ProCADIS Software Store

Today, no engineering company can do without specialized programs that are designed to develop design solutions. Most often, these programs are products of the well-known brand AutoDesk, which launched its products on the market in the early 80s of the last century. ProCADIS software store offers its customers many types of software for complex construction or mechanical design of various objects in an automated mode.

The ProCADIS software store contains almost the entire range of products from AutoDesk, classified into the following categories:

  • The classic universal program for the design of the main structural elements of a building, structure, or the development of engineering drawings – AutoCAD.
  • Specialized software for space-planning sampling and facade structures – AutoCAD Architecture.
  • Programs for machine builders – AutoCAD Mechanical.
  • A complex of special sections of software designed for use by construction engineers of related specialties – plumbers, low voltage, electricians, and heat engineers.
  • Specialized programs AutoDesk Revit, which are innovative products and are designed for the teamwork of all direct participants in the design of one object.

Each of the above sections is presented in the ProCADIS catalog as software marked according to the years of the release of the new release of intellectual product. Depending on this parameter, the price changes, as well as the conditions for purchasing goods – a long-term, but limited license lease (for new products), or purchase for perpetual use (for earlier programs).

How is the software price determined?

ProCADIS is a marketplace with dynamic linkage to new products and pricing of the offered product. Sellers place their offers on their own, offering a competitive price for it. The product is sold on the condition that it has interested the buyer, and consumer demand has appeared for it.

This applies to new software products that are not available for full sale, and their pricing is tied to the developer’s internal policy. As for older versions that are already obsolete, which the seller has the opportunity to implement with a perpetual license key, there are no hard market bindings, and ProCADIS recommends certain prices to suppliers based on the experience and analysis of this market.

How is the price of used software in ProCADIS determined?

When setting the price for the already outdated software of AutoDesk products, different sellers approach this issue from three different angles:

The offer of the maximum price followed by a discount of 60% or more, which is not advertised initially, but is offered if the potential customer hesitates.

Offering an initially high price with a discount of no more than 10% – 20%, but with serious after-sales support of the product after its purchase.

Offering a discount, but forming additional options, each of which costs money. This includes after-sales service, releases, setup assistance, and vendor warranties.

Representatives of the trading platform initially monitor the offer for servicing used software, because if the settings fail or fail, the buyer’s money is wasted, which is why it is important to maintain a balance between an acceptable retail price and proper service maintenance of the implemented intellectual product.

How is the service of the sold goods carried out?

When it comes to renting licenses for new software, the user directly contacts the product developer to request support under the license agreement. In this case, the license has a support period for the entire period of the paid lease. In this regard, this product is considered the most valuable, and the consumer, by the marketing policy of the AutoDesk developer, has to pay monthly or take a package immediately for 1 or 3 years.

If used software is sold, the issue of service support either falls on the shoulders of the future interlocutor, or this service is offered optionally from the supplier of the product in question.

What are the advantages of partnering with the ProCADIS trading platform with product suppliers?

ProCADIS is committed to partnering with each AutoDesk licensed software vendor. This is because the trading platform seeks to protect the interests of each buyer, as well as provide him with complete confidence in buying only original products.

When implementing officially licensed programs, the supplier must obtain the approval of the developer, with whom he also has a commercial relationship. At the same time, the end user will always be able to apply for support to the parent company in case of a program failure or the need to perform certain settings, to receive advice, according to a previously concluded agreement with a supplier that is an authorized representative of ProCADIS on the electronic trading platform.

Who provides service support?

Of course, a new software product does not raise such a question, since the limited-time license is automatically maintained by the software developer.

If the used product is not serviced and supported by the supplier, there is a growing number of IT companies on the ProCADIS trading platform offering service with a certain subscription period for this service by the buyer. Thus, already at the stage of acquiring an intellectual product, the future user can choose the most favorable conditions for him and agree on information and technical support of the software. The list of service companies is presented in detail on the official ProCADIS website.

Do I need to install updates?

This question is not so easy to answer, because design standards do not change too often. Of course, a large organization with a large portfolio of orders will always purchase only new software with a temporary license. In such cases, new releases released by the developer will be offered for automatic installation over the network, a process that is as normal as supporting AutoDesk license key tenants.

Used products are most often purchased by small design companies that are trying to save on the technical equipment of the designer’s workplace. This means that they can work for up to 3-5 years and not update the program until then when the regulations and business owners change, or freelancers have to buy a new product of later versions.

Regardless of the factors listed above, it should be taken into account that the professional commercial activity of a design organization always requires software with a license and a key, because the finished product undergoes examination and approval, which obliges you to provide a copy of these keys to obtain a positive conclusion and further possibility of transferring finished products, design solutions to work.

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