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The 100 Season 7: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, Reviews, News & everything you need to know



The 100 Season 7

The 100 seasons 7 is going to be released soon. It is quite a good news for several fans of this series that the seventh season is going to get released soon but the bad news is it is the last season of the series. In the six seasons, we can see that it had a very promising storyline and a perfect intersection of science fiction and young adult.

This series began with the futuristic version of the famous The Lord of the rings. We can see that hundreds of teenagers were thrown into the new land that was quite uninhabitable for survival but gradually with the help of limited resources they have built a world that was filled with a lot of different cultures, paranormal phenomena and travel interspatial. After several conflicts and numerous plot, this series comes to an end and we all expect it to have a happy ending.

Jason Rothenberg who is the creator of the show has finally made the announcement of the end of this season. There is no surprise in the fact that this series has earned a huge fandom very quickly. So people have a lot of questions about the upcoming season like who will be the cast and whether the old cast will be there or not or what is the release date and plot. Check here The Rain Season 3: Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Plot & More Details.

The 100 Season 7: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, Reviews, News & everything you need to know

The 100 Season 7

In the sixth season, we can definitely see that Bellamy and Clarke wake up into a foreign habitable world and they are no longer orbiting the earth. This new world is known as Alpha and after landing on this place they have discovered an entirely new society and it is ruled by the Primes. In this new world, they also discover some new dangers and mysterious group of rebels. As the season 7 proceeds, we can see that everything is falling into place and we can expect to see a happy ending of all the survivors. The cast will definitely remain the same.

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Release Date

Till now no announcements have been made about the official premiere date of season 7 of The 100. Season 6 and season 5 was released during the month of April and so one can also expect the seventh season to get released by this time during 2020. In the seventh season of The 100, one can see 16 episodes and you can also expect every episode to have extra time. So you will have to keep waiting till March of 2020 arises for any further announcements related to the show.

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 The sixth season is already on air, so it is difficult to say which characters will stay in the seventh season. If the lead is getting killed in the sixth season then you can expect Eliza Taylor to play the part of the lead Clarke Griffin in the 7th season of The 100. Bob Morley will play the role of Bellmay Blake.

Other cast members will definitely be Marie Avgeropoulos playing the part of Octavia Blake, Henry Ian Cusick playing the part of Marcus Kane, Lindsey Morgan playing the part of Raven Reyes, Bob Morley playing the part of Bellamy Blake, Henry Ian Cusick playing the part of Marcus Kane and Christopher Larkin portraying Monty Green.  Shannon Kook who was a part of season 5 can also make an appearance in the seventh season as well.

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In the sixth season, the entire plot is revolving around the new colony that has been set up for the humans on the Eligius III. So the seventh season will mostly be on earth which will allow Rosenberg to easily bring the seventh season to a great conclusion with the help of massive battle. This plot is based on the post-apocalyptic time. We can all expect that it is not turning into a point where Lexa is getting killed.

The seventh season will be all about the new danger and mysterious rebel group and how everything is getting fixed. One will have to wait for 2020 in order to know about the plot of this season. In season 7, we can also expect to see time travelling along with some ripple effects with a multitude of motion events. All together we can definitely expect to encounter a mind-boggling storyline.

So in season 6, we discovered the rebel group and new monsters and this 7th season is more about this new land Alpha and what are the things that they are discovering in this new society.

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It is expected that the trailer of The 100 season 7 will be released by March of 2020 but it is clearly a guess. One can definitely check out the last season trailer. You can definitely check some trailer made by the fans but it is not the official trailer. You can check out the latest trailer on the official page of this series.

In the 6th season, we can definitely see that the series has a lot of loose ends and has also dismissed several important characters which need to be solved in the final ending season. There is no return date of the 100. After the premiere of the sixth season was released soon after the next season announcement was made by the team of The 100. The 100 is the American science fiction drama related to post-apocalyptic time. In this series, we can definitely encounter the survivors of the post-apocalyptic world along with a bunch of criminal adolescents. Most of the filming of the series has taken place in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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It definitely has an impressive casting. Season 1 of the 100 was licensed exclusively to the Netflix so you can definitely watch the 7th season as well on Netflix. We can definitely expect Netflix to provide us with the seventh season as well. This series has got impressive popularity as it shows a lot of conflicts and a survival story starting from the first season. In the seventh season, you can see how the survivors are changing everything around them.

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