29 Peacock Alternatives for 2023: A Comprehensive Guide with Tips and FAQs!

Peacock is a streaming service owned by NBCUniversal, offering viewers both ad-supported free tier access and subscription plans. It is available in the US and Canada, providing movies, TV shows, original products, sports content and more. But if you’re looking for alternatives to Peacock, there are many other streaming services out there you can choose from – each with its unique offerings.

Tips To Choose the Best Alternatives:

When browsing for a new streaming service for your favorite content, make sure it is compatible with mobile devices and offers easy-to-use platforms. Also, consider loading speeds, captions and subtitles options, and audio descriptions of content to provide accessibility tools as needed. You will also want to find pricing models and whether they have a free trial before committing. Moreover, look into any licensing agreements that may affect which content you can watch.

Best Alternatives:

Here are the top 29 streaming alternatives for Peacock in 2023 that offer great entertainment experiences:



Destination URL: hulu.com
Hulu is a popular online streaming service providing access to hundreds of TV shows as well as movies, both new and old. It offers an on-demand library, customizable profiles, access to local networks, and a free trial for interested users. Hulu also provides live TV streaming and various premium options.



Destination URL: netflix.com
Netflix is the leading global subscription service, with over 193 million paid subscribers worldwide watching movies released by major Hollywood studios or exclusive original series such as ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Stranger Things.’ Monthly subscription plans are available for different levels of video quality and access to other content types, including documentaries, non-English language films and more.

Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime Videos

Destination URL: amazon.com/Prime-Video
Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service offering customers access to their favorite top shows and movies worldwide with its extensive library of licensed content or exclusive productions such as ‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ and ‘The Man in the High Castle.’ It also provides subscriptions to additional premium channels that can be added, such as Starz, HBO and Showtime.



Destination URL: disneyplus.com
Disney+ is a streaming service offering exclusive access to movies from Disney and Fox Libraries and TV shows from some of their most popular franchises like Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic and more. Their content library also includes exclusive originals such as ‘The Mandalorian’ and access to their upcoming movie releases in theaters.

HBO Max:


Destination URL: hbomax.com
HBO Max is a streaming service that provides viewers with some of the best shows from HBO, like Game of Thrones and Succession, original series narratives plus content from different partners such as Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, DLT Entertainment and more. Additionally, it offers access to an extensive library of movies, documentaries, and other content.

CBS All Access:

CBS All Access

Destination URL: cbs.com/all-access
CBS All Access is a subscription service that offers viewers an on-demand library consisting mainly of classic TV series and exclusive original shows such as ‘Star Trek: Picard,’ ‘The Twilight Zone’ and more, along with the option for a commercial-free viewing experience.



Destination URL: paramountplus.com
Paramount+ is a streaming service offering access to hit movies and series – including originals – from Viacom’s library. Subscribers can also avail of live sports, news coverage, and other on-demand programming options. Plus, exclusive documentaries, and reality shows, along with various episodes of Comedy Central classics like South Park and more, will be available soon.

Apple TV+:

Apple TV

Destination URL: apple.com/apple-tv-plus
Apple TV+ is a subscription streaming service providing access to original shows, movies in Apple’s exclusive library, and more. It also offers subscribers family-friendly entertainment and on-demand content, including teen dramas, comedies, documentaries, and sci-fi.

YouTube TV:

YouTube TV

Destination URL: tv.youtube.com/welcome
YouTube TV is a subscription-based streaming service offering subscribers dozens of live cable networks with recordings saved to the cloud. It also provides access to local and regional sports channels and on-demand movies and shows from major broadcast networks like Fox and NBC.

Sling TV:

Sling TV

Destination URL: sling.com
SlingTV is a live online entertainment service providing its users with two packages: traditional cable networks and dozens of Premium channels. It also offers its subscribers access to a cloud library, letting you download up to 20 hours worth of shows or movies either one at a time or several in batches.



Destination URL: fubo.tv
FuboTV is an online streaming service that allows viewers to watch live sports, news, and local programming from leading national and international broadcasters like RT America, BT N, NBC and more. It also provides access to movie subscription packages and options for recording and downloading shows.



Destination URL: philo.com
Philo is an online streaming service explicitly designed with entertainment in mind, offering viewers a range of TV stations such as HGTV and Food Networks, along with an extensive on-demand library comprised mostly of AMC’s programming. It also allows subscribers to upgrade or downgrade their channel package according to preference.

