Mydownloadtube (2023): Top 8+ Best Alternatives & Similar Websites

Movies are a way to take a break from our daily lives. It is but a way to take a breath of fresh air without even having to go somewhere else. Movies also give you a way to express one. Say you are not that expressive and yet have like any normal human being normal grudges against people for absolutely good reasons. You, of course, cannot go ahead and avenge yourself, your ambition to show and express your grudge attains fulfillment in a punch that a certain hero of a certain film hits the antagonist with. In such simple ways and more do films play important roles in our lives? However, the entertainment tax is quite a lot and most people with the present economic condition worldwide are not able to pay for what seems like a luxury to them. 

Pirated sites, even though illegal, play a vital role in this scenario. They provide people with basic entertainment needs for free. One such site that has gained immense popularity over the ages is “Mydownloadtube”. In merely a few years, Mydownloadtube emerged as the biggest pirated website not only in India but throughout the world. 

Mydownloadtube (2023): Top 6+ Best Alternatives & Similar Websites


What is Mydownloadtube?

It is a website, a platform on which users are sure to get every latest, new and as well as old movies Of many and varied genres and language that too in HD quality and that too without you spending even a penny. Initially, the site had only Malayalam movies but now provides its users with movies of every other language such as Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, etc. It even provides dubbed movies, especially south Indian and Hollywood based movies. While in the context it is only just to mention that the site does not only provide movies but also songs, web series, TV shows or anime even. A common question, however, is that if indeed the site is illegal then come it is so popular and even smooth running?! The trick is that it keeps on never stick to the same domain that can, in turn, be accessed by proxy sites that lets the users reach and visit the site. The site also gets de-indexed by Google because of which it cannot be reached directly when you search for it off the web. 

What are its features?

This site is one of the latest and most efficient sites amongst all the others that are found in the market. One of the greatest features of the site is the content it provides. The content it has is not only of a diverse collection but also is provided to the user at hood speed and in good quality. The content is diverse in the sense that it has a wide range of languages to choose from while maintaining an equally good collection of movies in varied genres. Not only this, the site even has a feature quite uncommon yet quite fascinating that helps the users to search for movies based on the filter of actors in it, the genre or the language. 

Also, the site does not only provide us with movies. In this case, too the site proves its diversity. It has all genres of songs from every era, or TV shows, or web series or even anime. The site, however, is a bit difficult to access because it is a torrent site. There are multiple tutorials regarding reaching these sites at one go on YouTube from where you too could get an upper hand at it.  

Categories of content available on the site:

The site consists of varied movies and even songs. No matter which genre lover you are or from which language you prefer to watch a movie or listen to a particular song, Mydownloadtube is most surely to have the content of your choice. Below given are some of the categories of movies you could be certain to come across while surfing through the site:

  1. Bollywood movies and songs
  2. Dual audio movies
  3. Hollywood movies
  4. Cartoon and anime and web series
  5. Punjabi Movies 
  6. South Indian dubbed movies including Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.

How to download movies from Mydownloadtube?

The site lets you download a lot of different and distinguished films. And not only that, they let you make use of a variety of features too. Such as the fact that you can go do some other work on the device the same as the one you would be using to download the stuff on. 

Furthermore, provided you are a registered user of the site, you can stop the download and delete it entirely whenever you like. This feature especially helps when you feel some unwanted malware is getting downloaded along with them or instead of the film. But the question here arises: how are you to download the movies you want to watch? Worry no more as here are the steps that will let you download and enjoy the movies. One thing to point out here is that the steps are quite simple, but the problem lays in the fact that the site being illegal keeps on changing its domain due to which it becomes difficult to search for the right one and that is where you need to keep your eyes open. Read along to know the steps:

  1. Search for the website. Once you find it, make sure that that is the current domain and you indeed have gone to the right site.  
  2. Choose the genre of movie you want to watch.   
  3. After choosing the genre, now choose the quality in which you would like to watch the video. The range of videos it provides is huge; hence choose anyone that is supported by your device. 
  4. Start downloading the film. 
  5. Keep in mind that you can stop the download at any point you want and even delete it as a whole and download a new video. 

Some alternatives for the same purpose:

However good the site be, it must always be remembered that it is but a pirated site. It is not much secured and hence not completely safe for users to use either. Also, say you have just started downloading a good HD quality movie and something goes wrong and the download gets deleted, what would be tour reaction?! Again these sites are not quite safe and hence may get your device contaminated with disturbing malware that in turn will or may render your device unusable. But that does not make the prices of the tickets in the halls go any lower. Hence for situations of dilemma such as these, here is a list of alternatives that you could opt for when in trouble or say when the site is not working.   

