Three Unique Ideas for a Gamer’s Bachelor Party

Organizing a bachelor party is never easy. You have to appeal to a wide range of people, including the bride and groom, and work to a budget. On top of this, you want to make it a unique experience that everyone remembers. So, how do you do it, especially when catering to those who love to game? Below, we give three ideas for a unique gamer’s bachelor party.

LAN Party

Want a real retro throwback to start your bachelor party? Then head back in time and indulge in an old-school LAN party for the bachelor and his guests.

You may be asking what a LAN party is, and if you were not around in the nineties then you would be right to question it. Before Nintendo Online and PS Network were around, people struggled to play games on the internet. The technology was just not there. Thus, Local Area Network parties became popular.

Everyone brought a computer, plugged it in, and connected them via ethernet ports. If you all had the same game, you could play on a network or in cafes that already had computers set up.

For your party, you probably don’t need to buy a load of old PC towers and construct an intricate web of wiring. Modern consoles can do this without the fuss, but you do need the throwback games. A title like Doom or Command and Conquer are great ways to go. Get your classic snacks and refreshments, then start gaming.

Casino Themes

The casino theme is an old one, but an idea that never fails. The trick here is to pick something everyone can play. For example, games like poker can prove quite divisive as you may have people who are almost pros and those who have never played before. Thus, go for an easy entry game like blackjack or roulette.

Someone will have to act as the croupier and as the party organizer, that usually falls to you. You may also decide to take the action online, signing up for the many roulette online games available. While you can’t play as a group, you can have these open on tablets or laptops for anyone who wants to brush up while they wait to join your main table. With plenty of bonuses on offer, you may not even have to spend much of your bankroll while you wait.

Rent an Arcade

Another blast of old-school gaming activity can come from the arcade. Housing plenty of videogames from past and present, you can have a lot of fun taking part in everything from Pac-Man and Pong to modern shooters. Luckily, the arcade concept is now extremely popular and most towns will have a revitalized, reopened one ready for you to visit.

Call in advance to see if you can book it out for an hour or two. Some places may ask you to pay and then unlock the machines for free play, while others may have them set to a coin-based system. In this case, you will need a stack of cash to keep you going.

There is no reason you can’t combine these ideas either. Just remember to be as inclusive as possible, and you are sure to have an exceptional time.

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