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The Crown Season 3: Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer



The Crown Season 3

The Crown Season 3 is a series that is quite similar to the biographic tale where we can know about the life of Queen Elizabeth II or the Queen. The Crown series will start from the time that portrays her marriage with Prince Philip along with the ongoing legacy of her kingdom. This successful series was telecast on the television and after a short time, it was also aired in several streaming platforms where it got a lot of popularity. Looking into the huge fan base of this series the makers are now going to release the third season of this series.

It has been announced that the third season of The Crown has finished its filming and it is going to get launched anytime now. One of the major news about the third season is Matt Smith and Clary Fox will no longer be a part of this series.

Crown Season 3: Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

The Crown Season 3

The Crown Season 3

It will be launched in the Netflix and they have confirmed the date of release as well. So if you are a fan of the Queen Series then you can expect to watch its episodes on 17th November 2019. The release date of the Crown was shared via a clip on the official Twitter account. In the trailer, it was seen that Olivia Colman is playing the role of Queen Elizabeth II.

There is another interesting news related to the series and that is the fourth season is currently on the filming phase. After the release of the third season, one will be able to watch the 4th season as it will be released after a short span of time. The news has been confirmed by Olivia during the Oscar Ceremony. She delivered a speech during the Oscar win and talked about the filming stage and the release of the third and fourth season was confirmed by her.

It has been confirmed that in the first and the second season you will get 10 episodes each and with the third season, you will get another 10 episodes.

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The plot of The Crown Season 3

 In the previous two seasons, one can see a beautiful portrayal of the era between 1947 to 1963 and it beautifully portrayed the life of Queen Elizabeth. In the upcoming season, one can see the era between 1964 to 1972. Though the creator or the showrunner has not confirmed anything about the plot of the new season. In the third season, we will be introduced to Harold Wilson who is the new prime minister and is going to work with Queen Elizabeth II. They will also work together in order to set up a new government. Margaret Thatcher is going to play the first female prime minister of Britain in this season 3.

In the midseason of the series, you can see that the affair between Baronet Robby and Princess Margaret was there for eight years which led to the divorce of Lord Snowden. In the last part of the half-season, one can see a lot of parts which are played by Lady Diana and Camila-Parker Bowles. In the fourth season, we can see that Lady Diana has now become the princess and both of them are working in the fourth season as well. In this season, you can see the magnificent event of Prince Edward’s birth along with the coronation of Prince Charles.

 Cast Of The Crown Season 3

 In season three most of the previous stars will continue their journey. In season 4 you can see that Olivia Colman is still playing the role of Queen Elizabeth II, Helena Bonham is playing the part of Princess Margaret, Tobias Menzies is playing the part of Prince Philip, Charles Dance is playing the part of Lord Louis Mountbatten and Josh O’Connor is playing the part of Prince Charles.

Trailer Of The Crown Season 3

Olivia Coleman is an Oscar winner and is playing the part of Queen in the official trailer released by Netflix. When the season 3 trailer of The Crown you can see Helena Bonham along with Ben Daniels portraying the part of Princess Margaret and Lord Snowden. On the 28th of August, the first look of Prince Philip was released that is going to be played by Tobias Menzies. Not to forget the beloved corgis of Queen Elizabeth and their beautiful appearance in the trailer.

 Will Princess Diana be a part of season 3?

There has been a lot of talks related to the appearance of Princess Diana in the Crown season 3. Previously it was seen that she is going to make her appearance at the end of season 3 but some are now confirming that she will not be a part of season 3. As season 3 is going to cover the time between 1964 to 1976 so you are going to see different types of events happening that has no past relations with the other two seasons.

These are the few information that has been gathered about The Crown season 3. It is said that the casting of this third season is also very strong and is going to portray everything in a very beautiful manner. New characters are going to get introduced in this season 3 and some characters will discontinue their work.

The plot of season 3 is very interesting and people have already got a little glimpse of it. The best part is that one will not have to wait long because it is going to be released this year. In season three will showcase the turbulent relationship building between Prince Philip and The Queen and how their difference of opinion related to Prince Charles is going to bring more spice to the show.

The first look of The Crown season 3 has already been released and it is going to portray the time when Prince Philip and Queen is in their 50’s and it is going to provide you with a lot of elements like the breakdown of the marriage between Lord Snowdon and Princess Margaret along with the personal life of Prince Charles.

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