TodayPk (2023): Top 9+ Best Alternatives for TodayPk

Have you ever been down? Of course, you have. And what did you do to overcome it? Listen to some songs, play some games or maybe watch a movie? Yes watching a movie is what we are going to talk about in this article. And not just watching it, watching it for free too. You see with the increasing money for entertainment taxes do you nowadays really at all feel like taking your lazy self out to the cinema hall, while the staff waits for you there to again loot you when you feel like having some good old popcorn? Of course, it sounds like a drag. Rather you would sit back at night after your day’s work, grab a bowl of chips, download some movies and watch it as you wish. 

Sounds easy but where do you get all this great stuff we just talked about? Well, guess what! That is yet an easier question to answer. TodayPk Movies is the key you are looking for. Hundreds and thousands of questions flooding your mind such as what is it or how to reach the site or how to download stuff from there or are there some other sites like this as well?! Then do not fret as the article answers all of it. Scroll down and read for yourselves!

What is TodayPk?


For those who do not know what it is, TodayPk is a site, a torrent site that provides you with movies, TV shows, web series, songs and much more? What is interesting is that it provides all of these for free. It is also interesting to note how amongst many such pirated websites on the web, this is the most popular one and among the most used ones. There are a good number of reasons for that too. The site provides every latest, new, old Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood cinemas along with many classics and dubbed and subbed South Indian films as well. It is quite easy to download stuff from here. And there is a range of qualities in which you could download the video, depending on the capacity of the device that is being used. 

What are its distinguishing features?

TodayPk is a site that provides its users with pirated movie content and much other similar content. However, there are many more sites that do the same. Then what is so special about this one? 

  • Well for one it is the user interface. The site uses an easy to use user interface for the people to be able to use it easily. 
  • The site has all of its movie collection in HD quality as well. Along with all of these, you get access to a plethora of genres and languages of movies to choose from. No matter which era of movies you like watching, the site has them all from old and new Bollywood films, old and new Hollywood ones to the Bengalis classics and Tollywood films in general. The site also has some South Indian films that are the ones in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam and also some Punjabi films as well. 

Amidst all the good features of the site, there is another feature as well which is not particularly good but is there and you just need some preventive measures. It is nothing serious but the site is illegal and hence cannot use Googled advertisements. It does, however, need to earn the money from somewhere. Elsewhere are you going to get the free service from? So it instead uses pop-ups. They are short advertisements that suddenly appear on your screen. They are not harmful really but they make the experience of watching movies irritating. You could, however, download an “adblocker” and could be done with the pop-ups for good. 

The categories of movies found here:

The site offers its users with a plethora of choices of movies. To have such a wide variety of movies to be served on a platter and that too not having to spend a penny for them is an idea of a different kind of heaven. The site contains movies from across the globe, across time and films that are of varied languages, along with their dubbed and subbed versions as well. So here is a list of movies you could expect to watch on the site. 

  1. Bollywood and Hollywood films from the latest to the oldest. 
  2. Dual audio, varied quality
  3. Punjabi Movies
  4. Tollywood movies, classics of the Bengali cinema
  5. South Indian movies, mainly in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam, available both in subbed and dubbed versions. 

How to download free movies from here?

To download stuff off the web is quite easy. However, what makes it difficult in this case is the fact that these sites always need to keep on changing their domain address. Why do the sites need to do this? Well, they are illegal to remember? They are banned by the government. So to keep their site functioning they need to keep on changing it so that the government cannot understand the source of it all. So the only challenge here is to reach the current and actual site. Keep a lookout for that and you are good to go.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Search for the movie you want to watch. 
  3. Select it
  4. Select the quality of the video you want to watch it in. 
  5. Start the download.

Another thing that may or will bother you is a pop advertisement. The site is an illegal one. It cannot have Google advertisements hence. But it needs to earn in some way. So, pop-ups!  Now the problem with them is that they pop up suddenly and degrade your experience of watching a movie. You can for that always download ad blockers and you would not regret the decision. Also, keep an eye for malware. The sites are not that protected and hence it may so happen that you click on some link to download a movie but instead malware gets downloaded. 

Some alternatives for the same purpose:

As it is pointed out repeatedly in the article the site is an illegal one. It is even banned by the government but the fact that this kind of site exists is an open secret as well. But since they are indeed illegal and hence do not speak much for their and your safety. Who knows they might even stop working mid-way. But are we going to let that come in between you and your entertainment? Not! And to not let your entertainment stop for even moments here is a list of other such websites that too provide films and songs for free. Take a look:

1. ExtraMovies 


ExtraMovies is another site that lets you download pirated movies for free. It has a range of movies varied in genre language and quality which you can choose from. And another distinguishing feature of the site is that it provides its users with an online streaming feature. Especially in this era where people rather any other choice than download full-length movies on their devices, the online streaming option enhances the site’s market and reach.  

