The Walking Dead Season 10 : Reviews, Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

The Walking Dead season 10 will consist of an incredible 16 episodes. On the 12th of January, 2019 announcement of the show and the new season was made. This show was broadcasting the story of 10 years ago. The story is centring the time ten years ago where a man is trying very hard and searching for his family. Then the family grows up and gradually takes the shape of communities for which they have to fight, survive and thrive. In this 10th season, it was seen that the survivors are successful in crossing the land of the whisperers during the time of harsh winter. All the collected communities have faced the aftereffect of the alpha’s power.

In this show just like the comic book, there are the whisperers who are the gang filled with killers who will wear the skin of the dead people and they are going to be very fierce and will not show any type of mercy when it comes to killing anyone. We can see their appearance in season 9 and in the next chapter that is season 10 one can see them playing a vital role.

 This season is all about how the survivors are going to face that adversity after crossing the Whisperer’s territory. This season is going to have 10 episodes as well. This is a television series that showcase the horror of the post-apocalyptic world. All the material of the season has been adopted from the issue related to #145. The entire series is about the preparation of the group and the war in order to defeat the whisperers.

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The premiere of The Walking Dead season 10

The Walking Dead Season 10

The Walking Dead season 10 will be premiered on Fox UK. The best part of this 10th season is it has a lot of spices. There are several reputed casts like Andrew Lincoln who is not a part of this 10th season. It is quite clear that the show has failed to gain enough positive responses from the streaming platforms but the makers are still going to work more on creating the season 10. In the season 10 new characters are being incorporated in order to add more spice to the show.

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The plot of The Walking Dead

If you watch the teaser of season 10 then you can see that it is focusing more on the Whisperers which is the menacing group filled with survivors from comics and they are wearing the skin of the other dead people in order to save themselves. According to the statement made by Eleanor Matsuura, it has been confirmed that people are definitely going to enjoy the incredible baddies that are the Whisperers in the 10th season.

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According to several fans along with Dan Fogler has said that this idea is an insanely scary concept. The people are wearing the zombie skin and it is going to make people feel the real chills and it is reminiscent of horror. According to the description of season 10, it has been said that all the survivors are not preparing themselves for the battle that is said to be unavoidable. So you can say that the war of the Whisperers is coming ahead of them.

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 All the communities are dealing with the dreadful ruling effects of the alphas. Every community is working in organising themselves and learning the fighting tactics that will help them to win the unavoidable war. The war of the Whisperers is said to be one of the most dreadful ones and they can easily fight all the survivors. Throughout the season 10, you will go through a lot of questions in your mind and this show is going to focus more on the original stuff.

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A glimpse of the trailer

You can definitely watch the official trailer of The Walking Dead on the Twitter page which was uploaded during the early February and it was also posted on Instagram by Donna who was named as Angela Kang.

In the teaser, you can see that the whisperer is looking directly and strangely at the camera and they are placing a finger on their mouth. They are whispering the sentence which clearly depicts that season 10 will be released this October. So one can say that it is going to get released during the autumn season this October by looking into the trailer. Check here: The Order Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Everything We Know So Far.

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Filming phase

The filming has already started from the May 6 and it was confirmed by an image shared by Norman Reedus. Apart from that, it was also confirmed that Daryl will work with Carol Peletier in this season 10. The image was uploaded on Instagram.

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In this new season, you can see that the Gamma or the whisperers have been introduced which will be played by Thora Birch. Gamma is basically the alpha who is a lieutenant with the fiercely loyal nature. Norman Reedus is going to play the part of Daryl just like he does in most of this season. He has also signed the contract where he will make money even if his character dies in the coming three years.

Melissa McBride will also return in this season. Samantha Morton will be assigned with the part of the whisperers and Ruan Hurst will play the part of her deputy. In the season 10 trailer, we can see that the whisperers will be sticking around and it is quite natural that Hurst and Morton will also be a part of this season.

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Release date

It is said that The Walking Dead season 10 is going to get premiered during the October month. All the previous five seasons were released during the mid-October. Fans are expecting the release date to be in October and it has also been confirmed in the makers of the show but there has been no news about the date of the release.

These are some of the vital information about the upcoming show. If you have watched all the seasons previously then this season is a must-watch as it is going to show the dreadful condition post-apocalyptic world.


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