The Hollow Season 2: Release Date, Spoilers & Coming to Netflix in May 2020

The Hollow – Season 2: Release Date and Spoilers

Since its debut in 2018, the Canadian animated web series The Hollow has acquired an excellent fan base. However, after the series had ended in the same year, there was no news on the series in that regard. Let alone the spoilers and trailers, there was almost no information on its renewal or release date. 

However, recently, Netflix has, at last, revealed everything that the fanatics of this series were dying to know. So, let’s just jump right into it, shall we? 

Release Date: Season 2 

The Hollow Season 2

Just a few days ago, Netflix informed the world about the renewal of The Hollow TV animated series and almost after that, they released the news on its release date. According to them, the second season of The Hollow will be premiering on 8th May 2020. 

The production of the series is said to be complete. Therefore, we do not think any delays or other issues will occur, even with the Coronavirus outburst. So, all we have to do, now, is to stay at home and wait for the day. 

However, still, if any update regarding the second season comes into the view, then we will surely let you know about that. So, make sure to stay connected with us. In the meantime, make sure to check out the small teaser that Netflix has released on its Twitter page. Check here: Steven Universe Future Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Spoilers & Everything You Need to Know.

Are There Any Trailers Available Yet? 

No, there have not been any updates on the trailer of the second season of The Hollow. However, Netflix has released a teaser on their Twitter page as well have mentioned before. Nevertheless, it only reveals the release date of the season. So, it is kind of pointless to rush on their Twitter account and check it out from there. 

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What Will be Happening in the Season 2 of The Hollow? 

As long as we cannot see the trailer, we will not be able to talk about the trailer. Furthermore, as the first season of the series did not end with a cliffhanger, so it becomes even more challenging for us to even make a wild guess. 

However, we think that the series will pick up the pace from where it had left us in the first season. Moreover, there has been a piece of news on IMDb that the makers of this animation have hired several new voice actors for the season. 

Therefore, we can also hope that we will get to see some new characters in the second season. As the whole animated TV series has exhibited a few excellent sessions of character development, the inclusion of these brand new personas will only make the series even more interesting. 

However, do not worry about the older characters, as they will be available on this series. We can confirm that as we have not seen any courses of death in the first season. But, like everything else, we are, still, not sure about it. 

Nevertheless, if we get any news or information regarding these aspects, then we will be sure to let you know all about them. So, make sure to stay updated with us. 

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