Showbox (2022): Top 5+ Best Alternatives & Similar Sites

Showbox refers to the free Android app for downloading the latest TV shows and movies. Besides downloading, you can also get the opportunities to streaming automatically. Other features include providing information to the user regarding cast, crew, trailers, and other details that you want to know. Moreover, the platform works as a smart recommendation engine that is similar to other TV channels.


Showbox for PC, Android & IOS

SHOWBOX Ltd refers to the largest film distributions that were founded in 1996 in South Korea. Investment, distribution, and production branch of Media plex which is an entertainment arm of the Orion group. It has some competitors like CJ entertainment, next to the entertainment world, and so on.

Showbox is known for its 6 to 10 blockbusters in the Korean box office history. The success has given it into the inspiration for making a series of films. So, it’s becoming quite popular among people. 

Features & Specification of Showbox

For becoming a popular streaming site, it must possess some exceptional features. Showbox is a similar website that is becoming quite famous. 

  • First, it’s free. The platform Showbox is available for even for downloading your fav shows. You don’t have to pay any subscription bills or other amount for downloading Showbox. However, you have to keep in mind that there are some annoying ads when you choose to go ahead with video streaming.
  • Available on all platforms- Showbox is available on Android, PC, iOS platforms and works fantastically without issues. The consumers report about certain issues due to the annoying ads quite often.
  • The application is officially and natively available to work on iPhone, Android, and PC. You have to figure out some advanced techniques that will not end up with bugs.  This guide will cover the necessary details about how to download it on your PC.
  • Availability of user-friendly interface- Showbox for PC iPhone and Android users is user friendly and candy. You can quickly browse through it for your favorite movies in just a fraction of seconds. The built-in feature for search allows you to effortlessly find the movie according to your preferences. Moreover, you will get the latest and popular movies right on the homepage. This aspect makes watching a movie a blissful experience. You have to simply use the controls for navigating throughout the video over there.
  • The options for controlling volume and quality of streaming gives convenience to the users.  You can stream from the right source. Sometimes, it also allows you to stream from numerous sources. You can choose between the service that is not Limited 
  • Plenty of films and TV shows-with this streaming application you don’t have to sit and think about what to do next. It is not at all dry and has a large database of TV shows and movies. You can get a plethora of video content for watching throughout the day. Moreover, each of the movies is arranged in an orderly manner that is categorized under different heads for quickly searching. In addition, it also gives the opportunity to watch Blu-ray videos and watch HD. The specialty of this website is that it will give high-end video formats that are just not ordinary. The availability of a high definition format with Blu-ray quality is an exceptional feature. 

Features of the latest version that makes Showbox app for android stand out (5.35)

Showbox is currently becoming more and more popular among the uses of the lovable Android application. It will allow users to watch unlimited entertainment with just an Internet connection. 

The engagement it has earned over the years has now attained a new role from the time Showbox has launched its application the Showbox APK 5.35. It is the latest version of the application with astonishing and amazing features.

Each of the specifications is updated and you will get every information for your convenience. It is much better when compared to its previous version.

Though it is not officially available at the Google Play Store, you can download it with the help of other websites and third-party application stores. You can rest assured that the files that are downloaded are 100% working, tested and free from Malware. So, you don’t have to hesitate or worry about anything while downloading them. However, it is a recommendation to download only the most updated, recent and working version. 

You have to ensure that the source from where your downloading is bug-free. What makes it so amazing are the features of music and video online streaming. You will get everything customized in a precise manner to appropriately suit your needs. Moreover, you can also use it on your Android smartphones.

The procedure of installation is effortless and is easy even for the ones who are not pretty familiar with downloading and installing video streaming applications.

The best part is that you can install Showbox on your device and then watch films and TV series on a later stage. For that, you don’t need to have an Internet connection as well. 

Fantastic features

  1. The file is smaller and easier to install. The condition goes so, especially for the Android mobile devices. 
  2. All functions are free. The program does not include any subscription and hidden payments
  3. You can also download favorite productions in addition to watching free movies, series and programs. Then you can opt for watching them on a later stage when you do not have access to the broadband or other Internet connection. Doesn’t that sound hassle-free?
  4. The latest version of the application also has music streaming functions in addition to movies, you have access to an unlimited amount of free music. 
  5. With the application, you will get the advantage of sorting movies and series by rating, genre, and titles.
  6. Movies can be streamed using external video players. The most popular being the VLC. 

Technical Specification of Latest Version of Showbox APK 5.35 

The latest version type of file is 513.1MB. The minimum Android specification is 4.0. The downloading version is 5.35 and the time taken is 10 seconds. Video quality is of the type HD 720 pixels. It was updated on March 28, 2021.

How Does Showbox app Work for its users?

