nicely crafted belt can pull your look together. Formal belts in black or brown will add to your overall look in a subtle way by creating a stylish streamlining factor between your top and bottom half. Normally, most people opt for leather belts as they are durable and last long. But today, you can find other options for your work look. Suede belts in black, brown, or navy blue look great when paired with a great pair of trousers and a well-fitted shirt. 

  • Formal belts with subdued buckle

This is an option for those who want to create a style statement in formal wear. A subtle buckle detail in your everyday belt can take your look to the next level. Belt buckles are a good way to show off your style. But, when considering it as a formal accessory, try to look out for timeless pieces like a stainless steel framed buckle either in a matte or glossy finish. They go with every workwear, and you can also play with textures for some added style statement. Many brands have come out with formal belt buckles with a hammered metal finish. It not only adds to your entire look but elevates it to the next level. 

  • Thin belts

There are occasions for regular men’s belts, and then there are occasions for men’s thin belts. Though many still prefer the former, thin belts are so fashionable for your office looks. Let’s understand one thing – thin belts are more statement pieces than regular, thick belts. So, when wearing one, try to balance it out by styling it with minimal formal wear. Keep your shirt and trouser colours as subtle as possible to round off the entire look beautifully. Do not go overboard with your other accessories like watches and shoes. Though thin belts might need an extra effort to carry, with some fashion knowledge and an attractive personality, it is very easy to achieve. 

  • Woven casual belts 

 Men’s accessories have gone through a major makeover, from men wallet leather to men’s belts. One shining example of a men’s classic made into trend is a woven belt. It looks great with casual outfits like a pair of classic denim or chinos. Woven belts have a casual, vacation vibe that differentiates them from their other counterparts. You can buy a muted woven belt or go all out and pick some bright colour combinations. When paired right and for the right occasion, they can turn heads and make you the centre of all attention. Just imagine a day on the beach, a comfortable pair of denim shorts, a light t-shirt, and a colourful woven belt – this combination cannot get any better!

  • Fabric belts

Another fashion favourite of the 21st century, Fabric belts are no longer for children and teenagers. They have been a rage on the runway for the past few years. From your local shop to high-end designer houses – everyone makes and sells their version of fabric belts today. The most common fabrics to go for in belts are canvas and cloth. They are comfortable, and easy to maintain. Some are even washing machine safe – how can you not love them? And guess what? Fabric belts are not as stiff as leather belts, so it is super easy to wear and store. Be experimental when it comes to woven belts and go for different colours and textures. They go great with smart casual or your regular casual outfits. So wear them to college, playgrounds, beaches, markets, parties, and so on. 

Today, the world of fashion is reimagining men’s accessories like belts and men’s leather wallets. Just two decades back, there were not many options for men to choose from. But, now you cannot complain when it comes to variety. You could buy quality products at the best price. Men’s belts have undergone drastic innovation and have taken the fashion world by storm. No matter the outfit you choose, you will always find the perfect belt to pair with it. 

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