The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses Online

Staring at screens for a long time exposes your eyes to strain. There are many ways to prevent eye strain. Getting a pair of Blue Light Blocking Glasses is a good idea. Information on blue light and how to protect your eyes will help you maintain good eyesight. Here, you will learn how to reduce exposure to the light so that you can protect your eyes.

Blue light and its effect on eyes

Light is White, but it is not universal. When you apply the color temperature concept, you will understand how light from different sources affects your eyes. The temperature of the light a screen emits depends on the lighting conditions, and what radiates and reflects the light. The light from an LED bulb is, for example, warmer than light that emits from a computer screen. Exposure to screen light for a long time exposes you to eye strain. By adopting a blue light blocking technology, you can protect your eyes to avoid the effects of eyestrain and eventual eye damage.

Why you should wear blue light blocking glasses

  1. To prevent sleep disruption

Blue light inhibits the production of melatonin which promotes good sleep. It also increases Cortisol production, a stress hormone that affects peaceful sleep. Wearing blue light blocking glasses will help to improve sleep patterns, enhance cognitive development, and memory. 

  1. Inbuilt apps for blocking the light don’t work

Though there is an inbuilt blue light blocking app in some devices, they are not effective. When melatonin is produced in the body when one uses the devices, it is impossible to reverse the effects. Most people use electronics that emit blue light just before bed. Reversing its effects immediately is not possible.

  1. The glasses don’t darken your vision

Some people prefer not to wear blue light blocking glasses because they fear they will not be able to see properly. Blue light blocking glasses do not affect the visual effects at all. But one should do a little research before getting a pair to get high-quality glasses. They are more effective and will not affect your eyesight.

Choosing the best blue light blocking glasses

One should consider the following factors when reviewing the best blue light blocking glasses:

  • Avoid clear glasses

Experts recommend amber blue light blocking glasses. They absorb short-wavelength blue light rays more effectively. Clear blue light glasses do not have a high percentage success rate in filtering blue light.  

  • Blocking UV ray’s capability

Apart from the blue rays, the UV rays may cause macular degeneration and cataracts. One should opt for glasses that block UV-A and UV-B rays as well as the blue light as they offer more protection to your eyes.

  • Anti-reflective and glare feature

You should go for blue light blocking glasses that have these two features. With the anti-glare and anti-reflective option, you will prevent your eyes from eye overstimulation and strain which affects your sleep.

You should consider the above factors when choosing the best blue light blocking glasses. Additionally, check the warranty and fit them to ensure they are comfortable to wear. It is also good to check the lab tests by the expert and certification. That way, you are sure to get high-quality blue light blocking glasses.

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