Peaky Blinders Season 5: Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Plot, BBC News & Everything you need to know

Fans are pretty excited to know about the release of Peaky Blinders Season 5. The season 5 will be aired anytime now because the premier has already been shown. In the year 2016 season, 5 was then commissioned and in this season as well we can see Cillian Murphy playing the role of Tommy Shelby and how he is helping his family during rising. After season 4 was aired in the year 2017 there has been no news about the release of the fifth season but now your wait is over.

In the 4th season of Peaky Blinders, we can see an epic and typical final episode where nothing has been said about the future of Tom Thomas Shelby, his crime and his family. In the previous season, we can see how they are entering the corridor of politics and power and extending a strong foothold in the US so we can expect the next season to be filled with a more dramatic storyline. Check here: Workin’ Moms Season 3: Release date, Plot, Trailer, Cast & Reviews.

Peaky Blinders Season 5: Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Plot, News & Everything you need to know

Peaky Blinders Season 5


A lot of new faces will be seen in the upcoming season 5 of Peaky Blinders. You can definitely see Sam Claflin and Anna Taylor-Joy. One can also encounter Neil Maskell, Emmett Scanlan, Cosmo Jarvis, Andrew Koji, Kate Dickie, and Daryl McCormack. Claflin has made a statement where he said that it is a privilege to be a part of this iconic show. A piece of sad news for all the fans and that is Tom Hardy won’t be seen in this season.

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Cillian Murphy is definitely a part of this season and is playing the role of Tommy. It is true that the fans are going to miss Lizzie and Polly as well but we can see that Finn is going to provide some engaging content as he was now going to be a part of blood-shedding. Digital Spy played by Charlotte Riley will not return this season. here you will get The Rain Season 3: Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Plot & More Details.

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Release Date

The premiere of Peaky Blinders seasons 5 will be aired on August 25 Sunday at 9:00 p.m on the BBC one. The first episode has been named as the Black Tuesday. The second episode will be named as the Black Cats will be shown the very next day at 9:30 p.m. sharp on BBC1. The premier was first launched on July 18 at the Birmingham Townhall. If you are a Netflix user then you can definitely use this platform to watch Peaky Blinders if you don’t have the access of BBC. One can watch this series on Netflix from October 4 2019.

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 Yes, you can definitely check out the trailer of the Peaky Blinders. In the trailer for season 5, the new character is played by Anya Taylor-Joy along with San Claflin who is playing the role of the right-wing that is MP Oswald Mosley. The trailer is filled with a lot of explosions, gunfire and definitely the audio of Anna Calvi. In the trailer, we can see Tommy Shelby stating about the existence of god and Peaky Blinders. On the 14th of August, we can also see the entire trailer of Peaky Blinders hitting the cinemas.

On parallel,  we can see the full trailer will be released on the channel of the BBC. You can also see the footage of all the previous season of Peaky Blinders in order to know about the show. Several trailers of the series have been released so far wherein one of the trailers we can see Tommy Shelby who has the aghast expression after the car explosion. A lot of mysteries have been shown in the trailer so one can expect to see the great storyline in the series.

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 In the trailer of Peaky Blinders, we can see that the Open Air Museum has been shown which is located in Dudley of Birmingham. Peaky Blinders representative has already confirmed that the filming has been started from the month of September 2018 before the creator has shared the official photo of the shoot where we can see that Tommy Shelby is on horseback. It was shot in the UK and there were several clips that were uploaded as well in order to notify the fans about the upcoming season.

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The Plot of Peaky Blinders

 Everyone is curious about the plot of season 5. In the first season, it was seen that because of the financial crash and the turmoil of 1929 a lot of misfortune surrounded the people. Tommy Shelby was approached by the charismatic politician who had a bold vision for Britain. Tommy Shelby then realizes that the response that he will make is going to affect the entire nation and not just his own family. In this series, we can see a lot of dealings and situations that explain the mental state of Tommy.

He will be quite fragile when you will meet him this season. With all the passing season one can see him getting more successful and powerful. In the last season, one can enjoy a lot of shootouts along with the inner workings that clearly explains what is the situation that is haunting Tommy Shelby. The show is getting evolved and more interesting. All the characters have their own uniqueness in this season as well.

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This is one of the most popular shows that will explain the post-traumatic stress or madness along with other adversities that are faced by Tommy Shelby. This new season is all about the mystery of Tommy’s illness and just the beginning of another story with an incomplete ending in the last season. It is going to get launched anytime now so all the fans will not have to wait for a long time. The trailer is filled with a lot of thrills and incredible soundtrack.

This season is about the story of Tommy Shelby and his family who gets woven in the political fabric of Europe and Britain during the end of 1920. Tommy Shelby will face the dark force and how it’s going to struggle to fight the danger of this force. It has an epic, utterly compelling and authentic storyline that is going to drench you completely in season 5.

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