19 Slidesgo Alternatives for 2023: All You Need to Know Before Streaming

Slidesgo is an online streaming service that offers a variety of television shows and movies. However, with the rise in illicit streaming services becoming increasingly popular over time, it’s important to be aware of legal alternatives that won’t put your data or privacy at risk – including some slidesgo alternatives ! With this post, you’ll get to know more about some of the most popular slidesgo alternatives available in 2023, their unique features and what sets them apart.

Tips To Choose Safe Slidesgo Alternatives

When selecting a reliable streaming service for your needs, be sure to consider a few important factors such as:

  • Mobile compatibility – Ensure your chosen alternative has apps available on both Apple and Android devices making it easier to take your entertainment on the go.
  • Loading speed – Check that your chosen alternative does not experience severe buffering delays. Slidesgo movies should stream without lags or stutters for a fluid viewing experience.
  • Captions, subtitles and audio descriptions – A good service will always offer these options in case you have an auditory impairment or just prefer to watch with captions.
  • Personalization – Look out for features such as customizable playlists and parental controls to get the best out of your chosen service.
  • Free or paid? – Some streaming services are free, but others have a monthly fee. Compare different options until you find the one that fits your budget.
  • Does it have a licensing agreement to stream? – A legal alternative will always have an official license from movie studios in order for them to share content legally online
  • Account creation – All slidesgo alternative sites will require you to create an account before watching, but be sure it won’t share your data with third parties.

Best Slidesgo Alternatives for 2023



Destination URL: https://www.canva.com/templates/presentations/

Canva is a popular website used by millions of people all over the world to create and edit stunning presentations in just a few minutes. This Slidesgo alternative offers plenty of tools such as template builders, drag-and-drop design tools and even stock photos. Canva is free to use with an advanced version available for businesses at suitable rates.


Destination URL: https://slidemodel.com/free-powerpoint-templates/

Popular among professionals who need readymade templates for their tasks, SlideModel offers easy customization options and a library of animated templates to create amazing presentations. With SlideModel, users can also add music or videos in the background for more dynamic slide shows.


Destination URL: https://slidehunter.com/

An excellent platform with plenty of customization options on offer, including animations and effects to make unique content from scratch. Unsurprisingly, many people have chosen Google Slides as their preferred alternative over other competitors thanks mostly due to its user-friendly interface and cross-platform compatibility.


Destination URL: https://www.free-power-point-templates.com/

If you’re looking for Slidesgo alternatives with premade templates, FPPT has exactly what you need! The website also offers tutorials to help users customize the designs according to their preferences.


Destination URL: https://www.slidegeeks.com/powerpoint- templates

SlideGeeks is an amazing alternative to Slidesgo which offers plenty of unique and professional templates for presentations that are compatible with all versions of PowerPoint.


Destination URL: https://poweredtemplate.com/free-ppt-powerpoint-templates.html

When it comes to meeting business professionals’ needs, PoweredTemplate is one of the best choices available out there. Users can take benefit from their huge library of templates and customize them according to their requirements.


Destination URL:  https://www.template.net/business/presentation/free-powerpoint-templates/

Another great alternative to Slidesgo, Template.Net allows users to create stunning presentations in no time with transparent backgrounds for increased visibility and custom effects for a more professional look.


Destination URL: https://www.presentationgo.com/

For an elegant and sophisticated presentation, PresentationGo is the place to go. Offering a great selection of templates with various styles to choose from, this platform guarantees success for all kinds of presentations.

Google Slides

Destination URL: https://www.google.com/slides/about/

One of the leading software programs when it comes to creating or editing attractive slides and presentations, Google Slides lay great emphasis on making documents look unique and giving businesses better communication options for teams. The platform also offers its own library with plenty add- ons so you can save time when creating a presentation.

Presentation Magazine

Destination URL: https://www.presentationmagazine.com/free-powerpoint-templates

As the name implies, Presentation Magazine offers an admirable selection of professionally designed templates for all types of presentations as well as charts, animations and illustrations to make your PowerPoint much more eye-catching!


Destination URL: https://www.slideteam.net/powerpoint-templates/free.html

SlideTeam is one of the finest Slidesgo alternative services on offer at present and it offers a variety of templates with different themes which can be customized by users to create presentations as per their preferences.


Destination URL: https://www.smiletemplates.com/free/powerpoint-templates/0.html

For those who need an easy-to-use web-based Slidesgo alternative, SmileTemplates is the perfect platform. The site provides a great selection of pre-made template designs as well as features such as drag-and-drop pictures to create captivating presentations.


Destination URL: https://graphicmama.com/

Another popular option when it comes to creating amazing slides in PowerPoint and other applications GraphicMama offers plenty of professionally designed templates with plenty of customization options to personalize and enrich slides.


Destination URL: https://www.indezine.com/

Indezine offers a wide range of free, high-quality PowerPoint templates and backgrounds that can be used to create stunning presentations. It comes with great features like animation effects and interactive elements plus much more.


Destination URL: https://www.templatemonster.com/

Last but not least, TemplateMonster is another amazing alternative to slides go that offers hundreds of high-quality premium and free PowerPoint templates, making it one of the best internet resources for professionals. What makes TemplateMonster stand out is its friendly customer service team which can quickly solve any issue users may have.


Destination URL: https://www.slideserve.com/

If you’re on a budget or in need of instant access to quality slides, SlideServe is a great option. It offers an impressive selection of editors as well as a wide range of professional templates, animations and photos that can be used to create stunning presentations in a matter of minutes.

Protect Yourself With VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming

If you’re streaming online shows or movies with Slidesgo alternatives, it’s important to always use the right tools such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for a secure and anonymous connection. A good VPN service offers extra protection from malicious cyber-attackers who wish to access your data or activity when streaming over the internet.

NordVPN Pros And Cons

  • Pros: Fast speeds, 24/7 customer support, military-grade encryption and unlimited device connections.
  • Cons: Can be expensive if you don’t pick out one of their special offers and some servers are slow.


There are plenty of Slidesgo alternatives available today which offer great features, safety and convenience. If you’re considering streaming online content via any of these services, be sure to check their official license agreement prior to doing so as illegal streaming can have severe legal implications in certain countries or states. Using a VPN while watching these services is also highly recommended for extra security.

Whether you’re looking for a stylistic template design or just looking to quickly create a dynamic presentation, the 19 Slidesgo alternatives mentioned above offer something suitable and safe to meet your needs!

Slidesgo FAQs

Is Slidesgo Site Legal?

Yes, the Slidesgo site is completely legal for streaming movies and TV shows provided it has an official license from movie studios to share content legally online.

How Safe Is Slidesgo Site?

The slides go website is generally safe but not completely secure since they don’t use any encryptions or other security protocols. That said, the content quality on Slidesgo is fairly good so you need not worry if want to choose it as your streaming service.

Which Are The Top Slidesgo Alternatives?

Canva, SlideModel, SlideHunter, and FPPT are some of the top alternatives to slides go that offer great features such as template designs and editors for customising presentations plus detailed tutorials and support.

What Happened To Slidesgo?

Slidesgo is no longer operational but it was one of the most popular streaming services before its closure due to copyright infringement.

What Happens If I Get Caught While Watching Slidesgo And Its Alternatives?

If you get caught while illegally streaming content from slides go and its alternatives, the consequences may vary depending on which country or state you reside in. However, it is best to check for a copyright license prior to using such services.

Is Slidesgo Down?

Due to legal issues, the official website of Slidesgo has been permanently closed since late 2020 so it is not available now.

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