Top 6 Car Accessories You Need in 2021

It is a dream for any one to buy their first car. Whether you are a teenager looking for a sports car or an office goer interested in a suave vehicle, buying a car is a crucial decision you need to put your heart and brain in. One of the other decisions that you need to take at the time of buying a car is which car accessories will you be looking to add value to your most prized possession. 

The year 2020 has provided us with a lot of new circumstances not just with our lives but also with respect to our cars. Who would have imagined that there would be months at a stretch when our cars would not be moving out of a garage? This experience, combined with the global recovery from the covid-19 pandemic, has now made us realise that car use has changed forever. 

In light of this new and renewed use of cars, we look at some of the most important and helpful car accessories that you need in 2021. Let’s fire up the engines. 

  • Divi USB Car Charger

This one is a no brainer. Due to the restrictions on public transport, more and more people in the household are forced to rely on cars as the means to get to and return from work. In this scenario, many spend close to over an hour in the car. This time spent on driving or just sitting can be used to fully charge your phones.

If you are looking for a very compact and stylish car charger, then the Divi USB car charger is the best option for you. The USB port allows you to charge two devices simultaneously ensuring that no divorces or sibling rivalry happens on account of a car charger. 

  • Portronics Clamp X-POR 926 Car Vent Mobile Holder

While a car mount holder is the best friend of cab drivers, it can come in handy for a lot of common men too. It ensures that one can stay abreast of all the events happening in one’s personal as well as professional life.

You can also use the car mount holder for entertainment too. While we do not advocate watching videos while driving, you can certainly listen to your favourite music or podcast. At the most important level, a car mount holder keeps your mobile phone safe and prevents it from falling from some random jerk in the car.

The best thing about this particular Portronics model is that it is to be attached to the air vent of your car.   

  • WeatherTech Custom Fit Floor Liners

Flight travel has been considerably reduced for most people, unless you are government representatives. But that does not mean that families have stopped venturing out for leisure activities. In fact, families all over the world have increasingly come to like the road trips they had forgotten to take.

More time on the road means more time in the car and with your teenagers and infants, mess is sure to follow. In order to ensure that the interior of your car does not suffer permanent damage, opting for good quality floor liners makes the most sense. 

There is a reason why you must opt for custom fit floor liners instead of the ones that you can buy at the gas station. While they are more expensive than the standard ones, they are made of a plastic which is much more durable and protects the native carpet of the vehicle much better

  • AA First Aid Kit

We assume that you are not disputing the necessity of a first aid kit in the car. There can be innumerable instances when you might need the assistance of a first aid kit in the car. More so in road trips or camping trips. 

The two most important things that you should look for in a first aid kit are that it must be compact and easy to carry  and it must contain all the commonly required products in an emergency. Dhgate offers some awesome car accessories. 

The AA First Aid Kit meets both the above requirements. It is an excellent product which not just comes in an easy to carry pouch but also contains all that you might need in an emergency such as dressings in case of injury, bandages, blankets, scissors, antiseptics, sanitizer, and so on.

  • Coast G19 Inspection Flashlight 

Trust us when we say that this is one of the best car accessories you can have sitting in your glove compartment. This is one of those car accessories which you might also be using daily or used very rarely. Either way, the Coast G19 Inspection Flashlight is your best buddy when it comes to the dark.

It is a pen flashlight with a round beam of illumination that is perfect for keeping in the car. Its uses can be multifarious ranging from checking if there is any obstacle on the sides or just providing some confidence to the back seat passengers in case they are too much in the dark.

  • NextBase 622GW Dash Cam

We will be honest, this one is a sort of want type product and not a need type product. It is awesome if you have it though. No more trouble in explaining to your insurance company that you were not at fault. 

This little dash cam records 4K video and can easily transmit to your phone or any other device that you want. There is a magnetic pad using which it can be attached to the dashboard and it also tracks your location via GPS and can record your speed too. All of this can come handy in case of an incident. 

These were just some of the amazing accessories that can change your driving experience so much better. Apart from these, there is one which is a necessity if you are a dog parent. You would need a dog car seat with a very good vacuum for cleaning out all the dog hair. 

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