Top 3 Blockchain Horse Racing Games to Try

The advent of blockchain technology has revolutionized the online gaming industry, and horse racing is no exception. Blockchain horse racing games offer an innovative and exciting way to experience the thrill of horse racing. At the same time, you get to leverage the unique features of blockchain technology, such as transparency, security, and decentralization. 

This way, you can stake on real-life horse racing while playing with ingenious NFT horses to earn more profits virtually. In addition, you can read more and learn how to betting works in horse racing.

Overall, this growing trend creates a unique gaming experience. This article introduces you to the top three blockchain horse racing games you should try as soon as possible. These games are Zed Run, MetaRace,  and Game of Silks. Continue reading to know what these games are all about! 

Zed Run

ZED Run is one of the first NFT horse racing projects that players can purchase, breed, and compete with their digital racehorses, making them virtual stable owners. Created by Virtually Human Studio (VHS) in January 2019, Zed Run features core real-life horse racing components like racehorse population, races, unique events, and competitions. 

The game provides a thoroughly entertaining and profitable experience for players who own and race digital horses. Each horse in the game is represented by a unique NFT with distinct qualities, which may result in a champion stallion or a stud.

Why should you try Zed Run? 

Playing ZED RUN is entertaining and a secure and safe experience due to its blockchain-based nature. All information regarding the best horses, stamina, race results, and ownership is held in smart contracts. 

Moreso, investing in ZED RUN NFTs can be profitable as they offer free horse races with prize pools, gasless transactions, futuristic possibilities, big winnings, and a platform for creating a rich legacy by minting/breeding rare ZED RUN horses. The more one participates in breeding and racing, the higher their legacy grows. 


MetaRace is the first blockchain horse racing game built on the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol. It is renowned as the first public blockchain designed for the metaverse and the people. The game offers powerful play-to-earn (P2E) features and is available for all players on both desktop and mobile Android or IOS devices. 

MetaRace players generate revenue in several ways, including owning horses, trading horses, competing, owning and hosting races on racecourses,  trading jockey silks, and breeding NFT horses.

Why should you try MetaRace? 

MetaRace features three types of tournaments, each with different rewards and difficulty levels, providing players with a range of competitive options. Additionally, the game’s unique NFT horses are like the real ones. They are unique, with individual strengths and challenges. Their genes impact their racing style, making each horse different and allowing players to create their unique style. 

Game of Silks 

Game of Silks is another top play-to-earn blockchain horse racing game. It allows users to enjoy the thrill of real-life horse racing in the metaverse and is actively being developed by Tropical Racing

This public company uses 200-acre land as horse farms to syndicate, breed, and race horses. Game of Silks is perfect for horse racing and play-to-earn enthusiasts since everything is tokenized. It relies heavily on NFTs, including Silks Horses, those players can use to race and earn rewards. Silk horses NFTs are digital derivatives of one of the US’s top registered 1-year-old thoroughbred racehorses. 

The blockchain tracks every real-world training progress and on-track performance and awards a token reward to the owner. For example, when a real-world horse is scheduled to race, the owner is alerted, and if it wins, the owner receives a portion of a token reward.

Why should you try the Game of Silks? 

Silks is the first derivative P2E metaverse based on the Ethereum Mainnet using the layer-2 solutions. It has a unique concept of cloning and tokenizing everything, including horses. 

Silks has a dual-token economy, with the Silks Dao Token ($SLK) as the primary governance token and the Silks Transaction Token ($STT) as the secondary and play-to-earn token used for in-game transactions and rewards.

All in all, the Game of Silks offers a unique and potentially profitable gaming experience for horse racing and play-to-earn enthusiasts.

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