Seven Side Hustles for Remote Workers

As time passes by, living becomes more and more expensive. In the past year, we’ve seen huge increases in the prices of food, gas, and rent. So, it should come as no surprise that more and more people are looking to do something on the side to earn extra money. 

And thanks to tech advancements and innovation, we can take advantage of countless new business opportunities and get that extra income we need. All of those opportunities wouldn’t be available without technology or the Internet. 

So, if you’re looking for jobs that don’t require your physical presence and can be done along with your main job, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore some side hustles that you can do from home or anywhere in the world with just a computer and an Internet connection!

Web Hosting Seller

Web Hosting Seller

Selling web hosting might be one of the easiest side hustles you can do in your spare time. There are many providers that provide reseller hosting – a service that you can resell to other people and get a commission. You won’t have to do anything; you’ll simply need to find people, give them your code or link, and reap the benefits.

It may sound too good to be true, but it is 100% legit. Learn more about how you can generate income from reseller hosting, and you’ll be ready to get started today!


Freelance writers are always in demand nowadays. There are many different jobs you can get as a writer, including working part-time for a company or a blog and working freelance. 

Working as a freelance writer is perfect for you if you need complete flexibility. You can choose which topics you want to write about and create your own working hours. Also, there are many sites that focus on bringing writers and companies together, so finding a freelance or part-time writing job will be easy. 

You can write in whichever language you want, but English is currently the most popular choice. Being a writer encompasses many different professions. Namely, you can be a copywriter, content manager, reporter, columnist, editor, blogger, or news writer, to name a few. 

Graphic Designer

If you have a background in graphic design, then this job is a great opportunity for you. Graphic designers can make a good amount of money by doing freelance work. Not only will you be able to set your own hours, but you can also pick which projects you can work on.

So, if you have a preferred niche, you can focus on that and find clients based on what kind of designs they want. Graphic designers can also work remotely in the tech industry, marketing, and commercial industries. 

Curriculum Writer

To be a curriculum writer, you’ll need to know how to develop and help implement academic materials, such as lessons, instructions, and activities that professors can do with their students in the classroom. It might sound difficult, but it’s actually pretty straightforward.

You only need to have good research skills so that you can learn about the subjects you’re writing about and pair them with your clients’ guidelines. Your clients can be public & private schools, educational no-profit organizations, online educational sites, etc.



Proofreading is a job that encompasses reviewing, editing, and making suitable changes to the written content before it gets published. It is a great opportunity for those who have a good eye for detail, spelling, and grammar.

You can do it from anywhere and work independently in a contract or as a freelance proofreader. There are many different types of written content you can proofread, including blog posts, articles, books, news segments, etc.

Project Manager

Suppose you like creating budgets and schedules and telling people what needs to be done and when. In that case, project management can be a great fit for you. Some companies hire project managers full-time, but you can also do it part-time, in a contract, or as a freelance job. 

The job involves coordinating projects from start to finish, working with teams, vendors, and other people involved in the project. 

Social Media Manager

Working in social media management is a great side hustle for those who already spend a lot of time on social media and know how the platforms work. As a social media manager, you’ll oversee your clients’ interactions with people and implement effective social media strategies to boost their engagement and attract new customers. 

You’ll need to analyze engagement data, keep up with all the new social media trends, and help your clients plan digital campaigns that will appeal to their target audiences.

Final Thoughts

Earning a little extra money online while also keeping your day job has never been easier and more convenient. You don’t need much to get started, and there are endless opportunities that you can try. 

You can check out which are the top 6 tools remote workers need, pick a side hustle that you like, and start earning money right away!

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