Quadric.io received a total of $15 million so that they can build a plug and play supercomputer for autonomous system

Quadric which is basically a startup founded by the people who were behind the secretive Bitcoin mining operation “21E6” and has ended up raising $15 million in their Series A investment round. This has been a huge success for a small company like Quadric.io. This money that has been raised in this investment round will go towards building the supercomputer which will be designed for autonomous systems.

This Series A round of investment was led by automotive Tire 1 supplier DENSO and its semiconductor products arm NSITEXE, which is Quadric.io’s customers of the electric system which will be there in the future in all levels of the autonomous driving solutions. Leawood Venture Capitalist is also one of the participants in the Series A round.

The company said that it will be using the capital to build a product which will hire people as business development. The main seed investors of Quadric.io are Pear, Uncork Capital, Cota Capital, SV Angel, and trucks VC.

Quadric.io grew from a disconnected mission to produce a robot for agriculture, which change the way vineyards are managed. This company was launched in the year 2016 by its Chief executing officer Nigel Drego and CPO Daniel Firu. They are also the co-founders of 21 Inc. The Bitcoin startup which was once known as the 21E6 was later called as Earn.com before it ended up being acquired by Coinbase for $100 million.

The main plan of Quadric was stymied by some real-world fundamentals. The power-hungry ag robot was slowed down with the weight by batteries that were unwieldy to move amongst vineyard row and also the processing time to turn all the loads of the environment data into the actual action which is basically based on the algorithms were a bit slow.

Quadric was on the lookout for the chip which is designed for processing on the edge and all the decisions which are made are in real time. The need has finally grown into a Quadric core product today.

Kheterpal said in a recent post that Intel’s CPU’s is very up to the standard computer processing and the Nvidia GPU has finally,

 “ushered into gaming and much graphics processing for gaming and much more which was previously not possible.”

Quadric will be in need of some technology and parts which neither of the companies can provide which is a chip designed for processing on the edge.

The computer has finally created a unified architecture the supercomputer that will help enable high-performance computing along with artificial intelligence. The supercomputer is built on Quadratic Processor, which is basically a plug and play unit. It has been seen in the early testing that the computer shows 100 times lower latency and 90 percent reduced power consumption.

Quadric was the one which designed the instruction set chip architecture system. All the system level manufacturings are done at the Santa Clara which is in California and all the things are then assembled in Asia.

Quadric has ended up arguing that fundamental technology is all prerequisite for companies that develop all the autonomous systems that can be used for transportation, construction, and agriculture. All the tech which has been used below lacks the performance and can solve a small part according to the company.

The autonomous functions end up requiring higher processing speed and responsiveness that is one the edge which is on the machine level and not in the clouds.

Tesla is one of the companies who has decided to build its own chips to meet all the specific requirements. According to Kheterpal, a very less percentage of companies can come up with resources to build tech from scratch.

Kheterpal wrote:

“Quadric is a plug and play option that eliminates the need for building heterogeneous systems with significant hardware and software integration costs — thereby taking years off of product development roadmaps.”

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