The showbox application has now become an Ultimate video content in the digital world. When compared to other applications, you can enjoy everything for free without paying a single penny. It’s the place that will give you the chance for exploring the entire world of internet viral contents. 

Lots of people live around different corners of the world and like to watch movies on their smartphones. Using these phones for entertainment purposes ensures that people will look for different methods of downloading movies. So, the showbox application fulfills the requirements by refining its interface. It fetches the high crowd in the online market who are constantly looking for depending videos on the web.

It works in a simple manner. It searches the entire web by using it’s self browsing capabilities and tools so the users can get all kinds of entertainment in just one click. The platform picks maximum content from different places of the internet and stores the media content in HD format so that the uses don’t have to stress about the quality of content. It includes the high-end capability of streaming and enjoying favorite movies. It makes it’s earning from the ad services rather than asking the visitors and users to subscribe for availing the services.

It has a fleet of content that you can watch at a later stage.  Even if you miss an episode of your favorite show, you can watch it on a later stage.

How to download ShowBox APK 5.35? (get a complete Step by step guide)

If you are wishing to start with Showbox app on your device, then you have to follow the step by step instruction that will make installation fast and easy.

  • Download Showbox APK. Download the latest version. 
  • Go to >>>settings>>> allow install applications from “unknown sources”. You have to mandatorily activate this option, without which installation of the Showbox app isn’t possible.

allow install applications

  • For enabling unknown sources, go to settings>>>“Security” tab >>> select the “Unknown sources”. But it’s good to keep in mind that the process of switching varies depending on the android version. 
  • Locate Showbox APK >>> open the file >>> install the app on your phone

Showbox APK

  • Wait for the application to install>>> turn it on

application to install and then turn it on

  • From now, you can get unlimited movies, series and TV programs. 

Showbox for Android – get an idea to install and download

Showbox is quite popular and a free movie streaming application. Since there isn’t the availability of any download option from the Google Play Store directly because of copyright issues, you have to follow some other steps to download Showbox application on your Android smartphone or Tablet. For that, you have to have an Internet connection. The best part is that Showbox doesn’t even ask the user for registration or login. Installing it manually is an easy way out. For that, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Open Settings>>> Security from General

Step 2: In Security, >>> go to Device Administration option>>> ‘Unknown Sources‘. >>>tick mark ‘Unknown Sources’ to enable APK file. With this option, you can install the Showbox APK file.

Step 3: go to the link that is specified for downloading the ShowBox APK file

Step 4: After the completion of the download, open the file >>> go through the installation permissions.

Step 5: Tap op ‘Next‘ >>> tap on ‘Install‘

Step 6: Done

You have to wait till completion of the installation and opening of the showbox application. During the first round, it can load data. Only after that, it will be ready to go with further steps. 

Showbox for PC – a set of instructions to guide you

After exploring the exceptional features of this amazing streaming app, you can download Showbox for your device.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to do so. However, for the procedure, you have to purchase an Android emulator that will run the application on the computer. Besides, you must have the showbox apk file to run the application on PC. The role of an Android emulator is to run the Android system on your computer.

Method 1: ARC Welder

The ARC Welder method involves running an Android emulator along with the Chrome browser. 

Download Google Chrome

Download ARC Welder that works as a Chrome extension

After completion of the download session, click on “Add to Chrome”. You have to do this on the same page as where you’ve downloaded the extension.

Go through the confirmation dialogue that asks for permission to “add the app.” Tap on that menu to proceed to the next steps.

Open a new tab >>> click Apps under the category of the Bookmarks bar

With it, you will get the list of installed Chrome apps>>>click on the ARC Welder. This app will let the device ShowBox for PC

When ARC Welder starts, you have to create a new account/ sign in if you’ve already signed up.

Get the ShowBox.APK

Go back to ARC Welder >>>click on “Add your APK”

Select ShowBox .apk file>>> click the Test button that will be available at the bottom of the page

Test the ShowBox .apk file 

The overall procedure ends here. After this, you can get access to run ShowBox for PC. go to Chrome>>>open a new tab>>> click on App>>> start ARC Welder.

Method 2: Bluestacks

This method favors the use of Bluestacks emulator in place of ARC Welder. For this, you’ve to install an emulator on PC and go ahead with the procedure of running via a native app.

Follow the below-mentioned steps.

Download Bluestacks from the official link

Download the ShowBox.APK from the link

Install Bluestacks on PC by double-clicking the file that you’ve just downloaded.

For this, you’ve to go ahead with following the on-screen instructions

When installed, go to the folder that contains the ShowBox.APK file

Right-click on the downloaded file>>> open it with Bluestacks emulator. Only after this, you can rest assured that it is downloaded on the PC

Only after this, you can see that Bluestacks will start with the automatic loading of APK. 

With this step, you can see your favorite movie streaming app running on the device.

