The Long Road. Gadgets For The Road Trip

A long trip by car is already an adventure. But it can be made more interesting, and most importantly, safer. After all, what can be better than a comfortable trip by car, when everything is under control? Also, do not forget about rest during the long road, which can diversify the casino MGA.

And for this, you will need a variety of gadgets, which we will tell you about today.

Traveling by private car is not only budget and convenient but also much more exciting than the train or airplane. You’ll always be able to stop at the place you want or go to a place you’re unlikely to get to on purpose. But you just can’t do without some gadgets on the road. Now there are many devices on the market that will make your trip more comfortable, and safer and help you pass the time on the road.

Without this gadget on the road can not do it. Of course, now your smartphone can be used as a navigator, but you’ll have to pay a lot of money for a connection if you’re going to go far away. Or you can use applications that download detailed maps of the area. In any case, the navigator is more reliable and convenient to use on a long trip. Fortunately, now there are a lot of models on the market and there are no problems choosing the device that is suitable both for the budget and for the set of functions.

DVR and radar detector

These gadgets are also traditional on the trip, but you can do without them. The DVR on the road will not only help to record the accident, but also keep in memory all the details of your trip. Radar detectors will also save your budget, and will help control the speed if you suddenly get blindsided. But in the case of the latter you need to be careful, because this device is banned in some countries. 

When choosing a DVR, you should pay special attention to the shooting quality and the viewing angle of the camera. The larger the angle, the more lanes will be on the video, which means less chance that some incidents will not be recorded. Another important point in any recorder is shooting at night. On a long road trip, traveling in the dark is almost unavoidable, which means you should make sure that your gadget will be able to record everything. 

Head unit

It’s hard to call this device a gadget, but it can easily simplify your life and brighten up your time on a long road. Modern head units are equipped with a navigator and a full entertainment system with music and video. You can watch movies only when standing (when driving the function is blocked), and it will somehow diversify your leisure time on the trip. Some systems are based on Android, which means you will be able to use all the necessary applications, whether it is a calendar, weather forecast, or even office programs, right on the screen of the car. In addition, the rearview camera is connected to the head unit, if you don’t have one. The such camera is useful when parking, especially in unfamiliar areas, where you do not know the height of the curb and are afraid of relying only on mirrors or parking sensors.

Mini fridge

This “gadget” is indispensable on the trip if it takes more than 4-5 hours. Even on the way to the country this device will successfully save your food and will not let it spoil, no matter if you have to drive for a few days. Alas, it will not be possible to reach the minus temperature in this refrigerator, but it will keep the cold.

All such devices work according to one principle – on Peltier elements. This is a small plate, when current flows through it, the heat is transferred from one side to the other, at the warm half is additionally cooled by a miniature fan. Thanks to Peltier elements, the refrigerator can easily become a heater, just change the polarity, some models have such a possibility, and then the food will be heated in the device. When choosing, simply consider the capacity. The smallest models can hold only a couple of bottles of water, but the large models can hold supplies for a day, and even more. By the way, such refrigerators sometimes even can be compressors, but in this case, they cost much more.

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