Shopify Gun Store – Site Design Secrets

The topic of hunting or selling weapons is quite complicated. Many have associations with aggression. Buying goods even as a defense is difficult for people. However, it would help if you had quality equipment and products to ensure safety at home or while hunting. This is where your Shopify gun store themes from TemplateMonster come in handy. But how to arrange it, so sales don’t fall but rather grow. To do this, you must properly present information to people in the most attractive way. Proper site page design using specialized templates on TemplateMonster is the right step.

You may find a lot of similar developments on the Internet. Among them, there’ll be free options. However, they are significantly inferior in modern appearance and functionality. The themes on the TemplateMonster are selected in such a way that they emphasize the business area. Let’s see what an ideal Shopify gun store should look like.

Features Of The TemplateMonster

This marketplace is useful for any business that wants to develop. After all, advertising of even the highest quality may not result if customers go to the site and see a wretched, outdated, and not fully thought out appearance.

Therefore, you must perfect your online shop before launching your advertising and PR campaigns. Fortunately, for Shopify, there are different offers with ready-made layouts for such activities:

  • weapon stores;
  • ammunition;
  • hunters and anglers’ equipment;
  • military clothing and accessories;
  • special protective clothing.

We have a link to a ready-made proposal selection at the beginning of this article. So, remember that it’s easy to find many design products on TemplateMonster. It seems that there were even ready-made templates for presentations.

What are the features of the marketplace:

  • no markups;
  • payments are protected, and you can safely make transfers online;
  • there are thematic offers for the most popular businesses;
  • steep discounts on individual offers;
  • a separate sales page;
  • a convenient filter for searching for development by the required parameters (color scale, CMS, areas of activity, etc.);
  • quality offers selection and only the best developers.

If everything is clear with the website, then let’s figure out the options for how to make a choice.

Secret Number 1 – Colors’ Variety

Remember, in addition to the standard camouflage colors, there are many more options. Since the business may be related to military equipment, weapons, or simply goods for a successful hunt, the color scheme may differ for each option. Also, these layouts may be bright and original. Create your style and support it in all directions – logo, website, advertising banners, and presentation.

You can use different colors. In this way, you can avoid people’s negative attitudes towards weapons. Now they will choose means of protection or special clothing, not goods that cause harm. If the buyer doesn’t have such a negative opinion, he can also successfully make purchases. After all, color and presentation aren’t important to him. The main thing is a successful purchase.

Secret Number 2 – Modern Appearance

It’s important to create the feeling that the online shop has been thoroughly worked on to sell expensive items. The design must be timely, not outdated. Therefore, a person who sees a cool, stylish, and fashionable portal will think its goods are exceptional.

The portal is the face of your business. Therefore, its ideal appearance decides a lot at the time of purchase.

What’s trending right now:

  • Drop-down menu.
  • Enlarge product images on hover.
  • Quick view of the offer.
  • Large slider with banners and automatic scrolling.
  • Autoscroll to the page’s top. It’s an arrow at the bottom right of the screen. If there are a lot of offers in the category and a long page is being created, going back to the top won’t be a problem and adds convenience.
  • Parallax effect.
  • Landing-style look.

All of these items are often present in layout proposals from TemplateMonster. Also, note that the price is very affordable.

Secret Number 3 – Functionality

Cool appearance tricks are a great start. However, they work even better when combined with SEO-friendly and responsive design. These two features directly affect appearance.

Rest assured that your Shopify gun store will have a specific sequence of components and information on the page. After all, SEO optimization implies a logical structure and information presentation.

Responsive design responds exactly to the look on the mobile devices’ screens. After all, you want to receive orders from users of smartphones and tablets equally, and laptops. At the same time, the layout easily adapts to the parameters and different screen sizes. Pages are incredibly flexible. To see approximately how the site will look on a phone or tablet, see the Demo carefully. At the page’s top, see buttons to switch to the mobile version of the layout.


In addition to the visual impression, each development should be supported by technical characteristics. With the help of such improvements, it’s easier for you to work and implement different tasks. Therefore, read the descriptions of each proposal carefully. They may differ, even if it isn’t visible at first sight. If it isn’t completely clear what a particular option is responsible for, better to check with the manager of TemplateMonster.


  1. What is a Shopify gun store template?
    The product has ready-made page layouts. Changes are visible after installation. Buyers can edit sections in the future or immediately after installation. The development is quite flexible and provides buyers with everything they need.
  2. How to install the Shopify gun store template?
    Installation won’t take long. The programmers described such a task in the instructions.
  3. How to edit the Shopify gun store template?
    Many instructions will help with editing. There are plenty of them on the Internet. The developers also wrote their version of the detailed usage document. Find it along with the purchase in the email after payment.
  4. Is there support for Shopify gun store templates?
    Often, the developer provides a support service for free for a long time. To answer your question, carefully read the offer’s description or ask the manager before paying.
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