Showbox for IOS  (Guide to install and download)

Method 1: 

Moviebox to work as the Showbox App

Officially Showbox doesn’t have any direct application for the iOS users.  Instead, you will get the Similar app called MovieBox that behaves like a child of Showbox. It has quite the same features as its parent app. Follow the below steps to go ahead. 

Scan QR code to Download emus4u App. 

Now you will see a Popup >>> click “Allow”

Click the install button that is present in the top right corner.

Open Emus4u App >>> search for Moviebox.

After Downloading, >>>Go to Settings >>>profiles & device management >>>Shanghai >>>click Trust

Use the Moviebox App after this without further worries. 

Method 2:

vShare application allows you to download apps that can work on other platforms. Download unjailbroken version from any browser>>> install it. After installing it>>>search for Moviebox>>> download it. After this step you can see the screen prompt a pop up for permission >>>Do the needful. Right after this, you can start enjoying the benefits.

Method 3:

In case you cannot successfully install the Showbox, use the android emulator. You can download an iOS emulator that will serve the direct access to the Showbox. Though it’s sometimes hard to find the iOS emulators, yet they are resourceful and trustworthy.

Best Alternatives for Showbox

Showbox has been effectively banned recently due to pressure from television Producers and movie studios. The free torrenting service has been targeted for the violation of intellectual property rights and copyright infringement.

Later on, showbox had tried to rebrand itself but it was extremely difficult to do so. So, with time, many showbox clones have popped up. Though some of them have Malware and viruses, you can use the reliable ones.

The strong alternatives are perfect for users who want to watch their favorite TV shows and movies on the platform that is similar to showbox.

The team monitors the streaming space and torrenting system to make sure that they offer the best available services. Sometimes VPNs can also provide protection in the form of anonymity by masking your IP address.

In the following section, you can have a look at the best showbox alternative that will be available with plenty of content for you to watch.

1. Tubi TV

Tubi TV lets the users see movies and other videos for free online. All the user needs to do is to sign up for the free service. For that, he or she has to provide an email address, name, and date of birth during the signup process. Then the user has to verify ownership of the email address as well. The platform is a strong one with their newly released line of updates that are quite supportive of all platforms. Moreover, the platform is ad-supported and the quality is HD. With the easy to navigate interface, you can get all your dreams to come true.

There is the biggest drawback in the manner that it is limited to only the USA. However, you can use a VPN Service from other countries. 

2. Pluto TV

The free streaming service offers shows, movies, video content, sports as well as a live broadcast. Playback here is quite convenient with a high-quality range of content. The platform is freely accessible in the United States. But there are some other restrictions in other countries. By using a VPN, you can avoid restrictions and access the full catalog of Pluto TV. 

3. Cinema APK

The widely known showbox alternative is a great platform for torrenting movies. It comes with updates available on a regular basis and the collection is diversified as well. You can download and install the APK directly onto the device that you want to stream. For this, you have to make sure that the VPN has an associated antivirus feature to make it stay protected against Malware. 

4. Crackle

The large catalog of shows and movies available for streaming on crackle makes it a great house of hundreds of classics and original shows from Sony. It is constantly striving for adding new content. So, it’s becoming more and more popular.

The best interface and User experience with the availability of filters will let you get filtered search by means of genres or actors. The service is also convenient where you can create a personal watchlist as well. It will help you to watch movies and shows totally for free. But the problem is that it is only currently available in the United States. For watching from other countries, you have to use a VPN with US servers. It also includes some content powered by the ads. 

5. Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is a platform that offers instant playback of an extensive lot of shows and movies. It also contains traditional service updates to make it available for the users. So, it becomes a popular showbox alternative. There are no restrictions on how much content you can watch in a day and the way of searching. It is available for platforms like Mac, Windows, Android, Android TV, and everything else. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for the users to navigate and search for the catalog.


1. What happened to the platform showbox recently?

Showbox was once upon a time the most trustworthy Android application for downloading and streaming movies. But, in the fourth quarter of 2018, some production houses had forced the application to shut down. So, the support for Showbox was banned in the year 2018. 

No, its not at all legal to stream movies on showbox. In fact, the original application for showbox was taken down because of copyright infringement. It shared movies and TV shows without taking permission from the copyright holder that has made it recently illegal. The illegal application is not available on the Google Play Store. However, some third party websites can make it available for you to run on Android phones. For downloading the showbox application on your Android phone, you have to do certain changes in the settings they are as follows:

Settings>>>Apps&notifications>>>Chrome>>>Install unknown apps>>>>Allow from this source>>>switch on the button for allowing sources

3. Do I need to pay the amount for watching the movies and TV shows on application by showbox?

Absolutely not! You have to just sign up for the procedure and you don’t have to pay anything for watching the content. It is totally available for free

4. Is showbox available on the app store?

No, you won’t be able to download it from both Google Store and App Store because of the copyright infringement.