DIRECTV STREAMSM (Formerly known as AT&T TV Now):

DIRECTV STREAMSM (Formerly known as AT&T TV Now)

Destination URL: directv.com/att-tv
DIRECTV STREAMSM (Formerly known as AT&T TV Now) is an online streaming service offering subscribers access to live cable channels like Comedy Central, Disney Channel, and ESPN, as well as premium sports packages with options for DVR recording capability and an on-demand library of movies and shows.

Spectrum TV:

Spectrum TV

Destination URL: spectrum.com/watch
Spectrum TV is an online streaming platform that provides viewers with a wide array of news, sports, and entertainment channels from NBCUniversal and FX Networks to Fox Sports 1. It also offers robust recording options for subscribing customers and access to live events, including ESPN but not limited to premium networks.

Xfinity Stream:

Xfinity Stream

Destination URL: xfinity.com/stream
Xfinity Stream is an online streaming service owned by Comcast, providing access to over 210 live TV channels and content from cable networks such as HBO GO®, ABC, ESPN+, NBCUniversal, Fox Now and more. It has a user-friendly interface with convenient features like the search bar, allowing viewers to quickly locate their favorite movies or shows. Furthermore, it comes with parental control setting, which adds another layer of safety when streaming alongside other features like a cloud DVR with up to 20 hours of recording and HD programming.

PlayStation Vue (now discontinued):

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue was an online streaming service designed for Sony-branded devices such as the PS4 console, providing access to premium channels such as HBO GO®, AMC, Hallmark Channel and more. It also included an on-demand library mainly consisting of past seasons’ episodes from various networks and being able to download programs in advance so users can watch them even without an internet connection. Unfortunately, Sony decided to terminate the service in January 2020.



Destination URL: tubitv.com
Tubi is a free streaming platform with over 15,000 titles ranging from movies and TV shows across various languages such as Korean, French and Spanish – including anime, international programs etc. It also provides personalized recommendations based on each user’s preference and offers closed captioning for many of its programs, making them accessible to deaf viewers.

Pluto TV:

Pluto TV

Destination URL: pluto.tv
PlutoTV is an online streaming service that provides viewers free access to top-tier content from many premium channels like Comedy Central, Food Network, The CW and more. It also offers viewers the choice between over 200 live networks or thousands of on-demand movies and shows – even classic films can be found in their library.



Destination URL: crackle.com
Crackle is an ad-supported streaming service offering its viewers access to a wide selection of movies, TV shows and originals from major quality studios like Sony Pictures Entertainment. It also provides tailored lineups for each viewer – recommending content according to their watching history, plus it can be downloaded on multiple devices.



Destination URL: kanopy.com
Kanopy is an online streaming platform providing subscribers access to tier videos across various genres, including documentaries, foreign films, indie flicks and more. Unlike other streamers, it requires a library card or university login access, which is free – making it ideal for educational institutions, libraries etc. It also has various accessibility features, such as captions and audio descriptions to assist.

Acorn TV:

Acorn TV

Destination URL: acorn.tv
Acorn TV is an online streaming service offering viewers quality digital content from the UK with shows like Doc Martin, Murdoch Mysteries, Downton Abbey, and others. It offers a 7-day free trial for all interested viewers, allowing them to test out the services before purchasing, as well as one low monthly fee for access to their library, which is filled with TV programs worldwide.



Destination URL: britbox.com
BritBox is an online streaming service specializing in British shows from popular genres such as Crime and Mystery, Action, Adventure, Comedy, etc. It also provides exclusive and original content that can’t be found anywhere else, such as The Eddy, Step by Step Murder, and others. Plus, subscribers also have access to various awards ceremonies hosted in the country yearly.



Destination URL: shudder.com
Shudder is an online streaming service providing viewers with horror movies and series worldwide. It has a wide selection of sought-after titles ranging from supernatural-inspired to zombie-themed genres, all available for one low monthly fee or annual option subscription plans. It also offers a range of original series and movies exclusive to the service.