2. Filmyzilla


This is another torrent site and touch wood quite a popular one. It mainly provides the South Indian movies that are those in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam mainly. They however also provide their dubbed and subbed versions along with some Bollywood and Hollywood films as well. The main feature of this site, however, is that it has a search option on its home screen and it does not have the specified movie it will automatically redirect you to a site that does.   

3. 8XMovies

Here we have another torrent site. It may not be that famous but it surely should be. It has a large collection of movies of different languages and genres. It mostly provides Bollywood and Hollywood movies but has adjacently some collection of South Indian and Punjabi movies as well. The site also has every other quality of the video. You can choose from the range of video qualities it provides according to the one that your device can support. 

4. Mastihot


This is another not so well known pirating movie site. This site has lately been searched quite a few times off the web and is gradually gaining its popularity. The specialty of the site is that every other latest movie, Bollywood or Hollywood, releases you can have it on this site by just a few days. Along with Bollywood and Hollywood movies, the site provides Tollywood, South Indian and Punjabi films as well and that too in a wide range of qualities including HD. 

5. Ipagal


This is a torrent movie site. It is one of the most popular sites in the market right now. It has an amazing collection of movies from all times, languages and culture, while at the same time catering to the different needs of the different strata of its users by keeping a variety in the genres as well. Ipagal primarily provides its users with Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood movies but also has South Indian and Punjabi movies, along with their dubbed and subbed versions even. The site also provides high-quality videos and that too at the expense of zero pennies. 

6. YTS

It is one of the best torrent sites of all time. It exclusively focuses on the movie, due to which it has a collection of movies varied in its genre, language, video quality, and so on. The site has an easy to use and understand the user-friendly user interface. The layout of the site is pretty good and detailed. It is a bit difficult to reach the current working site of YTS buy once in the site, and you are looking at their homepage, you can easily get an idea of what you are in for, the kind of movies available on the site and so on. 


This is a torrent site known mainly for the television shows it provides its viewers with. You can find anything and everything related to the world of television. The site has award shows, television series and all other types of entertainment shows as well. It is fairly easy to navigate through the site and has a good average downloading speed. It, however, provides pirated content and is hence illegal and cannot use Google ads for earning purposes. It hence has popped up ads. You can, however, install an Ad Blocker and enjoy an interruption-free watching experience. 

8. Zooqle

This torrent movie downloading site is a full package of everything a viewer could want for. It has an extraordinary collection of movies and television shows that you could choose from. The site has an interface that is strong overall, but it is quite easy to navigate through it too. It could do with some minor changes but overall the interface is simple and easy to understand. In the department of movies as well, the site has a huge collection of films to choose from. The films are from different genres and languages. Genres such as action, thriller, tragedy, comedy, biographies, documentaries and so on can be found on the site. It is all in all a great balance between software and entertainment. 

9. Torrentdownloads

It is quite unfortunate that the site is banned in many countries, however you do have LimeTorrent besides Torrentdownloads as well. It has an extensive collection of movies that varied in genres and languages. Not only is the collection huge, but it is well maintained as well, which is another one of the most important features for easy navigation of the users. The site contains movies in languages from all over the world and offers them many different video qualities as well. Not all devices support all video qualities and hence this feature helps quite many users to enjoy their favourite movies. 


1. What are the genres of movies that one could expect to enjoy on TodayPk?

The site has a variety of categories of movies that you could choose from. From old and new Bollywood drama to thrilling Hollywood adventure movies and the classics of Bengali cinema, the site has it all. It has it all in terms of genres, languages, and quality. It even sometimes has some South Indian dubbed and subbed movies as well. 

2. Is the site secured enough to download movies from?

Quite frankly speaking no, the site is not secured enough and hence should not be trusted fully. However, it is not that the site has some drawbacks. It is just that this is an illegal site, and illegal sites such as these need to constantly keep on changing their domain address and are never fully safe. You may click on one link trying to download a movie, but instead, malware gets downloaded that disrupts your device completely. 

3. What is the secret behind the site’s popularity?

You know how there are many little discomforts in life yet we enjoy it mostly?! Well, it is the same thing here. The site may occasionally become quite unsafe or maybe hard to find due to the constant change of domains, but it does have some insane collection of movies and web series and TV shows. The audience hence becomes ready to risk a little to enjoy the bigger picture. Not only are there many genres to choose from, but the site also has movies of many languages and varied qualities depending on what quality videos are supported in the device.  

4. Does TodayPk require its users to sign or register in some way?  

Well no, none of the illegal sites would ask you to sign in or register. That is another of the many perks of watching pirated movies from pirated websites. So basically you are provided with a great variety of movies and other similar content without paying even a penny. 


Plagiarism in any form is condemned and an act punishable by law. It is never appropriate to take original content without paying due tribute to the creator of it. Moreover, it is also morally degrading. One should not and must not use others’ original works if not by proper procedure. Apart from moral and legal perspectives, the sites are also not safe as they do not have ample level of security and can easily download malware into your device. TodayPk however, condemns all acts of piracy and encourages its users to keep away from such activities as well. 

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