Read Sub Zero Chapter 75: Release Date, Spoilers, and Recap

Sub Zero Chapter 75, what can you expect?

We will reveal the latest spoilers, release date, and recap from the last chapter of chapter 75 of Sub Zero in this article. In order to spend some time with Clover, Prince Kryo planned to take her out without letting her know about it. They have never spent quality time with each other since their marriage due to their royal duties as Prince and Princess. The maids also keep track of the progress of their love story.

Release date of Sub Zero chapter 75

On Monday, 15th June 2020, Chapter 75 of Sub Zero is set to release. The new chapter releases seven days apart, as the manga runs on a weekly schedule.

Chapter 74 of Sub Zero concluded with:

Sub Zero Chapter 75

Prince Kryo makes Clove understand about the process of becoming an Azure dragon. She tried to resolve the things on her own at first; however, upon reading the scroll, she got depressed. Kryo assured by saying she has just forgotten the basics of the scrolls, and once she let go of her fear by not letting the past come across with present, she can become an Azure dragon.

Kryo asked her to visualize the Azure dragon by closing the eyes and to look at past ivory fangs, sapphire eyes, and scales. He says, holding her hand that power lies beyond your fingertips and asks her to concentrate while taking her hand to his chest. Kryo tries to create a romantic environment through this teaching process. Kryo asks Clove to say Shift.

Kryo transforms into a red Azure dragon the moment Clove says Shift and both fly to the sky. The maids enjoy the scene while hiding nearby. The lovely couple lands on the nearby village and puts on dragon masks to avoid the villagers. They enjoy the presence of each other while villagers thought them as street performers. 

Where can you read the new chapters?

There is no official confirmation about the website where you can read the manga; fans can also buy LINE Webtoon magazine and read it. 

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