Pagalworld (2023): Top 9+ Best Alternatives of Pagalworld

Pagalworld 2022: There are a lot of people who are in search of free content online. This free content is nothing, but good entertainment sources like movies, songs, TV programs, and other such things. There are a lot of sites that even provide you such content, but finding the best one is not that easy. If one has to answer the qualities of the best entertainment site, then it would be hassle-free operation and lots and lots of choices, in categories, genres, and languages. Apart from that, one should also look for a site that does not cost you a single penny. Well, one such website, which has all these qualities is 

Due to piracy and other issues, it keeps on getting banned and therefore, you will find different names of it, but the initials remain always the same. It has a million followers and all these people have a lot of reasons for that. Here, you get a huge library of songs and movies and that too free of cost. All these things are sorted beautifully so that people won’t face any problem. The best thing about this website is that it is user-friendly and you can do your work very smoothly. Here is a list of some of the important points that you should know before using this site. 

Pagalworld (2023): Top 9+ Best Alternatives of Pagalworld

Pagalworld 2020

What is Pagalworld


In this world of entertainment, if the websites from where one could download various sources of entertainment, then Pagalworld should be called as the king of those websites. It is undoubtedly the best source of entertainment when it comes to downloading MP3 or movies. You can download songs and movies of different languages and different genres from this site. It is an extremely popular website and there are a lot of reasons for that. You must have visited a lot of websites till now for downloading songs and movies, but you can never get a better experience than Pagalworld. 

Is downloading content from is illegal? 

If we talk about legal things related to the site Pagal world, then downloading content from there is illegal. This is the main reason behind the fact that it has been banned a lot of times. The site provides pirated content to its users. These contents have got copyrights from different people are not allowed to be used for free downloading or streaming. The producers and makers of such content are always looking for such sites for banning them for providing these contents free for the general public without their permission. 

For your information, the Pagal world is not the only site in this category. There are a lot of music and video sites that are banned from time to time. However, this doesn’t mean that people don’t use them for downloading their favourite content. In most of the cases, such sites change their names and start their work all again. These sites don’t manage intellectual property properly. There are a lot of contents of Pagal world that is banned in many regions, just because of the improper management of the individual or intellectual property. 

What is the reason behind the popularity of

There are a lot of reasons for which Pagalworld has become one of the most popular sites for downloading various entertainment content in almost every language and that too without paying a single penny. The very first reason which makes it this popular is the ease with which you could navigate or search your content through this site. The amount of content available on this site is vast. Some websites deal with a single category. For example, you can either get movies or songs or videos in one place. 

The thing with Pagalworld is very different. It became popular as a music website, but as it grew, it can now provide you links of movies and videos too. It may look surprising, but till November 2018, this site had access to 1.5 million people. You can download every type of movie and song from here. If we talk about genres and languages, then you can get movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood and in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi, etc. 

You need to note that there are a lot of ads that will come in your way, while you are downloading the movie or song. However, once you will learn how to browse, you can easily avoid these. Another reason for which this website has become so popular is the options that it gives to its users. While using it, you get multiple options in which you can download the content. You can either download it in full HD quality or lower qualities too, depending upon your choices and the data that your phone has. The most important thing, for which this website has got this fame is its downloads without any money. The website charges you no money for downloading your favourite content from here. Apart from that, if you have got enough data or a wifi connection, then you can even enjoy the streaming videos from this site. 

How to download MP3 and movies on Pagalworld?

Downloading MP3 or movies on Pagalworld is extremely easy. Before we explain the entire process, we want to say that the smooth experience that you are going to face here could not be found anywhere else. On other websites, you will have to struggle a lot for even finding a song link. Even after getting the link, there is no surety that it will get the download.

To download mp3 from Pagalworld, you will have to visit the website first. You can search for or After that, you will see that the homepage of the website has popped up on your screen. Now, you will see that there are a lot of movie names there. If you are interested in them, you can click on the link provided. If not, then you can go for the search tab. After that, you can write your choice over there and can press the option of the find. Your movie will be shown there with a download link. Just click on that link and the process will start. 

Best Alternatives for 

As mentioned already, Pagalworld isn’t a legal website and it is very difficult to find a legal, yet free website for downloading movies and songs. However, we will give you a list of a few of the websites that not only provide you good content but provide it free of cost. They can also prove to be the best alternative for Pagalworld. Here is the list of all of these websites. 

1. Zmovies TV online 


There are a lot of people who just watch Hollywood movies and nothing else. Well, if you are one of them, you must know that Hollywood movies are not easy to download. Well, if belong to this category and have faced such a problem ever, then this site is for you. Here, you can get the best Hollywood movies. If we talk about the difficulty of downloading Hollywood movies, then the most difficult one to download is the old ones. This site has got even the old movies too. This site will provide you links to these movies and you can click on them to watch. The quality of streaming is also good. Apart from that, these links have got ratings too based on the quality. 

2. Joox movies 

Another alternative to Pagalworld is this amazing site called Joox movies. This site is the best for those who want everything under one roof. Here, you can get both Bollywood and Hollywood movies for downloading. The best thing is that you can even download cartoon movies on this website. If we talk about the designing of it, then there are categories divided here, based on the genres and languages. You can visit these categories and then could download the movie of your choice. To watch these movies, you will have to put a plug-in on your computer. After this, you will be able to play it online. 

