Top 10 Apps to Boost Your Productivity in 2023

Productivity is a relative concept. What works for one person may not work for another. It’s all about being more productive in a short window of time nowadays. You could try browsing through hundreds of productivity tips online and see what works for you and what doesn’t. Or you could read about some of the best productivity apps here so you can boost your productivity right away. Does that sound good? Let’s dive into the list.

  • Asana

Asana is a project management tool that’s aimed at managing teams effectively. It has a free basic version and a pro version that unlocks a few extra features for you. But you can also make do with the basic version if you have a small team. You can also set up a team tree with a hierarchy in it with different access levels. Goals is another useful feature that lets you set up a goal and assign team members and tasks to it, and Asana will show you the goal completion progress in real-time.

Be sure to use high-speed internet like CenturyLink Internet so that you can manage your teams and workload efficiently and stay updated with the progress. That goes for all the apps here. There’s little you can do with any app if your internet connection is not working properly.

  • Trello

Trello is another wonderful project management tool that lets you manage your projects much like Asana. The key difference is that you can create multiple boards and assign different team members to each board. All of the workspaces are kept separately and assign tasks in the form of cards to each member. All of the changes are tracked and you can view the activity log to see who did what.

Trello also allows you to create custom rules where you can set different conditions to yield a specific result. Similarly, you can also integrate different AI plugins to make your workflow smoother. You can choose between developer tools, analytics and reporting plugins, and communication and collaboration tools. Much like Asana, there is a free and a pro version with full access.

  • Google Docs

Google Docs is your Microsoft Office alternative on the go. Admittedly, you can do almost all of the things Google Docs can do on Microsoft Office Suite, but the simplicity of Google Docs is unmatched. Want to share a file that is routinely updated by ten people, or do a calculation on the sheet but don’t have Microsoft Excel installed on your phone or computer? No worries, Google Docs is your Microsoft Docs companion on the cloud.

  • Calendly

It’s one of the best apps for scheduling meetings. You just need to send your Calendly link to the person you want to schedule a meeting with, and it will show all the available time slots to them. Whatever time slot they choose, it’ll automatically update your calendar in real-time and cross off that time. There’s a basic, premium, and pro plan here it is available for both Android and iOS.

  • Todoist

It’s a task manager app that lets you manage your tasks by recording and grouping them. It’s an upgraded version of a typical to-do list. You can also share and assign tasks to different people and keep track of the teamwork.

  • Hive

Hive is another project management tool available for mobile devices and computers. You can pick your team members, share files with them, communicate in real-time, and check up on the progress. Hive supports a ton of plugins so you can customize your panel to your liking. The tasks assigned to you appear separately from the tasks that you’ve assigned to other people, and managing them is super easy. Like most apps on this list, there’s a basic free version and a pro version that’s best for bigger teams.

  • IFTTT (If This Then That)

An app that lets you connect different apps and experiences. This way you have centralized control over what needs your attention. You can view your agenda for a day and set up a reminder to drink water every hour, and set up an alert for when the International Space Station passes your house.

  • Internxt

Internxt is an open-source privacy-forward cloud storage service geared towards teams with sensitive files that need enhanced security. It also has a Virus Scanner and Password Checker which teams can use to bolster their security.

  • Engross

If you struggle with focusing on a task and get distracted easily, you might want to give Engross a try. It breaks down your work into smaller intervals of 20-25 minutes and gives you shorter breaks of a few minutes so you can re-focus on the task at hand. 

  • Krisp

Krisp is your AI solution to artificially reduce background noise when you’re on a call in real-time. It supports over 800 communication, messaging, podcasting, and recording apps, which you can pair with your microphones, speaker, and headphones.


These are some of the best apps you can use in 2023 to boost your productivity. Keep in mind that some of these apps are free, while others have a pro version that lets you access the full set of features. It all comes down to what you need from the app, and sometimes the free version will be enough to meet your needs.

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