PUBG Mobile Beginner’s Tips And Tricks To Master The Game

PUBG Mobile is a tough game that stretches players to their limits. But no matter how tough it gets, you can still make it to the last minutes. So, as a beginner, don’t start with the mindset that no matter what you do, you’ll not be amongst the last team or man standing. 

All you need is to land at the right time and right place. Use suitable fighting weapons and ensure you have a trick or two up your sleeves. This article will equip you with some of them below. But we also recommend you grab some safe PUBG cheats to stay alive to the end. Once you do that, start applying the information below. 

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks for Beginners

  • Start from settings before landing. 

As a beginner, you probably don’t know the importance of playing with the right settings. Before entering the plane, make sure you’ve handled your settings to match your playstyle and level of knowledge. The most important one right now is the mouse sensitivity. You mustn’t set it too high, or else accuracy and control won’t work as you plan. So, since you’re starting, use the low sensitivity to shoot more accurately. Many professionals recently use 800 DPI or even lower. As a beginner, place it below 800 to ensure better control.

  • Try to understand the environment.

You can’t master PUBG Mobile if you don’t know your environment. PUBG Mobile features 8 maps of diverse sizes and dimensions. These maps include Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, Karakin, Vikendi, Paramo, etc. Different maps appear in every season and come with their uniqueness and demands. So, for someone starting out, take your time to study the map you’re playing. This will help identify the best landing spots, good places to loot useful items, best places for cover, etc. With all this information, you can play better.

  • Choose weapons intentionally 

PUBG mobile offers a wide array of weapons for players and with PUBG Hacks with Aimbot you can significantly improve your aim and skills. A newbie can be excited and forget that not all weapons suit every situation. So, before choosing the ones you’ll use, consider the ones that will match your style. For instance, get a sniper rifle if you love fighting from a distance. If you prefer things up close, grab a shotgun. Also, you can get these guns to interchange based on your situation. For instance, someone fighting outside the grounds must always have an assault rifle. 

  • Vehicles are double-edged swords. 

Vehicles are okay to use sometimes, especially when planning to cover a long distance faster. But they can expose your location to an enemy, and he will come for you. That’s why you must only use it when it is necessary and not all the time. The next important thing is never to use vehicles as cover. If you hide in one and an enemy sees you, he will keep shooting until the vehicle explodes with you inside. But when you see an enemy inside a vehicle, shoot the tires out to slow it down and then kill the occupants. 

  • Loot smartly and not greedily. 

No matter how every item seems important, don’t expose yourself to danger gathering more. Target the things you need the most and forget the rest. Also, when you’ve got a few items, stop looting and start saving your head. For instance, having enough Medkit is okay but looting for more in the face of danger is greed. The number of kits you have won’t help you master the game. But going out there to fight, hide, and win will help you. 

  • Learn from the pros 

Learning from professionals at this stage will help you. Watch these tough guys fight it out on YouTube or Twitch and learn their tricks. The best way to master something is through experience. But don’t wait to die thousands of times before getting it right. So, find the top players and learn a thing or two. Then apply while playing with another noob or even a sibling. The more you use them, the easier the game becomes. 


Players’ Unknown Battlegrounds might seem tough initially, but the tips we shared above will help you. Make sure your mouse will work under your control, not spiraling all the place without accuracy. Also, mind the weapons you start with and understand the maps very well. All these tips will help you master the game as you play. 

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