Role of CMMS in Safety and Facility Management

Managing a warehouse, restaurant, manufacturing unit or a transport business is not an easy task. All of these industries require intensive asset management. For instance, if buses and trucks are not maintained properly, then the transport will run into huge losses. Similarly, for warehouses too, the role of maintaining the entire set-up is critical. In all these regards, the CMMS is a boon for facility and maintenance managers, globally.

By shifting companies from a reactive maintenance approach to the preventing maintenance workflow, the CMMS software has transformed the maintenance industry. The software can address some critical workplace concerns that were previous considered as a headache. The CMMS school of thought believes that by replacing the mundane human activity involved in the maintenance process with automated technology, 85% of OEE can be achieved.

The two most critical areas where the CMMS has proved to be a boon are:

  • Safety Maintenance Management
  • Facility Management

Let’s look at the CMMS features that support the above-mentioned functions:

Safety Maintenance Management

  • Recording and Analysing Safety Data

The CMMS helps in centralising all the data and makes it available in an organised and effective manner. The safety data gives an overview of the incidents that take place along with the cause of it.  Further, the CMMS also enables safety managers to view the changes made in safety documents and log the same info in the CMMS for future reference. This data enables companies to share safety updates with the technicians in the form of reports and enable the management to conduct comprehensive internal audits to strengthen the safety standards of the workplace.

  • Material Safety Data

Recently we heard of an incident in Lebanon, where a hazardous chemical (ammonium nitrate) was stored, in a warehouse. For years, the chemical remained unattended and, this negligence leads to a devastating explosion that killed more than 150 people and injured thousands of people residing in the neighbourhood. The accident could be avoided, if the material was spotted on time and removed from the warehouse. The CMMS can help identify even piece of harmful material present within the workplace and ensure that they are carefully handled, without causing an accident.

  • Safety training Information

Every employee must undergo safety training. The awareness of safety guidelines is essential for all. The CMMS contains features that help the managers to track the safety skills of every employee. This information includes the case studies of the employee’s previous response to critical work orders or his expertise in handling equipment. Based on this data, the employees can be assigned high-risk work orders, so that the right person gets the right task.

Facility Management

  • Increased OEE

OEE meaning is Overall Equipment Effectiveness. The CMMS increases the total life span of the assets, by implanting the preventive maintenance strategies, thus reducing the cost of maintenance, and optimising the overall performance of the assets.

  • Increased Productivity

CMMS enables managers to, efficiently allocate work orders. The tasks of every asset and employee are, mentioned in the CMMS. With this data, the managers can plan and track the availability of employees and ensure that every resource is optimally engaged. All this results in increased productivity.

  • Improved Internal Transparency

CMMS makes data available to everyone in the company. From the maintenance team to the purchase and marketing team, everyone can access the data with just a few clicks. Thus, everyone in the unit relates to the progress, issues, and updates of the company. The CMMS brings better collaboration between teams and fosters the culture of absolute transparency.

 The Bottom line:

From safety to the facility, the CMMS helps companies to operate smoothly by implementing cost-effective measures. The facility team can use the CMMS to control the pieces of equipment and implement corrective techniques to reduce cost and enhance productivity. The safety team uses the CMMS to enhance the safety standards of the assets and reduce the chances of accidents and breakdowns.

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