The Good Place season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, News & everything you need to know about the show on Netflix

With the consistent launched that Netflix indulges in from time to time, you are assured to never have an unproductive day. Covering such a wide range of genre, Netflix has a little bit of something for every age cohort. That is one of the reasons why the audience was excited and elated with the Good Place season 4 which is all set to hit the screens soon.

If you have been an avid watcher of the first three seasons of the show, it is time that you bring that enthusiasm back. This is one of those shows that cover all the kinds of feels that you could be having. From making you laugh your heart out to help you with the sentimental side of the afterlife as well, the possibilities with this are extensive. Check here, New K-Dramas Ordered By Netflix: Kingdom Renewed For Season 2.

The Good Place season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, News & everything you need to know about the show on Netflix

The Good Place season 4 release date

The happy part about this is the fact that the new season is coming but with that, it also casts the sadness as this is the last season of the show. Even this specific season is all set to bring around all the necessary curves and twists that you possibly couldn’t even think of. 

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Release date

If you have been on the lookout for the release date, mark your calendars because the season 4 of the show is set to premiere on September 26th, 2019 on NBC and then come around on the Netflix the next day. 

If you have kept yourself updated with the progress of the show and even kept up with their social handles, you would know that the official Twitter handle of the show was the one who shared the first sneak peek. It included Jason as well as Tahani hugging Eleanor following the end of the last season’s episode. 

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What is the plot like?

For those who are just as oblivious as many, let us walk you through a briefing of the plot surrounding the show. 

The story of the show mainly focuses on Eleanor Shellstrop who dies and then finds herself in the “Good Place” which is another name for heaven. The same is run by the angel, Michael. When Eleanor finds about the turnaround of the events, she confesses that she thinks she hasn’t done much good in life to deserve a place in heaven.

Following the days, she meets Chidi and Tahani who are also humans that are part of the Afterlife. When Eleanor confesses to them as well, they help her and Jason, who also doesn’t believe he deserves to be in heaven, to get out of the place.

Eventually though, with the passing time, they become good people and end up earning the spot that they have been subjected to. 

While everything seems better along in the beginning, by the end of the first season, Eleanor comes to know that Michael himself is the demon and the Good Place isn’t Good after all. 

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They find that Michael is constantly wiping their memories and doing things to torment humans. But, with the constant flurry, the group focus on finding the secrets of Michael. In the process, Michael starts getting attached to the humans that he started to torment in the beginning.

By the second season, we find Michael requesting to the Gen of a Good Place to let him undo the deaths of the humans to let them go back to their lives by initiating an alternate timeline in the process of it. 

When they fail to live again even with so many trials, Michael finds that no one on this planet is a good person, it is impossible to be one. He finds that it has been almost 521 years since anyone entered a Good Place with all the necessary pointers ticked out. He finds that even buying a vegetable is considered wrong and it promotes the use of pesticides and such.

Following such revelations, the group is set to find ways to undo the process and let the humans either gain access to a Good Place or find better ways to go back forever. 

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Who are in the cast?

The cast of the show is pretty much constant all through the seasons and even season four is set to welcome back the previous cast. If you weren’t aware of the cast, let us give you a glimpse.

· Eleanor Shellstrop – (Kristen Bell)

· Michael – (Ted Danson)

· Janet – (D’Arcy Carden) 

· Chidi – (William Jackson Harper)

· Tahani – (Jameela Jamil) 

· Jianyu – (Manny Jacinto)

With such an amazing cast, the viewers are all set to be thrown off of their seats with the persistent twists and turns. This is the last season of the show and while that is exciting, it is sad as well. Everyone was expecting a season 5 but looks like season 4 is the last one.

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