15 Best squirdle Alternatives for 2023 – Unleash the Possibilities!

Introduction to squirdle and its Alternatives

Squirdle is an online streaming service that started in 2013. It became popular due to its ease of use, free library of content, and convenient user interface.

Unfortunately, with increased popularity came increased attention from government regulators, resulting in site shutdowns and downtime throughout its life.

For those looking to catch up on TV shows and movies, using squirdle is no longer a viable option. Luckily, some great alternatives offer the same or better service than squirdle. In this article, we will review 15 of the best squirdle options for 2023.


Tips to Choose Safe Squirdle Alternatives

Online streaming can be risky if you don’t take the proper precautions. Before choosing a squirdle alternative, research each service to ensure it is safe and reliable and offers content without infringing copyright laws.

Some characteristics that your potential squirdle choices should have are mobile compatibility, loading speed, captions, subtitles and audio descriptions if needed for movie or TV streaming; personalization options; whether using the service is free of charge or paid.

Does the site have any licensing agreement with streamers? Etc. You also may want to consider whether the site requires a user account to be created and what type of data they collect on users.



Voat is an open-source content aggregator which works similarly to Reddit. Boasting similar features as its counterpart, including subreddits (on Voat, it’s known as subversives) for organizing news stories and other topics.

It has grown in popularity since its launch in 2014 but remains a less popular alternative for Reddit. Although Voat is safe to use, the design and user interface aren’t very modern or desirable, so it may not be your best option when searching for a squirdle alternative.



Having been around since 2004, Digg has built a reputation as one of the more reputable content aggregation sources. It contains all kinds of news and is a great way to inform quickly.

An advantage of Digg over other alternatives is its highly customizable layout, allowing you to make the most out of your experience while searching for content. Unlike Voat, it has a better aesthetic appeal, but it must be noted that many sources report being unreliable on this platform.



Like Digg, Slashdot was founded in 1997 and had some staying power as an online community. It mainly serves as a site for discussions and is heavily focused on tech-related news.

This makes it an ideal alternative to squirdle if you’re looking to follow industry news but be warned that due to a high level of conversation, engagement can lead comments towards overt negativity or troll discussion.



Created in 1999, MetaFilter is one of the oldest online forums. It functions like many other content aggregators.

However, the content is moderated more tightly for quality control.

It’s heavily focused on political and social topics, making it slightly less suited as a squirdle alternative, but if the news is what you’re looking for, this should be your go-to source.



StumbleUpon began in 2002 and has been a fantastic place to find interesting articles and images related to whatever topic you search.

Boasting great personalization options due to its ever-growing library of content, it should be no surprise that this site has become one of the popular choices for squirdle alternatives.

The main disadvantage, however, is finding outdated information, so always remember to check sources.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt

Created in 2013 ProductHunt is a review website and mobile app with mainly tech-related news. However, unlike MetaFilter or Slashdot, reviews found here are usually from users and not journalists, which could cause some issues depending on what you’re looking for.

ProductHunt is an excellent forum; however, be sure to do sufficient research as there can be unreliable information.



This alternative, created in 2012, was made with a different goal; they wanted to develop “regenerative media” by introducing individual thought before pushing it toward the collective evaluation of any given material. It doesn’t have the most extensive library, and its interface is unattractive.

Still, if you come looking for something more ‘original’ than article reviews, this could be your ideal alternative to squirdle.



Another website was developed in 2012 with a similar model to Hubski. Snapzu has become an exciting platform for people who join communities to tackle specific topics, such as a discussion of movie complaints or clothing styles.

Although it’s growing in popularity, this site wasn’t created to stream movies or TV shows and, therefore, not very practical if you are looking for a squirdle alternative.

Hacker News

Hacker News

Started by Y Combinator in 2006, Hacker News could be compared to a news-driven Reddit. With a heavy emphasis on technology and startup news from some of the most brilliant minds in Silicon Valley that regularly collaborate here, this is an excellent source for industry news.

