Shimon Hayut Net Worth: Here’s How Much Shimon Hayut Earns! [2023 Updated]

Net Worth$500,000
Monthly IncomeVaries
Date of Birth27 September 1990
Height5′ 9″
ProfessionCon artist

What is Shimon Hayut’s Net Worth and Salary In 2023?

Shimon Hayut, who is also popularly known as Simon Leviev, has an estimated net worth of approximately $500,000 as of 2023.

Unlike many, his wealth wasn’t accumulated through a standard professional career. Instead, he’s gained notoriety through various dating scams, taking advantage of unsuspecting individuals.

His specific monthly earnings remain undisclosed, but it’s evident that most of his income arises from these fraudulent activities.

How Does Shimon Hayut Make Money?

Hayut, under the guise of Simon Leviev, has executed several dating scams. By leveraging his charisma and the power of deception, he successfully targets vulnerable individuals.

Posing as a wealthy entrepreneur or a similar affluent figure, Hayut would solicit money from his victims. His proficiency in manipulation and exploitation became his main source of income over the years.

How Does Shimon Hayut Make Money

Shimon Hayut Business Ventures & Investments

Though he’s known for his scams, there’s minimal evidence or records of any legitimate business ventures or investments associated with Hayut.

This has led many to believe that a majority of his wealth is accumulated through deceit and fraudulent activities, rather than legitimate business or investment pursuits.

Shimon Hayut Assets

Shimon Hayut Real Estate

Despite being a public figure due to his scams, Hayut keeps information about his real estate holdings private. Any properties linked to him are likely funded through his ill-gotten wealth, complicating the tracking and verification of such assets.

Shimon Hayut Real Estate

Shimon Hayut Cars

Embodying the persona of a wealthy individual often requires the display of luxury assets. However, the specifics of Hayut’s car collection remain elusive.

Shimon Hayut Early Life

Little concrete information is available about Hayut’s early days. Originating from Israel, his life before his criminal activities remains a mystery. What’s certain is that at some point, he transitioned into the world of scams and deceit, carving out a niche that would later define him.

Shimon Hayut Early Life

Shimon Hayut Career

Hayut’s criminal career has overshadowed any other professional pursuits he might have had. Operating predominantly under the alias Simon Leviev, his scams primarily revolved around feigning an opulent lifestyle.

This allowed him to exploit unsuspecting victims, leading to significant monetary gains and a tarnished reputation.

Who is Shimon Hayut?


The intricate details of Hayut’s life remain largely undisclosed. While his scams have been widely publicized, there are significant gaps in the understanding of his upbringing and personal history.

Age and [DOB]

Hayut’s DOB is 27 September 1990.


Physical attributes like Hayut’s height is 5′ 9″.

Shimon Height

Shimon Hayut Personal Life

Family [Siblings/Spouse]

Hayut’s family ties are another aspect of his life that remains undisclosed. It’s unclear whether his family members were aware of, or played any part in, his fraudulent activities. Their identities and his relationship dynamics with them remain private.

Shimon Hayut Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Considering Hayut’s modus operandi, distinguishing genuine relationships from manipulated ones is a challenge. While he’s known to have had numerous relationships, primarily for his scams, genuine romantic or personal associations remain undisclosed.

Shimon Hayut Girlfriend/Boyfriend


As of 2023, specific legal outcomes related to Hayut’s scams remain undisclosed.

Are there any victims who’ve come forward with their experiences?

Several victims have shared their experiences, shedding light on Hayut’s modus operandi and the depth of his deceit.

Has Hayut ever shown remorse for his actions?

Publicly, Hayut has remained silent on the topic, neither expressing remorse nor defending his actions.

How did he manage to evade authorities for so long?

Through a combination of changing identities, frequently moving, and the secretive nature of his operations, Hayut managed to elude authorities for extended periods.

Were there any accomplices or partners involved in his scams?

There’s limited evidence to suggest that Hayut operated with accomplices, but given the scale and complexity of some of his scams, it’s a possibility.

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