Thiruttuvcd (2021): Top 10+ Best Alternatives & Similar Sites

Movies are like the salt that adds taste to our daily lives. Our daily lives even though sometimes consist of spiced up items such as burgers, pizza, and biryani, they mostly are just the staple rice and cereals. Now one cannot simply keep on spicing up their lives in real, so they do it in the reel. If you have ever noticed, you would have seen that we basically watch movies where we may find ourselves reaching out to our dreams and ambitions. 

Thiruttuvcd 2021: Top 10+ Best Alternatives & Similar Sites


But in this scenario too there lies a problem. You see with the ever-increasing ticket rates it is immensely difficult to go visit the movie hall every time you decide to spice up your life. However, what if you could watch and enjoy films and spice up your lives whenever and however you want?! Never given your thoughts such a turn earlier? Well, it’s never too late. We bring to you Thiruttuvcd, a pirated movie downloading site. And this article tells you all the basics you need to know about it. So scroll down and read along:

What is Thiruttuvcd?

Thiruttuvcd is a torrent movie downloading site. It basically means that it lets you download movies for free for you to watch them at your own leisure in your own house on your own sofa. The site however, does not only provide the user with movies but also has in its store, a plethora of free songs, web series, and many other stuff. The site is basically known for providing movies in the Hindi language but has subbed and dubbed versions of other movies as well. South Indian movies, mainly in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam, and Hollywood movies’ dubbed and subbed versions are also available on the site. The quality of the videos can be adjusted according to the quality that your device can support, but nevertheless HD quality videos are available too. 

Features of Thiruttuvcd

Thiruttuvcd has all the latest features that a torrent site could possibly have and hence its popularity. Let us discuss certain of the features that the site may and will provide you. 

  • Firstly, it has and can provide you with any and every Bollywood movie, old, new or latest in dual audio, as well as the dubbed version of Hollywood movies as well. 
  • It has other Hindi dubbed movies as well. Along with the variety and quality of the films present here, the site also provides an online feature of the streaming facility. 
  • For the people who do not like watching downloaded videos, this site is the best one for them. 
  • Also, it is not always possible to download new movies, rather you download movies when you are on the go and watch them online on the site in your leisure. 

Categories of movies available on the site:

The site is known for its variety in variety. It may have movies predominantly in Hindi language but the range of genres it is bad to offer is immense. The site mainly provides Hindi language films but that doesn’t include just Bollywood, it consists of Hollywood and all latest South Indian movies in their dubbed versions as well. In terms of quality and size to the site has much to offer. Take a look:

In terms of the formats in which the site provides its movies, the following categorisations can be made:

  • 420p
  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • HDRip
  • Blu-ray
  • DVDScr and DVDrip

Again, further the site offers the following sizes to download your movies in, from which you can choose according to your device’s capacity:

  • 300MB 
  • 400MB 
  • 600MB 
  • 1GB  
  • 2GB 
  • 4GB 

How to download movies from Thiruttuvcd? 

If you want to download movies from the site, the process is pretty simple. 

  1. You need to visit the site. 
  2. Check for your desired movie
  3. Select the quality of movie your device can support
  4. Download it. 

It is as simple as that. What is not simple though is reaching the actual site. You see these are illegal sites and are hence banned. The sites thus need to constantly keep on changing their domain address in order to keep themselves functioning hence it is a difficult task to  find out the current site. But once you do reach it, there is not much to confuse you there. Also do keep an eye open for pop-ups. As they are illegal the sites do not have Google advertisements and hence gave to earn via the pop-ups. They are sometimes quite irritating so just keep an eye open for them. 

Best Alternatives of Thiruttuvcd for the same purpose:

It is always good to keep certain options in hand. Torrent sites are extremely unsafe. They are illegal and do not have much of a security system either. So in case Thiruttuvcd stops working, what would you do?! You could not possibly just stop the movie right there and wait till the site changes its domain address again. So here are a bunch of alternatives you could do with. Read along:

1. YoMovies 


Yo-Movies is a popular torrent site which provides its users with Bollywood Movies, be it old or new or even the latest ones, the ones that have just premiered. It does not charge you a penny for it either. You can search for any latest movies on the list of their movies that are up for downloading or playing online, and you are sure to find it just a few days after its premiere in the halls. The site consists of all the latest and top Bollywood, Hollywood and Tollywood movies. It even contains movies of other languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and even Punjabi. 

2. HindiLinks4u


This site is somewhat like the one we are discussing right now. It too is more famous for Hindi based content. The site is mainly known for the varied genre it has starting from romance to science fiction. However, there are other benefits to this site as well. The site has a readymade collection of movies categorised in basis of their genres and you can just choose the one you want from there. The site further had this feature where it will keep you updated about all news related movies such as the newest release and so on. The video quality too is amazing and all this you get for free. The site is famous for immensely valid reasons.  