It also contains content about politics, science and other related articles, so be sure to check it out if you’re ever in the mood for interesting discussions.



Often considered one of Squirdle’s better alternatives, Quora has been around since 2010, focusing on a questions-and-answers format. Its large user base makes it a great place to exchange ideas, knowledge and entertainment.

With questions being closely monitored for relevance and quality before being allowed online, Quora is arguably one of the best solutions for a squirdle alternative.



Created in 2003, this image-based bulletin board has a unique culture where users post anonymously without registering or creating accounts.

However, due to moderation issues, many thematic topics may contain inappropriate material unsuitable for minors, making it not the ideal alternative to squirdle.

It’s excellent overall, as finding free content is relatively easy due to its large user base. Still, many sources reported a potential risk of posting malicious links on this platform.



It is an interest-based social network that rewards users so that popular posts can be rewarded through cryptocurrency rewards. This gives Steemit an edge over other platforms since earning money is possible through the activity made in the network.

Depending on your goal with streaming, this can be an exciting alternative to squirdle, although users would need some technical knowledge regarding cryptocurrency and blockchains.



This platform uses blockchain technology like Steemit; however, unlike its competitor Hive focuses more heavily on keeping data secure throughout user interactions so it could serve as a haven for those looking for anonymity.

Hive’s content is also hosted on various nodes making it more reliable and less prone to downtime, unlike some squirdle alternatives.



A political-themed platform similar to Reddit but with a much lower censorship rate, SaidIt should be your go-to source if you are looking for discussions about politics and current events without having any disruptions from moderators.

This makes it one of the better choices for freedom when dealing with topics that could get unwelcome attention from other community-driven platforms. Unfortunately, its interface isn’t the most modern compared to some alternatives.



Created in 2015, this platform has been called a “decentralized Google” due to its much higher sense of privacy, as no IP tracking is necessary for each website accessed, and metadata stays private by using multiple networks at once.

Although it still looks like development work is in progress, this could be a relevant alternative to squirdle if privacy and security are your top priorities.

Protect Yourself with VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming

Many of the sites mentioned above don’t have codes put against them by governments or ISPs, so using good quality VPN software can help you protect yourself better.

NordVPN is probably one of the best around, but remember that no protection tool works perfectly against being found out while streaming illegally.

NordVPN Pros and Cons

The pros of NordVPN include its extensive server network, excellent security protocols, unlimited bandwidth and no data cap.

As far as the cons go, you can expect an average subscription price than just a few competitors, with your choice limited to annual subscriptions; Monthly payments are not allowed. But overall, it remains one of the safest options for a squirdle alternative.

squirdle FAQs

Not in many cases. Despite the content being free, sites like squirdle and its alternatives are often subject to copyright laws so it is better to stay safe by streaming on legal platforms or using a VPN when accessing any of these services.

How Safe Is Squirde Site?

Unfortunately, not remarkably; since most sites don’t follow suitable security protocols, they leave users prone to data leakage and account hacking. Therefore, you should take all precautions when using these types of services.

Which Are The Top squirdle Alternatives?

There are 15 great alternatives covered in this article, including Voat, Digg, Slashdot, MetaFilter, StumbleUpon Venta and more.

What Happened To squirdle?

Squirdle was shut down multiple times due to copyright laws and illegal streaming. It is no longer a viable service.

What Happens If I Get Caught While Watching a squirdle Alternative?

Depending on your location, this may have profound legal implications, so it’s always better to stay safe and commit yourself only to streaming on platforms that respect copyrights and do not encourage illegal downloading.

Is squirdle Down?

Yes, squirdle is no longer in business.


The era of squirdle has come to a close for the time being and the search for new sources to keep up with favorite TV shows and movies uninterrupted.

Fortunately, 15 potential alternatives have been identified to fit different needs for an online streaming service.

Be sure to take security measures such as using VPNs or other protection services like NordVPN if appropriate to keep your identity safe. With this knowledge, no one should worry about missing their favorite shows.

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