Taking Breathtaking Photos Using Your Smartphone

Smartphone cameras have only gotten more remarkable in the past three years. Companies are upgrading photo resolution, integrating photos, adding more lenses, storage options, and adding more lenses that keep you clicking without fear of overloading your camera roll. 

By now, we’re all acquainted with the basics of phone photography: You get your phone and tap the capture button. But if you really wish to treasure those memories for future generations, then you’ll want your phone images to look their finest. So if you’ve got the latest smartphone like the awesome Nova 8, you should level up your photography game. We got you some awesome tips and tricks you can bring with you whenever you wish to play with your camera.

Tips and Tricks

Enjoy these six awesome tips and tricks for your photography journey:

  • Start Clean

Before you take a picture, you’ll want to be confident that your gear is ready. Often, that implies doing a bit of before-shot cleaning. According to fine art photographer Henry Oji it is the first rule for him. He recommended always cleaning your phone camera lens before you capture an image.

While wiping your lens using your jeans might complete the job, using rough materials, like a napkin dipped in water or cotton shirt, may end up harming your lens in the future. If you’d like to avoid scratches, better use a gentler material — like a microfiber cloth — to tidy any smears off your camera lens.

  • Taking Many Shots

One of the most pleasing things regarding smartphone photography is that you can capture as many photos as you desire, and you don’t need to print them to see the outcomes. This makes it greatly easier to realize and enhance your results.

 In addition, burst photos are suitable to use when using your mobile phones for photography. They let you capture numerous shots as your despite your subject’s movement. Once you’ve clutched a bunch of burst photos, you can then pick the most pleasing shots. 

  • Find Out What Your Camera Is Capable Of

Commence by taking some period to discover exactly what your phone’s camera is competent of. Then, examine the auto mode and look at how it concentrates and takes an exposure to light, this is normally done by lightly tapping the screen where you want it to focus, but it’s always good to inspect.

Does your camera phone have the manual settings? If yes, explore them. Some cameras let you use more manual settings like shutter speed and white balance. These can assist you in taking even nicer photos when you know how to manipulate them.

  • Make Use of Framing

Framing shots artfully may need a more creative mind condition, but that doesn’t mean you have to do everything by yourself. Lucky you, you can ask your camera to help you to frame and compose your photographs.

The art of framing is one part of organizing the image itself — and so is ensuring you’re not including any undesirable subjects while taking your photo. Kenny Rodriguez suggests making sure that everything in the frame is there because you want it there.

  • Be Super Still Or Ask A Tripod For Help

If you want outstanding photos, free from any movement or from being blurry, you should acquaint yourself with the photographer’s most valuable tool: the tripod. 

Nothing can defeat the versatility of a tripod when it comes to upgrading your photography game, not even a steady hand. It is very helpful for you to be more creative with your shots. The self-timer is also great with a tripod; it lets everyone be part of the photo. No one will definitely be left behind.

A tripod can give you an excellent range of new methods and photography styles: low light photography, long-exposures, light painting, time-lapse, and many many others.

  • Rule of Thirds

In the rule of thirds, a photo is divided into nine equal blocks that make a three-by-three grid. It would be best to strive to get the most intriguing parts of your photo near the corners of these pieces, where the imaginary gridlines connect. Using this rule gives a more realistic feeling to the picture and lets the eye flow around the picture effortlessly. In contrast, putting things proportional in your frame will give a neat and clinical feeling which can also be a great look.

Never hesitate to give the rule of thirds a try. Whether you’re capturing a photo of your friends at a bar or doing a landscape shot, you’ll find it easy and effective.

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