ThatsTamil (2023): Top 3+ Best Alternatives for Tamil News Websites

If you understand any of the languages between Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Pakistani, Telugu then you are in for a treat. Movie lovers often find it difficult to find a website which would serve for free, and also find all the latest movies uncut. In these scenarios a safe website comes handy. Though some similar websites are not recommended and are illegal, but thatstamil user-friendly website is not only fascinating but also ensures the people enjoy searching through it. It also saves your extra penny which you can spend on a movie theatre. One of such websites is Thatstamil. This is one of the most popular mediums to download all the latest movies and TV series and also catch up on latest news and current songs. 

What is Thatstamil?


Thatstamil is one of the most popular user-friendly and secured websites that uploads contents of Indian and Hollywood films. ThatsTamil is an online portal which provides users with varied contents like sports, community, business, movies, and so on. If you are a fan of cooking you can also find Tamil recipes to cook at home. That Tamil is one of the best live news portals in Tamil languages. The net worth of this domain would be $1680 and is around 18years old and has a domain extension of .com.

You will access and display the reviews of your favorite films, Hollywood, Bollywood and Tamil Hindi, free of charge through Thatstamil. is one of the strongest on this matter because we’re concerned about the layout of the web. Thatstamil Apk is a website that is user-friendly. You can quickly scan in Thatstamil films that are divided according to their categories.

Website features

Thatstamil is an online news portal which along with news search sim reviews, Lifestyle videos and content, politics, and many other categories. The website displays a life count of affected coronavirus cases along with the one in treatment and survivors and death on the Indian and World perspective both. The website has a lot of features which are worth mentioning.

  1. The logo on the website of ducks Tamil is one India Tamil.
  2. The website showcases many ads and also does paid promotions.
  3. The website is available in 8 different languages which are English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannad, Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil.
  4. The website also has a YouTube channel with 1 million followers and displays some of the video news in a bar. 
  5. This website has a special section dedicated to Tamil Nadu district news and has category divided on the basis of places like Chennai, Madurai, expression, Tiruchirappalli, Salem, NEX, Vellore, Kanchipuram, Kanyakumari, Nilgiris, Dharmapuri, Karur, Krishnagiri, Nagapattinam, Namakkal, Ramanathapuram, etc
  6. The website provides reviews of the latest film as well.
  7. The technology category in this website covers all the latest findings of NASA and software. It wants the user about the potential malwares and also includes the best mobile phones at that moment.
  8. This website also shows an affinity towards the automobile industry and displays all the latest and best cars and all the news and information about the new cars.
  9. This website also portrays that recipe that can be used at the moment on the basis of climate, situation, economic condition and many other factors.
  10. The lifestyle category displays some of the articles and blogs which you should read in order to have a healthy life. It also displays astrological videos and also topics related to health and fitness.
  11. This website displays all the classified ads as well in case you want to buy or sell stuff.
  12. The cinema category also called filmibeat in thatstamil shows all the latest film and music related news. It also has a portion dedicated to reviewing the same.
  13. The award category includes all the awards throughout the world starting from Oscars and many more.
  14. The special category in this website of filmibeat in thatstamil includes all the contents regarding old songs and birthday of Legends including the interviews of many actors and actresses and producers and directors etc.
  15. The website has a spinner ranking which ranks all the musicians and actors based on their review and the list of music and the recent work.
  16. The box office also includes gossips about various categories.


The websites let you review various categories of film along with getting updated with the news of the moment and various Lifestyle videos. The categories included in this website are very elaborate and can include a lot of portions of every area. 

The category in terms of languages are

  • Hindi
  • English 
  • Tamil 
  • Telugu 
  • Malayalam 
  • Gujarati 
  • Kannada 
  • Bengali

The categories in terms of contents are as follows

  • News

The news category is for the divided into various categories in terms of locations etc are

    • Tamil Nadu
    • India
    • Viral
    • Share
    • World
    • Lanka
    • Sports
    • Cinema
    • Business etc

The news category almost involves every type of news around the world.

  • Video politics 
  • Live TV 
  • City 
  • Cinema 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Vehicle 
  • Business

All this category is followed by videos and live shares of various domains and are discussed in detail with appropriate judgement and review. The categories are very easy to find  and are user friendly in nature and interface.