3. SabWap

Now this is something a bit different from what we have been and will be discussing. It is not a site but more like a search engine, as in how Google works. However the only difference is that this as a search engine is valid only for movies, songs and such. How it works is somewhat like this: on searching a desired movie on this search engine, it will show you a number of sites where the movie is available in varied qualities. This hence is the father of all the sites. You can easily search for any movie of any genre, any language and of any era and be sure to find it. Here, you get the best recommendations of torrents of torrent sites, and do not have to pay even a penny.  

4. KatMovieHD 


This is yet another pirated site that lets you enjoy and download movies for free. It consists of a wide range and genre of movies. And not only movies but also has other content such as songs, web series, TV shows and such and much more on it. All of them are available in HD and as for the songs; they can be downloaded in mp4 versions, the best quality as well. The site consists of movies of all time, genre and language, along with the subbed and subbed versions of the same. The site has movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and even South Indian movies. You can watch them in the original language or watch their dubbed or subbed versions on the site. 

5. India4movie 


Another one amongst the alternatives is India4movie.  The site as the name suggests is all about Bollywood and other Indian movies. It is a shame for people who are much into international movies or say like Hollywood, but it’s certainly a win-win for Bollywood lovers. You get all the recent releases by the second shoe of the first day and that too in great video quality. On the very day a movie premiers, the movie is made available on the site as well. On this site, you will enjoy all Indian movies, old, latest; romance, fiction, action and much more.  

6. GoodMaza

Goodmaza is one of the most popular among all the other alternatives you could try. The site is quite famous and not without reason, it has got a wide spectrum of movies available here. Action, romance, science fiction- you name it they have it.  Talking of the quality, the site offers videos of quality MP4 and 3GP. It is a slight low on the site’s part that they do not provide High Definition videos, but hey you cannot expect everything in just one. And moreover, the site is overall a good one and furthermore you get all kinds of movies to watch on it.  

7. Worldfree4u


It is in no aspect any lesser than other sites we just discussed but rather is the most prominent of them all.  It contains all the latest releases of songs, and movies and even web series.  You name it they have it. The site provides the users with varied genres of movies in multiple languages, in the desired quality and for all that you do not need to pay a cent. Keeping in mind that its users belong from different parts  of the society, speak different languages, and are even culturally distinguished, the movies are also available in dubbed or subbed versions on the site. The trick is to reach the current site and once you succeed in that you are basically just a click away from enjoying shows of your choice.  

8. Torlock

Torlock is indeed a torrent site but mostly deals with music and stuff. It however has a wide range of movie collections as well.  It is basically a search engine and hence, a torrent indexing site as well that caters to the public’s demand of providing them with different and newer categories of content. Turlock further has features that guide its users in downloading games, anime, songs, and much other stuff such as movies even. Furthermore, you get all of this for free. The site has immense speed and varied content and there is also a function by which the site pays a fine of some amount to some individual if he or she comes across any fake torrent on the site. 

9. 7starhd


It is a torrent movie streaming site. 7starhd lets you stream and download the latest movies, web series, documentaries, short films, etc. in HD resolution free of cost. You can hence watch your favourite contents sitting back at hoke enjoying your leisure hours. Dubbed versions of several original films are found here, letting people stream and download them in their favourite language. The site provides users with a diversified collection of movies, covering all genres, culture, language, era, etc. The site’s interface is extremely user friendly, making it easier to explore the site. 7starhd with the best features is sure to provide you with a satisfying movie-watching experience. 

10. Todaypk


Todaypk is an illegal Torrent movie providing site that has earned millions of traffic ever since its creation. The site, with its attractive features and diversified movie contents covering every genre, language, era, theme, culture is sure to give you the best movie-watching experience. The site lets you stream and download tour favourite movies in any format of your choice. Not only that, but all movie download links are available at one single click. Downloading files from this site is easy. All this is because of the site’s user-friendly and simple interface. The site provides fast downloading speed and good audio quality.


Well no, Thiruttuvcd is not a legal site. Such sites are torrent sites and often banned by governments of certain nations. They need to constantly keep changing their domain addresses to make sure not to get caught.  

The site may be a pirated one but pirated sites have perks of their own. First and foremost the services are free. And furthermore, this particular site, Thiruttuvcd, has a good base of features and provides you with all latest Hindi dubbed, subbed and original movies in great quality and hence its popularity.   

3. Is the website safe to access?

Frankly speaking no it is not. They are illegal and do not have many security systems. It may even so happen that you click on some link to download some content but instead, some malware gets downloaded thus hampering your device. Moreover, they provide pirated videos, which if caught is an offence punishable.  

4. The services provided by the site are free, then how do they earn?

The site is illegal and they provide its users with pirated contents. Hence it cannot earn via Google advertisements. It hence has a number of pop-ups, which can be quite irritating but would prove to be less disturbing if you just keep an eye open for them. Or you could download an ad blocker and be done with them forever.  


Pirating contents in any form if caught is an offence punishable by the law. Neither from a moral perspective nor from a legal perspective is it an act very benevolent. Using some one’s original work without paying the creator proper tribute is morally wrong. Further, if one is not careful enough, certain unwanted malwares sometimes enter the devices via these sites as well as they do not speak much for protection. The site, however, condemns any act of plagiarism and encourages its users to stay away from the same. 

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