claims the win at the TechCrunch Hackathon at the Viva Tech

It’s been a long time at Viva Tech. This building ended up hosting a very special event which was the TechCrunch Hackathon in Paris. This was the event when almost hundreds of designers and engineers came together and attended this event. The event was basically a competition where people came together and worked on a project for 26 hours straight. There were a lot of people who participated in this event for the first time. People hardly got time to rest. They ended up sleeping on the floor and others drank Red bull and never stopped working. A total of 64 teams took part in this event and presented a one-minute demo so that they can impress their fellow coders and judges. The grand prize of the event was 5,000 pound.


The problem currently with mining operations is the lack of transparency and the winning team can solve the issue simply by building a new tool which is very necessary to monitor operations. The is there to offer all the encompassing platform for both the mining and the metal sector

Runner Up 1: Vyta

Vyta was the first runner up in the event where they took patients’ information and help doctors get a good understanding of what treatment should they start with. This tool will help smooth up things in the medical industry.

Runner Up 2: Scrub

SCRUB= SCRUM=BUGS. It is very easy to track problems in the platform and fix them using the algorithmic suggestion and the code. This open source bug tracker will help make lives of coders much easier.

Runner-Up 3: Chiche

This tool is there to find the upcoming brand depending on the set of data which is used to detect it. The first thing that you need to do is a very simple quantification of all the major brands and then identify three newcomers. The tool also uses Galerie Lafayette’s website as a shopping tool.


The first judge of the competition was Dr. Aurelie Jean, who has been working as a research scientist and also an entrepreneur. She has invested in journalism, medicine, engineering, computational science and many more. She now works at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She now lives in the United States of America and also stays there. She also works at the Silico Veritas which is a consulting agency in France. She is also an advisor of the Boston Consulting Group. She is the science editorial contributor for Le Point and teaches algorithm in universities and conducts research.

The second judge of the event was Jalien Meraud who has a very strong record in the e-commerce business after he has served some of the biggest e-commerce industries like eBay, Rakuten, and PriceMinister. He was also the Chief Executing Officer of Rakuten Spain. In the year of 2014, Doctolib became the first CMO and quickly hold CPO functions from then on. He has a Master degree in Marketing, Statistics, and Economics from the ENSAI. He specialized Masters in Marketing Management from ESSEC Business School.

Lauret Perrin was also one of the judges who was the co-founder and CTO of Front. The company now serves more than 5,000 companies and it has been successfully able to raise $79 million in venture funding from companies like DFJ, Sequoia Capital and Uncork Capital. He used to work as a senior engineer are different startups before founding his company. He has a Masters degree in Computer Science from the Ecole Polytechinque and Telecom Paris Tech.

Neesha Tambe is also the head of the Startup Battle. This is TechCrunch’s global startup. Her role is to recruit and source different startups which are in their early stages. So that they can be launched at the Startup Battlefield. She is also one of the pioneers in the launch of CrunchMatch which is the networking program. She used to run Sustainable Brands prior to working with TechCrunch.

Renaud Visage is the co-founder of Evenbrite which is a San Francisco based company. They basically are an event technology platform which has been public since the month of September 2018. He is an angel investor and invests money in different startups. He mainly guides founders with different solutions to their problems. He works with seed Venture Capitalist firm called Point Nine Capital as a board partner. He has invested in a lot of companies in the past. He is also the board member of ShareIT which is a Paris based tech startup. He is also included in the Wired UK’s top 100 influencers in Europe.

Romain Dillet was also a judge of this event. He is basically a senior writer at TechCrunch. He is mainly from France, Romain and went to EMLYON Business School. This is one of the leading business schools in the area. He basically writes about mobile applications, Artificial intelligence, complex technology and many more. He is very into pop culture and is settled in Paris. He used to previously live in New York. He is known for traveling a lot because of work.

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