Sub Zero Chapter 76: Release Date, Spoilers, and Recap

Read Sub Zero Chapter 76: Release Date, Spoilers, and Recap

In the previous chapter of Sub Zero, a famous Manga series was quite interesting. Azure Kingdom’s guards were training with Captain and Kharis with peace of mind was watching them. He was happy to see that guards were winning and Captain is showing improvements in his performance. After some time, the guards came and intimated the captain regarding any urgent news, which Princess has given. The guards even mentioned that Princess is with the Prince, but they are aware of the location where they both are. This was all about the last chapter and from here you can know about the latest and upcoming chapters and updates.

Release date of Sub Zero

Sub Zero Chapter 76 Release Date

The new chapter 76 of Sub Zero will be releasing on Monday 22nd June 2020. Every Monday, the new chapter of Sub Zero releases. Here you will even get spoilers for the chapter so if you are not ready to read the spoilers, then you should avoid this. 

What happened earlier on Sub Zero 75

Both the Prince and Princess are out on their own, which is certainly not safe for both of them. So, Captain Nero sends a group of men to search for both of them. While Captain Nero was getting perplexed with the thought of them, Kharis told him to stop worrying since both the newly married couples will get some time to spend together, and they will come back on time. Prince, along with the Princess was flying in the form of Azure dragon. Princess Clove orders Kryo to stop since it was raining heavily. All of a sudden Clove falls because of the thunders, but Kryo successfully flew away and saves her.

In the meantime, Clove became very angry as she got scared, and both of them began to love quarreling. They immediately went into the cave and waited over there for the rain to stop, and sees that the scrolls are soaking wet.

The place to read Sub Zero Chapter 75

There is no official website for reading Sub Zero online. But, it is available on LINE Webtoon Magazine, and if you want to support the creator you can simply buy the magazine. Some of the unofficial websites do have the chapters where you can read the chapters. 

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