Top Rivetting Movies To Look Up To in March 2023 

The year 2023 started with a bang in the global entertainment industry. Intriguing and fascinating movie and film titles have been released to the ever-attentive movie lovers. Markedly, award-winning Warner Bros, Universal Pictures, DreamWorks, and 20th Century Studios, to mention just a few, have kept us, the ardent film lovers, with arousing trailers and industry-defining release date updates. 

We even go beyond the bounds of comfort to bring the latest best crypto casino sites in case you get bored with an hours-long movie session.

As we approach mid-March, we are pleased to update you on a broad range of entertainment news around these celebrated companies. From movies to gaming news, we have an unparalleled niche with the clear-cut and insider eye you have been looking for. 

Nevertheless, if you need a guide on what to keep you glued to your screen, below we hook you up with immersive options. 

The Gotham Knights 

Mark your calendar! Starting March 14, Gotham Knights will premiere on CW Networks. With a handful of Next-gen fugitives, the storyline and prose will keep you on the edge of your seat. The multi-dollar billionaire Bruce Wayne is murdered in cold blood, and the only rational option to keep the city safe is by pooling a group of fugitives to rescue it. 

The Billionaire’s adopted son is the movie’s star amidst dramatical twists here and there. As opposed to relying on the dreaded heroes, he allies with Batman’s enemies’ children, and what follows is an incredible cinematic creation worth your time. Keep the date and learn more about what keeps the story alive. 

Wild Flower 

If you are a fan of the Coming-Of-Age genre, then Wild Flower is a perfect release. It is based on the adventures of the renowned Bea Johnson. The movie has real-life reflections on a rather bleak Bea’s life. She starts her life, begins schooling, and luckily makes it to graduation, albeit with minimal help from her intellectually incapacitated parents and extended family. Catch the whole story when the movie officially premiers on 17th March. 

Shazam! Fury of Gods 

This is for Superhero fans! So if you are a fan of hero-themed casino games or films, make sure to watch it on screens in mid-March 2023 as Billy Batson, the Shazam’s superhero, is promising to get back, but this time, even bigger. Replete with Billy’s adventures, Shazam! Fury of Gods revolves around his fight pitting the daughters of Atlas. On his side are his foster siblings, whom he must try nail and tooth to prevent their use of a dreaded weapon to save the world. As riveting as it can get, Shazam! Fury of Gods is worth your time, and we dare you to catch it live when it officially premiers in movie theaters on 17th March. 


A brainchild of Cayla Fay, Ravesong features a duology series that significantly borrows from Bumpy the Vampire Slayer and the renowned Celtic Mythology. This movie stars Neve, a dreaded demigod who is yet to unleash her full divine power and is still stuck in high school. 

Fortunately, she meets Alexandria, and their blossoming friendship leads to her realization that humanity is a perfect course to pursue. Nevertheless, as things would turn, a looming hell threat befalls them and wants Alexandria’s hand. As she tries to save her newfound friend, the ‘friend’, unfortunately, turns against her and her sisters, mercilessly devouring them. By any stretch of the imagination, this is an unmissable movie for all!

The Portable Door 

If you are looking for something peculiar to say goodbye to in March, we got you! Starring Paul Carpenter, Portable Door is an encapsulating film that revolves around Paul’s escapades as an intern working in a London-based firm alongside other eccentric workers. 

The mysterious firm is under the stewardship of a disruptive CEO who experiments visibly modern but radical strategy packaged as the coolest and most transformative corporate turn-around plan. 

We literally don’t wanna be spoilers! Make time to watch what this riveting genre has to offer when it premiers on 23rd March on MGM+. On the sidelines, you could be giving your best games a spin here as you ponder what next movie or series will be gracing our site. 

A Good Person 

Literally, everyone with humanistic instincts aspires to be that good person. Our ascriptions of good personalities and subscriptions to enviable personal ideals are what embody the ideal human race. Well, that is a deep sociological concept, but the Good Person movie is bringing you closer to it, even if you are an alien to the concept. 

The movie will grace our screens for the first time on 24th March and it is simply unmissable. It features the celebrated Morgan Freeman and Florence Pugh. It is built on the story of the pitiable Allison, whose life takes a miserable trajectory after getting involved in a deadly accident. 

Follow the full story when the curtain finally falls, as Allison falls into an unlikely relationship with her would-be father-in-law. 

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