List of 10 alternatives for TamiliMac

Everyone wants to enjoy their leisure hours after coming back from work. Keeping this in mind, innumerable movie streaming online sites have come up to provide people with their necessary entertainment. Watching movies is one easy way of relieving ourselves of stress and enjoying leisure time simultaneously. TamiliMac is one of the hundreds of movie sites that have come up in recent times. The site has earned millions of traffic because of the commendable services it has been providing us with so far. It has released many latest films and provided people with every movie according to their preferences. If you want to know more about it, read below.



It’s the features that have made this site so popular. Let’s check out some of them:

  • Various formats

The site brings contents in several formats like 480p, 1020p, 720p, etc. leaving it up to the users to decide which format would they like to stream in. 

  • Free services 

Similar to other torrent sites, this site too provides services for free. 

  • User-friendly interface

To make this site easily accessible, the site’s UI is has been made user friendly. Finding our desired content on this site would take no time. 


The site has various categories of movies based on their genre, language, era, culture, theme, etc. This division has been done to make it easier for people to find out their desired content. Let’s see some of the classifications found on this site

  • Tamil movies

As the name suggests, the site primarily provides Tamil movies. Under this category, you can stream and download Tamil movies, web series, and Tamil tv serials. Also, you can find regional award functions here. 

  • Dubbed movies 

The site also dubbs several original movies into other languages, so that people can watch them in the language they are comfortable in. Such dubbed versions of movies can be found here. 

  • Animation

Are you tired of watching movies and series and documentaries? You can try out anime and manga series. They too come from various genres and are interesting. This section is especially for kids. 

  • Web series

As the name suggests, this category brings to you the popular web series. Hindi, English, Tamil, and web series in several other languages are also available.

  • English 

Who doesn’t enjoy watching Hollywood content? If you are one of them, this category is just what you need for your entertainment. You will get a wide variety of English movies, old and new blockbusters and some Oscar winning ones too. 

  • Bollywood

This category contains innumerable Bollywood movies. You will simply be amazed to see the number of movies under this category. 

  • 90s Bollywood 

Here you will get some evergreen Bollywood blockbusters that cannot be found anywhere else. 

List of 10 alternatives

The site is an illegal one, which might not be accessible at times, especially when servers are down. Also, people are frustrated with so many advertisements that interrupt their enjoyment. So they are searching for better alternatives. Below listed are a few alternatives to this site that you can visit. They provide similar services.


The site TamiliMac comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. Though it provides services for free, remember it’s an illegal one. It leaks pirated content, which severely affects our film industries. People are refusing to go to theatres for watching the newly released films because they know they will get to watch them at home on TamiliMac within a few days. As a result, this is reducing the gross earning of the films to a great extent. Despite knowing this, if readers continue to use such sites only because they get to access its contents for free, it indicates that we too are supporting the piracy business which is illegal according to the anti-piracy law. Keeping in mind the hard work of the whole crew behind producing a complete film, we mustn’t use these sites and visit theatres to watch them so that they get paid off for their dedication. 


Why does TamiliMac have to change its domain names constantly? 

TamiliMac is an illegal site whose original domain has already been blocked by various ISP s and banned by the Indian government. To continue their operation, the site activates its other domains. As soon as the government bans another active domain, the site changes it and activates another domain name. That’s how the site has been working for years. 

Is the site ad free? 

No, similar to other illegal sites TamiliMac isn’t an ad-free site. You have to come across several irritating advertisements while streaming and downloading films. You need to have patience and close all such irrelevant ads. 

Is the site safe to be accessed? 

No, TamiliMac being an illegal site isn’t safe to be accessed. It can steal all your device’s information and data besides landing you up in jail if caught red-handed. 

What are the dangers associated with browsing through such sites? 

When you visit such illegal sites, you put your device’s information at stake. They can be stolen anytime. Also, if any individual is caught red-handed surfing through TamiliMac, he will be imprisoned for 3 years and will also have to ay a huge sum as compensation. 

Why is the main domain name of TamiliMac blocked by Google? 

Google and many other IPS s have blocked the main site of TamiliMac because it promotes the piracy business. The site shouldn’t be accessible to anyone and hence has been blocked. Nevertheless, it continues its operation through other domains. 

Name some of the Hollywood films that TamiliMac has released?

Street Dancers, Thappad, Bhoot, Angrezi medium

Name some of the legal alternatives of TamiliMac?

Amazon Prime, Netflix, zee5, Yesmovies, etc. are some legal sites that people are requested to use instead of the illegal ones. 

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