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Do you live and breathe technology? Write for us at Gadget Freeks and submit guest post on tech, business, software, gadgets, social media, IoT, AI etc

What comes first in everyone’s mind to search for any solution or gain any information on any topic? The BIG FAT answer is the Internet. Today, the internet is the stage for showbiz for different companies to advertise their services and promote their brand. You can easily elevate your business through this powerful platform. It helps you to create a digital persona of your business. With this, you gain a golden opportunity to promote your growth rate exponentially. With the right strategy and content, you can easily target different demographics and can pave your way to top in the global market.

technology write for us

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is a healthy practice to build more authority, links and relationship with the person. The work is quite easy-peasy; a blog is submitted based upon the guidelines of a specific blogger and then, in return, you earn a backlink and an author’s box under the article.

Why Write For Us?

Guest Posting proffers a plethora of benefits to the content writers. Some of them include:

1. Enhances your Portfolio: While you connect with other blogs, you build a strong portfolio that builds credibility in the minds of others.

2. Boosts your Brand Awareness: Guest Posting paves a way to increase your brand visibility to the next level.

3. Develop Search Engine Authority: Get natural authoritative backlinks to your blog that will build more audience to your blog.

4. Enhance the Organic Traffic: Posting blogs on different sites improves the brand influence and adds a higher number of people to become regular visitors to your site.

Guest Posting Guidelines: Dos’ and Don’ts

Given below are some key points that are a must-follow if you plan to write for us:


1. Write only Original content: We do not want copied or rewritten articles; we want to add value to the visitor reading the article from our site. You may include something amazing facts to it so that the readers enjoy fresh content.

2. Article length: Its range should be between 1000-3000 words with suitable images added at the relevant places.

3. We appreciate Research: The desired article must have information referred to different sources such as researches and studies.

4. A Personal Touch is a must: Your article should represent your personality thoughts and the writing style in the best way.


1. No Plagiarism at any cost: Our articles are passed in premium tools, and there is no compromise on quality accepted.

2. Use Bad Grammar or Poor Sentence Structure: All the content should have the right content structure and impeccable grammar. Do proof-read your article once before submission to ensure any residual errors.

3. No Made-up stuff or Misinformation: Please ensure that the information you add is 100% accurate and not your cooked story.

4. Don’t write without a Purpose: We believe in purposeful writing and thus, each content the piece should meet a specific purpose.

5. Do not use copyright images: Our team always generates the content and uses images with proper image attributes.

What type of topics do we accept?

Looking to set up a start-up and want to advertise it through a prominent brand. Write the content for us. Gadget Freeks fully provides kindlings to all the little sparks in the digital world. Through our gateway, you can easily target key demographics according to your services and provisions.

At Gadget Freeks, you have diverse options from the technology arena to present in front of the world. If you are an expert in dealing with new technologies, you can write for us on tech such as IoT, Cloud, and what not. Have an interest in different operating systems, show your talent in the fields of Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS. Love to market various products, we provide you the limelight in our buyer’s guide, top pick lists, and gadgets section.

Process of Submitting The Guest Post

Guest blogging with us is effortless. Carefully deem our guidelines and research our content before starting an association with us. Follow the below mentioned easy steps to write for us:

  1. Contact us at our official mail and present your samples with your niche.
  2. Give all the necessary details.
  3. Our team will provide you with an author account.
  4. After you receive your author account, you can easily publish your content on our website. Make sure to follow all the guidelines for the content accurately.

The team at Gadget Freeks believes in strong business associations. If you wish to gain eminence in the area of technology, contact us and write for us.


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