Sundance Now:

Sundance Now

Destination URL: sundancenow.com
Sundance Now is a streaming platform providing users with premium content from independent filmmakers, such as documentaries, classic indie dramas, award-winning foreign films, and much more. It has a vast library of licensed shows, including ones from BBC4, Magnolia Pictures, IFC Films, etc., plus streams across mobile devices and consoles, making it one of the best alternatives to Peacock TV.



Destination URL: mubi.com
Mubi is a streaming platform catering mainly to art film lovers, providing subscribers with an ever-changing lineup of curated high-class films worldwide. It strives for quality by only offering movies considered “cult classics,” such as Best Picture Winners and National Film Registry Honorees, where applicable so that viewers can get the best viewing experience possible on any device or screen size.

Criterion Channel:

Criterion Channel

Destination URL: criterionchannel.com
Criterion Channel is an online streaming service providing subscribers access to critically acclaimed films from various countries and generations and exclusive content. It also offers unique features such as classic commentaries, master classes on filmmaking, filmmaker conversations, documentary retrospectives, and plenty more for one low monthly subscription fee.



Destination URL: hoopladigital.com
Hoopla is a streaming service offering viewers digital content across different genres, such as educational videos, self-help guides, concerts, music albums, and exclusive original series. It also has an extensive library featuring titles from major TV networks like Nickelodeon or HBO, allowing users to download the media for offline viewing.

Plex TV:


Destination URL: plex.tv
Plex TV is an online streaming platform designed mainly for cord-cutters providing subscribers with high-definition access to live or recorded local broadcast networks. It also offers various media files to stream on any Plex-compatible device or console with facilities like parental control and robust cloud storage – plus, it allows viewers to connect multiple devices for a better streaming experience.



Destination URL: vudu.com
Vudu is an online video platform providing subscribers access to a library of over 150,000 TV shows and movie titles ranging from new releases to award-winning productions. It also provides an ultra-HD viewing experience with its streaming services, which run off a device or an internet-connected TV and have cloud DVR capabilities for specific titles.

Protect Yourself With VPN – A Must-Have For Safe Streaming:

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) while streaming content can help protect users from cyber threats like malware and data breaches. Since VPNs provide protected networks with encryption that scrambles your information so it becomes unreadable to others, they can serve as a first line of defense against risk. NordVPN is a good example of an excellent VPN for people who want privacy for any online activity especially streaming, which often raises the question: how safe is using a third-party streamer like Peacock?

NordVPN Pros and Cons:


NordVPN is a well-known Virtual Private Network that provides military-grade encryption to keep your data safe while streaming. It is swift and has multiple connections, so you can access almost any content anywhere worldwide, including Peacock TV, if they are Nord compatible. However, like most VPNs, it also comes with drawbacks, such as being slightly more expensive than other services or missing out on competitors’ features, such as ad blocker software.


Streaming online content is a great way to enjoy entertainment while keeping yourself safe. Still, choosing an exemplary streaming service and picking one that offers encryption for added security is essential. There are many alternatives available out there, such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and more- each with its unique features. With all this in mind, we hope users will find the perfect Peacock alternative in 2023 and can start enjoying their favorite shows and movies with peace of mind!

Peacock FAQs:

Yes, Peacock is a legitimate streaming service, and those who stream content from it are not breaking any laws. However, materials found on third-party websites or unofficial apps may be pirated, leaving you vulnerable to copyright infringement.

How Safe Is Peacock Site?

The safety of all online services depends mainly on SSL encryption and user security measures. Peacock has strong encryption and a secure platform, making it very safe for streaming content.

Which Are The Top Peacock Alternatives?

Some of the best alternatives to Peacock in 2023 include Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max CBS All Access, Paramount+, Apple TV+, YouTube TV, SlingTV FuboTV Philo AT&T TV Now Spectrum TV, and more.

What Happened To Peacock?

Peacock is a streaming service owned by NBCUniversal that started in July 2020 as an ad-supported free tier with additional subscription options for greater access to content. It is still one of the top third-party streaming services available today.

What Happens If I Get Caught While Watching Peacock And Its Alternatives?

The legal ramifications of streaming copyrighted content without permission can vary depending on local laws and regulations and the service or website you are streaming from. In most cases, it is best to purchase licensed access for any material viewed online rather than risk a potential penalty through criminal or civil litigation.

Is Peacock Down?

No, Peacock is not currently down, but there have been some reported issues within the app, such as temporary outages due to technical difficulties or load issues.

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