Dinamalar can be a great alternative for ThatsTamil. This website is basically a news website which comes in a newspaper as well as an online news portal form. This news portal covers all types of news, film reviews and other types of content as well. The website uses Tamil as a vernacular language which can be translated in any language using a Google Translate. On the very top of the page some basic items are there which can lead you into categories like home page, temples, cinema, sports, NRI, business, Kalvimalar, books, I papers and the link to the social media websites. The website does pop some ads at the top and at the right corner of the page. The basic categories this website follows through which you can search for content based on news and the types of news like politics, general, world, Tamil, cartoon, cinema, Sports, speech and interview etc. Next to the news category you would find a day by day best category featuring thousands of Science articles, sayings ok, featured articles, number of games, crossword competitions, accounting and sports etc. You’d also find spirituality, weekly, photo, video, and other sections. These sections are updated every now and then and feature the best and recent contents happening in the industry. This is a licensed website so the information is authentic and elaborate and easy to find. They follow a pretty simple user-friendly interface and also includes categories from various sections like Temple, Bollywood latest news, Technology etc.

2. NDTV Tamil

NDTV Tamil

NDTV Tamil is an extension of the website website has a very simple approach when it comes to the display on the website. The main waterway of the website is to present news in languages like Bengali, Tamil, Hindi and English. NDTV Tamil follows the Tamil language and shows the content in a grid form structure. The basic division on the top of the page categorisation is done in the category which starts from NDTV homepage icon followed by the category business, Hindi, movies, cricket, Tech, web stories, hop, food, auto, Swasth, Lifestyle, health. It doesn’t have an option to visit the other languages on the same website. The website does focus more on the current news of the state and country. There is an option to explore the stories of the time along with the top 10 news of the moment. On the right corner it does have a bread that follows the Tamil news categories. The film section in the website follows the Tollywood, kollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood categories. The website share is the viral video of the moment and also focuses on the lifestyle of the actresses and actors. The website does include all the latest happenings in the automobile industry along with the gadgets. Lifestyle and Food sections are also taken care of in context with the need of the moment. This website shares sponsored contents along with ads and various insights about startup and expert opinions. The social media handles of the website are also included in case someone wants to get connected

3. News18 Tamil

News18 Tamil

Unlike the other websites this website starts with a huge ad popup on the top of the webpage. News 18 Tamil has an app for the mobile users as well which is run on both Android and iPhone. The trending topics of the moment are displayed on the top of the bar using hashtag. Website follows a basic category of news divided in the topics like Tamil Nadu, India, world, sports, cinema, Lifestyle, pictures, video, mission Pani, and live TV. The Life TV takes you to the live news channel and has a 24/7 display of it. The latest news column follows the categories like trending, memes, Technology, working, crime, horoscope, album and also display options to win via various contests. The website displays the top stories on the left and right corner just below the intro bar following all the news which are important for the moment. There is a category called news18 special which follows some selected news which follow some special stories. The crime category follows next with the latest crime of the moment in Tamilnadu. The following grid mentions all the latest incidents in Tamil Nadu and region specific news. The website has a corner devoted to region specific movies and their reviews along with the entertainment corner, Lifestyle corner, business corner, sports corner. The website displays different videos of the moment which  are important and social. The website has a special corner devoted to mission Pani and all the steps taken for it. Mission Pani is a step taken by the initiative of the Network 18 group. This website includes all the necessary information one should know and is an all rounder.


1. How to use Thatstamil?

By simply logging in using the web address, anyone can have access to the website. The categories mentioned in the website are very straight forward and can be accessed using a mobile phone as well. The website is available in various languages so choose any particular language you are comfortable with and enjoy the content which is updated on a regular basis. 

Yes, ThatsTamil is a legal website. Though  they don’t take any legal liability or warranty on the service provided. But they have all the copyright and follow all the legal obligations maintaining this website.

3. Does internet speed have anything to do with  the website Thatstamil?

Since this is the news and review based website the speed of your internet does not make much of a difference when accessing the text contents. But if you want to have access to the live videos and the video content the speed of your internet may make a difference in terms of quality and loading time. If the internet speed is very low then the content loading time might be a bit higher than the usual time taken. But overall this website does not have much to do with internet speed.

4. Did the government put any obligation on the website Thatstamil?

No, since this website follows all the legal procedures and has copyright claims of the content uploaded it does not have any legal obligation from the government. This website also features ads and certain classified personal ads of individuals taking into consideration all the legal procedures and mention that they do not take any responsibility for the product.

Apart from the mentioned ones there are many more legal alternatives of Thatstamil which can be used in the absence or instead of this website. These websites are follows-

  1. Athavan News 
  2. Hindustan times
  3. Express India 
  4. The hindu group of publication 
  5. Timesofindia

All of the above written websites provide contents in Tamil language and are licensed. These websites are similar to Thatstamil and can be used as an alternative for that.


The website is legal and follows all the legal terms and terminologies and procedures in respect to the government. But it doesn’t take any legal responsibility for the product displayed as an ad in the website. It clearly states that it does not take any responsibility for any kind of fraud or any other illegal activity. The services that are provided by comes with No warranty whatsoever. The liability limits anytime for any kind of direct or exemplary or punitive or incidental or special or consequential damages of the user.

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