19 Top turkish123 Alternatives for 2023- Uncover the Best Choices

Turkish123 is one of the most popular streaming services available today. It provides users access to various movies, TV shows, and more. However, it’s not always the safest option when it comes to streaming content online.

If you’re looking for Turkish123 alternatives that are reliable and secure, then look no further – we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll cover 19 top Turkish123 alternatives for 2023 that can keep your streaming safe and sound.


Tips to Choose Safe Turkish123 Alternatives

When selecting an alternative to Turkish123, it’s essential to consider overall safety measures. The first step is offering end-to-end encryption with SSL certificates. This secures user data from potential hackers or other malicious activity.

Additionally, primary streaming services should implement secure payment protocols and offers transparent terms, conditions, and pricing. Furthermore, all platforms should require users to create an individual account for verification purposes.

Best Turkish123 Alternatives



Destination URL: netflix.com/browse/genre/871341
Netflix is one of the most outstanding streaming services in the world, offering an extensive library of movies and TV shows in 4K Ultra HD quality.

It is available in over 193 countries and offers convenience to users with multiple device compatibility.



Destination URL: puhutv.com
PuhuTV is a Turkish streaming service offering thousands of movies, TV shows, documentaries and live-broadcasted series for mobile or web platforms.

It has both free and premium content with HD quality, and you can also add subtitles in some languages, such as English.



Destination URL: turkfans.com
TurkFans is an online streaming platform that hosts hundreds of Turkish films, dramas and documentaries in both SD and HD quality for worldwide television viewers.

You can watch what you prefer from different channels, such as movies or documentaries.

Turkish123 App

Turkish123 App

Destination URL: Turkish123.app
This app offers full-length movies, series, music videos, news reports and more from Turkey’s most popular production houses.

In addition, it also provides access to free events and music concerts in HD quality.



Destination URL: turksub24.com
Turksub24 is an excellent platform for streaming Turkish TV shows with an easy-to-use interface and accurate subtitles feature.

Kayi Family

Kayi Family

Destination URL: kayifamily.com
This website offers the latest news from Turkey’s entertainment industry and live broadcasts of programs from local actors and country-wide events.

It also has a library of movies and series that you can access for free or by signing up for its premium subscription.

Osman Online

Osman Online

Destination URL: osmanonline.xyz
OsmanOnline is an online streaming service providing top Turkish TV shows with HD quality audiovisuals plus subtitles in English, Spanish or French language to ensure understandable content while watching episodes.



Destination URL: multipointtv.net
MultiPointTV offers users access to hundreds of Turkish films, series and news programs along with other content categories such as music concerts and animations.



Destination URL: superrriki.net
This streaming service allows you to view various TV programs from Turkey in full-HD quality plus multiple language subtitle options to make available your preferred episodes easier.

Yasak Elma

Yasak Elma

Destination URL: yasakelma.tv
This renowned online distribution service provides access to various select Turkish TV shows with commercial-free streaming options plus episodes divided into categories such as drama and comedy.



Destination URL: dizicentral.com
DiziCentral offers users one of the largest libraries of Turkish series in HD quality that can be streamed from various devices, including Android or iOS mobile phones.



Destination URL: dizilah.com
This streaming service makes thousands of TV series available with several language subtitle options such as Turkish, Arabic or English.

ExpressDizi (Free)


Destination URL: expressdizi.com
ExpressDizi is one of Turkey’s leading free-to-stream services providing over 500+ episodes across various categories plus powerful search tools to find your favorite episode.

PromixTV (Free)


Destination URL: promixtv.com
This streaming service offers a vast library of movies, series and even live events sourced from quality networks such as Fox TV or beIN Sports.

AR Dirilis Ertugrul (Free)

AR Dirilis Ertugrul

Destination URL: ardirilisertugrul.com
ARDirilisErtugrul is an internet-based television provider offering hundreds of free-to-stream episodes in HD and multi-language support.

Turkish123 (Free)


Destination URL: Turkish123.com
Turkish123 is one of the most popular streaming services offering an extensive library of movies and series free access to many living outside Turkey.

Dizi Channel (Free)

Dizi Channel

Destination URL: dizichannel.com
DiziChannel provides users with an extensive collection of films and shows from Turkey, including the latest episodes divided into categories according to the genre.

Ask Laftan Anlamaz in Hindi (Free)

Ask Laftan Anlamaz in Hindi

Destination URL: asklaftananlamazinhitntu.com
AskLaftanAnlamazinHindi offers a great selection of movies and series for streaming, plus a wide range of languages to watch the content in, such as English, Turkish or even Urdu.

OSN4SUB (Paid)


Destination URL: osn4sub.com
OSN4SUB is a paid subscription-based streaming service that provides access to an extensive library of films and Series with multilingual content options.

Protect Yourself with VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming

Taking extra steps to stay safe while accessing alternative streaming services is essential. A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, can be used as an added security measure by encrypting your data from end-to-end, protecting it from potential hackers.

NordVPN is one of the best and most reputable VPN services that offer users a secure connection plus an anti-DNS leak feature.

NordVPN Pros and Cons


Nord VPN provides a reliable and secure internet connection, fast streaming speeds with no data caps, split tunneling for keeping some activities private from others, multiple device compatibility, and unlimited bandwidth.
Pricier than regular subscription plans, fewer servers than other popular VPNs, and the slow response time when contacting customer support.

Turkish123 FAQs

Turkish123 is a legal streaming service providing users access to content from several networks in compliance with all copyright laws. However, there are some grey areas concerning geo-blocking and international licensing agreements.

How Safe is the Turkish123 Site?

Turkish123 is generally a safe streaming service offering users a secure and encrypted connection when accessing its content. However, it is highly recommended to use caution when visiting any website that provides free movie or series downloads, as this could potentially put your device at risk.

Which are the top Turkish123 Alternatives?

There are many alternative options to Turkish123, such as Netflix, PuhuTV, TurkFans, and ExpressDizi, to name a few. All of these can provide you with access to an extensive library of movies and series from Turkey.

What happened to Turkish123?

The original Turkish123 website was recently shut down due to legal issues concerning copyright law violations. However, there are still several alternatives available that offer users similar streaming services.

What happens if I get caught while watching Turkish123 or its alternatives?

Getting caught while streaming copyrighted content from unauthorized sources can result in penalties such as fines or potential jail time. It is recommended to use caution when accessing any site that offers free movie or series downloads.

Is Turkish123 Down?

Turkish123 is currently not available due to legal issues concerning copyright law violation. However, several alternative services are available for users who still want to access Turkish entertainment content online!


When looking for alternatives to Turkish123, it is essential to consider overall safety measures. Ensure the site offers end-to-end encryption, secure payment protocols, transparent terms, and verified user accounts.

Additionally, take extra steps to stay safe while streaming – use a reliable VPN service like NordVPN! With so many options of alternatives, from Netflix to ExpressDizi – users can easily find the perfect streaming service to suit their needs.

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