The Most Popular Types Of Gaming Genres In 2022 

In the past few decades, gaming has progressed a great deal. From online console offerings to detailed handheld products, the array of games people can session in the modern world is quite remarkable. As an entertainment option, gaming has never been so impressive, hence why it’s witnessing dramatic growth in a number of areas. 

For instance, mobile gaming is reaching more people than ever before. According to Newzoo, in 2021, there were 3.9 billion smartphone users worldwide, with game consumer spend reaching $116 billion in 2021 also – a staggering 16 billion more than in 2020. Likewise, PC and console gaming products are thriving, too, particularly as the games available to play have never been so detailed. In terms of the gaming genres, there have been a number of emerging titles from a variety of different gaming categories. Innovation has clearly gripped the games industry, resulting in the emergence of VR products and popular augmented reality titles, alongside loads of others. But what types of gaming genres are in demand right now in particular? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of gaming products below. 

Sports games 

Being presented with a chance to play as your favourite sporting hero or team is appealing, right? Well, for fans of sports, the games based on the likes of soccer, basketball and hockey provide exactly that. From games simulating traditional sporting moments to professional management titles, it’s a rich genre that is hugely popular globally. With the opposition team being controlled by AI or bots, players can enjoy a fun and entertaining sporting product that will serve up the same action and drama that we witness in real-life. The prominent games in this space include FIFA 22, NBA 2K22 and Madden NFL 22. 

Action games 

A genre of gaming that has always been well-liked, action games put players’ reflexes, hand-eye coordination and reaction time to the test while also serving up a strong dose of action-packed adventures, as you might expect. Providing gamers with a boost of adrenaline as they aim to be stealthy and develop an unstoppable strategy, action games have progressed even more in the modern world. There are a variety of sub-genres in this particular category also, with additional options, such as arcade and shooting, appealing to gamers, too. 

Casino games 

Casino games have witnessed notable growth of late, largely thanks to the emergence of our sophisticated smartphone devices. As a result of everyone owning a mobile phone in today’s climate, millions of people around the world are playing at online slot sites with real money. Once you’re signed up, the wealth of options available at the average online casino site is extensive. From themed slot games to classic table games, there is an array of titles well worth sampling. The variety of games on offer in one place is a key reason why casino sites are thriving. 

Battle Royale games 

One of the best-selling gaming genres at the moment, thanks to titles like PUBG and Fortnite, battle royale games are the go-to option for many gamers. These types of products provide a tense and truly epic gaming experience as players battle against each other online in what tends to be a last-man-standing scenario. Requiring strategic thinking and skill, battle royale games have even made it into the esports arena, too, with competitive players and fans showcasing a huge selection of competitive titles.

The other popular types of gaming genres include role-playing games, racing games, fighting games, real-time strategy games, puzzle games, simulation games, first-person shooter games, and adventure games. 

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