3. Online watch movies 

This site too is like the one mentioned above. This could be seen as the alternative of the Pagalworld, as this too provides the link of many movies in different genres and languages and that too free of cost. Here you will get Hollywood movies for sure, but apart from that you can watch any movie in any Indian language. The best thing is that this site has got the duo lingual system. This allows you to enjoy the movie in the language you understand and enjoy. You can not just enjoy the live streaming of your favourite movie, but can also download them. 

4. Sony Crunch 

This website is either called Sony Crunch or Sony Crackle. This website is popular just for those who want to watch Tamil movies. You can get every movie made in Tamil, here on this website. What makes it different from other sites is its way of starting. You need to get yourself registered here before you browse or download your favourite movie. However, you don’t need to worry about it. The registration is free of cost and once you are registered with this site, you can watch those movies and TV shows easily. This is a very popular website and it comes in an application also. You can download it from the play store too. 

If you are using the application of this site, then it will be the easiest way of watching your favourite movie or TV show in Tamil. The application of this site is available not just for the android users, but you can download it for PS4 too. The one glitch in using this site is that it is geographically restricted. So, whenever you are using it, you will have to use a VPN for access. 

5. Ice movies

The original site name is and it is again a very good alternative for Pagalworld. Now, this site is similar to the previous one. It is also good for those who want to see Tamil movies regularly. The best part about this website is that it has got all the movies sorted according to the IMDB rating. Along with that, there is a list where you can find the best old Tamil movies. If you are fond of watching old classic Tamil movies, then this is the best site for you. 

6. Emol Org

If you have gone through this list carefully, then you know about the website that we have mentioned in the beginning. This is a similar one. Here, you will mostly find Hollywood movies and that too old classic one. Movie Nazis say that this is a very useful website for those who love watching movies. Now, after going to this website, you need to open the link to any one of the movies and then you need to like the movie of your choice. After doing that, just get started. Not just the movies, but you can also watch good TV programs here that are not available anywhere else. This design of this website is a bit old and that is probably the reason that you may find difficulty in operating it. 

7. Movie Ninja


As the name of the site suggests that this is dedicated to the movies and the things related to it. Users say that this is the best alternative for Pagalworld. This site is even better than Pagalworld. If you are a Tamil movie lover, then you know a lot of websites where you can get them. We have also listed, few of them here, but no site could be like Movie Ninja. Here you get a huge amount of content. Not just that, the reason for which this website is considered even better than Pagalworld is that all the content available here is listed in different categories. It has a very nice user interface. You don’t need to sign up or any other formality for using this site. Apart from that, you will see a lot of ads here, but they are not pop-ups. 

This website is becoming massively popular among the Tamil movie lover and it has got more than 8 million visitors, not just from India, but from the US, Canada, and from other countries too. As we have already mentioned, this site is even better than Pagalworld, so visiting it is kind of mandatory for movie lovers. 

8. Moviezwap


Those who love to watch movies must be aware of this website, as it is called the hub of movies. This is again a very good alternative for Pagalworld. This is again a website that requires a sign up to access its content, but after the signup, it is all easy to access. The user interface of this site is very good, as you don’t see many ads coming in your way while browsing. Apart from that, you could see that each movie available here is divided into different categories, which makes it easy to search and find them. 

You should note that the website doesn’t contain everything on his server and the contents that you will see here are provided by the third party. The data for the website’s popularity and traffic stats in not clear, but it is a good option for watching free movies and TV series. 

9. Look movies 


In this list of different sites, one thing that you will note is that we have listed the names of the site that are better than Pagalworld. This site comes in that category only. It is better than Pagal world because it provides you a huge database of movies and even of live streaming. It is a very attractive and user-friendly website. Here, you do not just get the link for watching movies, but all the information related to that movie. Finding a website where you get the hub of movies and that too without any ads coming in your way, is rare and here you get that. You can easily navigate through this website and can find a movie of your choice. You get a great video player here, just like YouTube. Not just that, but you can watch your favourite movie with subtitles too. You could not find all these features in Pagalworld and that is the reason that this site is better than it. 

Check other alternatives


1. How does the Pagal World Website work?

The Paga World website is a particular website, where you can find several types of your favourite songs from the selection panel and add to your phone’s playlist. Every time the website Pagal World faces any difficulty, it swivels its own location to be concealed. The unique songs’ codecs are found on the proper positioning, and so, all the folks are selected from codec. Every variation of music that is downloaded from this website is completely free of cost. No extra cost is taken from consumers.

 2. What are the Specialities Of Pagal World Website?

A huge section of options or specialities of the website Pagal World is seen by all the viewers where downloading favourite songs exactly here. These alternatives make the web site more widespread among folks or consumers. The Specialities are: 

  • This website is mobile friendly and very easy to use for everyone who wants to listen to their favourite songs.
  • You can download all of your favourite mp3 and mp4 songs from this site for totally free of cost.
  • Here you can find a huge section of explanations of every song from that the customers will be able to search for their favourable codes of the track given.
  • All the songs of many languages can be seen on a particular website. So the consumers of several regions can find out their category of music straight here.
  • The website of Pagal World also retains a section on the top of the site, a (search panel) to find for your most favourite songs and attain the songs later from the positioning.


With the information provided above, we do not intend to promote downloading as an illegal activity. This is just for the information about the site. Users are advised not to stream videos or download from the website, such as Pagalworld and others. Piracy is an illegal activity and we stand by the laws of the Indian constitution. 


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