The Best Windows Apps For 2022

The latest Windows App Store has many apps. Calendar apps are a popular choice for people looking to improve productivity, and many free apps allow users to choose them without spending a dime. Our job today is to guide you in selecting the right apps. We have listed dozens of great Windows 10 applications for everyone. How can I increase my vocabulary and pronunciation? How should I learn to speak English in school? Do you plan to travel abroad? Hopefully, these free apps will make the preparations easier.

Best apps for Windows 10 You Should’ve Used in 2022

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If you have an extensive online library and need the flexibility of managing it and streaming it across devices, you should install Kodi. Kodi has a great feature: After installing Kodi on a device, you can use it as a home server and watch content with Kodi on a smartphone or desktop computer. Kodi also has many plug-ins enabling the power to increase. For example, you can install Kodi extension apps and download Kodi content for live television shows.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is one of several excellent photo editing tools that can help you make amazing artwork with whichever photos you choose. The application has many useful features for creative professionals. It supports multiple colours, 16- and 32-bit / channel editing support, and various extra capabilities and features. Affinity photos can help to solve any Photoshop problem and provide a good (and cheaper) Photoshop alternative that offers the same or much greater functionality.

WeDo 2.0. LEGO Education

Children can use WeDo2.0 Lego Education to learn the basics of building a Lego brick. The application has a user-friendly interface and is easy to learn; teachers can use it to teach students basic programming. Not only is it used for teaching students essential science techniques such as problem-solving, modeling, prototyping, research analysis, and interpretation. WeDo 2.0 – LEGO education provides children with a fun way to learn to code.

Spotify Music

Spotify can be downloaded from the Windows Store, allowing users to enjoy music without downloading the desktop version. The app contains everything available with the Spotify app for any other platform, making it essential for any music (and podcasts) lover. Spotify’s recommended music is fantastic. It offers very clean user interfaces and is simple to use, so you can seamlessly switch from your desktop to mobile without missing a beat when you use it.

PhotoDirector 10 essentials

PhotoDirector 10 Essential offers an excellent toolbox for editing photos. Granted, the app may seem intimidating to seasoned users, but once you learn how to use it, you’ll like it and fall into its capabilities. PhotoDirector 10 Essential includes every premium feature for the first 30 days after launching the app. You can buy PhotoDirector 10 Ultra for the most advanced components from the Microsoft Store.

Reading Trainer

Then there was another excellent learning app called Reading trainer, which helps children to improve their reading skills with fun exercises. You could double the rate in two days of training, which is helpful if you have to read a lot of content in a few hours. The eye exercise helps boost reading performance, and readers everywhere will be pleased using these Windows 10 apps.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

It would help if you considered purchasing the Photoshop Elements software. The app can help you edit photos or create memes. The app offers some excellent beginner tools thanks to an intuitive user interface. Granted, it does not provide all the features you can find in a desktop version of Photoshop, but it is suitable as a starting point and handy for Windows 10 users.


This is another excellent learning app you can use on Windows and stay updated with upcoming video content. The app uses a minimal user interface and groups the videos into curated lists, so you can quickly watch all the newest popular TED Talks. The app offers over 1,200 TED Talks and is constantly expanding. Download this app for your computer, and we are sure you will learn a lot.


Tidal is another fantastic music streamer that is inexpensive but should become your favorite application for all audiophiles. In addition, Tidal also features an audio output with high frequency, enabling streaming and listening to music in high quality with a PC. However, Tidal isn’t accessible anywhere near as many locations as Spotify, and some people can’t use this music service.

Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk SketchBook is an excellent software for creating masterpieces for the computer, and it provides an array of features. It also supports touch input. It’s great for users using a touchscreen device and helps Surface Dial, so it’s an excellent app to have when using a Surface Studio

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