5. I know showbox is illegal but is it safe to view from my device?

Showbox is not legal and this is the major reason that you can’t find it on Google Play. It starts disturbing the users about whether or not it’s fine to watch movies through it on the device. Yes, you can use showbox on your phone, PC, computer or Tablet. But make sure that you have the proper anti-virus software. 

We all know that showbox is extremely popular around the globe. But it does not have the legal rights to show any more movies and shows on it. Hollywood Studios have banned showbox completely. So, the users have to become mindful before using it. Only if you use a VPN, there is some sort of security otherwise not. 

7. Why am I seeing an error message when trying to install the showbox application?

The problem lies in the fact that showbox isn’t available on Google Play. So, you have to remember that it’s quite common to face an error message. The types of error messages are varied like server down, video not available, showbox cannot play this video and so on. No matter what the issue is, but to find a solution you have to use a VPN. Make use of the VPN according to your choice>>>open the server >>> connect to it under settings. After that, you can go for applications and then move towards showbox and storage. Under this section, you have to clear the cache. After this,  you have to restart the showbox application and check whether or not if you are experiencing any further issues. 

8. Is there any chance of my movie streaming being interrupted while using showbox?

Sometimes, it happens so that Showbox stops the movie in the middle of streaming and it is definitely very annoying. Technical issues lead to such situations where the connection fails. In that case, you have to install the application and resolve the problem by clearing the cache.

9. Does showbox come with annoying ads that will keep disturbing me throughout the period of streaming? 

No, definitely not! you won’t encounter any such problematic happenings due to showbox. There are very limited ads while using the showbox application.

10. What are the types of content that are available on showbox?

The plethora of content is never-ending. If you prefer comedy and horror, it is a perfect place for you.  Besides, you can also get random video content like classic old movies, TV shows, Sci-fi and more. There isn’t any problem in finding the content according to your choice.

11. Can I get the support of subtitle features on the showbox?

By using the showbox, you can get the subtitles on the video. Though it does not have the subtitle feature for itself, you can download any subtitle application from the third party websites that can be used on showbox.

12. Can I keep my selections save from the showbox offline mode?

Definitely, you can you have to just use the save offline option of the video content. You can download the content of your preferences and watch it on a later stage in offline mode. 

13. What to do if I see the showbox application is signifying that it is out of date?

We recommend that you update the application as soon as you can so that you can access the most current features. Without updating, you will fail to get the current update and titles. Do not try to bypass the update method. If it comes, update it immediately because later on, you have to compromise with the watching experience.

14. What can I do in case my movie is not playing in the full screen?

It is often a problem among users. If it happens, you can go ahead with quality control and check the box for the internal player. By doing this, you can see that it resolves the troublesome problems and fixes the issues of playback. 

15. Why Choose ShowBox?

Definitely, you will get an endless number of options when it comes to the world of streaming.  You must be wondering that what’s so special about showbox that you can choose it as the ultimate option over dome other applications?

  • The main reason is that you don’t have to go behind a paid subscription. If you want to go ahead with watching free content, then showbox is the superior platform for you. 
  • The media and video streaming services applicable to Android tablets and personal computers are available with the flexibility that you won’t find on some other platforms. Moreover, you will get access to the latest categories like genres, IMDB rating as well as the year of release. Plenty of categories available include animated, Adventure, action, documentary, comedy, romance, and so on. With this, you can narrow down your focus and get your kind of appetite. Some other applications are vulnerable to losing the saved content over time. But, if you decide to go with showbox, you don’t have to face such difficulties anymore. 
  • Besides, the platform updates its content every week. So, you will get a series for kids to adults. The stream quality is absolutely the topmost one. You don’t have to worry about buffering. There is no sort of interruption while you are watching high-quality streaming. The latest update of showbox is of the size 30 8.89 MB. This latest update was conducted in the year 2019. The application is more support that allows you to even fix the minute problems. So, you can get a higher and improved performance, stable update along with solutions. The interface is also quite fixed to get everything with just an internet connection. There are no error messages that keep popping up anymore. 
  • What’s more! The weight of the program has been reduced in a manner that you don’t have to face problems due to external links and redirection of third-party services.


All the information on this website is published for general purposes in good faith. We do not aim at making any warranties about the reliability, completeness and accuracy of the information. If you are using the website showbox app, it is completely up to your own risk. We are not liable for your loss or damage. If you are connecting to the website, you can use hyperlinks that are provided by us. Be aware that the sites mentioned in our alternative list may also have different privacy policies and terms of conditions. 


Hopefully, our guide was helpful for you to learn more about the showbox application. The multiplatform universal Application now allows getting free access to every content. You can harness the benefits of this top website for enhancing your experience. The cool features will definitely satisfy your taste of watching new movies. You can find everything in a concise way.

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