1. Tamil gun

TamilGun 2020

Tamil gun is a similar website like the one we have been talking about till now and quite a popular one too. This site is primarily and more popularly known for providing Bollywood, Tollywood and Hollywood movies, in HD quality and that too for free. It is one of the very few websites and amongst the few trusted ones that guarantee you an advertisement free watching experience. It usually uploads the latest movies in HD quality.  

2. Cinemavilla


Cinemavilla is another torrent website from where you can download movies of Bollywood, Hollywood, and Malayalam as well. This site is primarily famous for South Indian movies, basically Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies. It produces the original work as well as the dubbed versions of it, be it in any language. The site even though it emphasizes a single periphery of language, it does not compromise on the variety and range of genres it can provide and not show misery in the quality of them either.

3. Filmywap


Filmywap is a site that lets you download movies of languages that are prevalent in the entire nation, starting from Punjabi, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and others. It even has movies and songs of Hollywood and provides the same in the highest quality when asked for. Above all that must be notes is again that all of this first-class experience is brought to us at the expense of nothing. You basically can watch movies of almost every language and that too in HD quality, without spending a penny.  

4. Moviesda

 MoviesDa 2020

This is a torrent site, quite popular amongst its audience and users. This site mainly deals with movies in the South Indian language, the original ones as well as Hollywood movies dubbed in the languages. The site further has an interesting feature. You can search for movies of your choice using types of filters. The filters too are varied and you can search by year of release of the movie, by the actors that were present in the movie, the genre, or the language. Above all the site has quite a simple user interface which adds up to its popularity as well.  

5. DownloadHub 


Download Hub is yet another website that you can use for downloading free movies ranging from Hollywood to Tollywood, Bollywood, and Punjabi and South Indian movies and much more. They have a huge collection of films of varied in their culture, language and genre. No wonder this is one of the most famous sites that come to mind when you want to download and enjoy your fav movies for free. 

6. Dvdplay


Dvdplay is one such online platform where you are sure to get any of your desired movies, old or new. It is an illegal torrent movie streaming site where you get downloading options too, at a single click. All contents are available in HD resolution for free access. The site provides you with a huge library of Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Hollywood and Bollywood movies, free of cost. Not only movies but also web series and other trending videos are also available. The site operates through proxy servers and provides high downloading speed and good audio quality. 

7. 9xmovies

9xMovies 2020

9xmovies is one of the movies providing sites. It’s a pirated site that leaks pirated contents and hence is illegal. Despite being illegal and banned by the Indian government, 9xmovies still operate via proxy servers. People still use this site because they can avail of all its services for free. The site besides providing viewers with the latest movies, also brings to them mp3 songs, videos, web series, documentaries, and whatnot. You are sure to get any of your desired film on this site. The site’s contents are cleanly categorised, which allows people to find out their desired films in no time. Also, the site’s interface is extremely user friendly, making it easier for people to navigate through it. 


1. What are the different types of contents that are available to be watched on the site of Mydownloadtube? 

There is a wide and varied range of movies to choose from. They are varied in genre, language, and even contents as the site offer movies, music and more to its audience. The types of movies available here though start from Bollywood movies both old and new, Hindi movies that are dubbed, and especially movies in South Indian languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and others. They are to be found in dubbed and HD quality as well.  

2. Is this website safe and secured enough to download movies from? 

Honestly speaking, no. None of them are or can be. They are pirated sites and hence lack the amount of security, safety or privacy that we may desire for. Hence apart from moral and legal problems, you should avoid such sites for your benefit as well. Why ask for trouble when you are and can be at peace otherwise?! You may click on one link and malware or virus may get downloaded into your device, hampering it. Better be safe than sorry.

3. Why does the site of Mydownloadtube have such immense popularity? 

After so many drawbacks it would not be absurd for one to pop the question. Indeed yes, why and how can the site retain its popularity after so many demerits of it?! The answer is that the site has a great and rich quality of content to offer to the users. People hence become willing to take a bit of risk if they are promised good quality and varied means of entertainment in return. 

No, Mydownloadtube is not a legal site. The content it has is mostly pirated, and although the site condemns the concept of plagiarism in any form, most of the songs, series and course movies are pirated versions of original works. Hence apart from any and every other thing, these sites take quite a big slice of remuneration away from the pioneers of the work as well.  


First and foremost no one is to argue that piracy of and in every kind is an offense that is punishable by the law. If and when things get serious, it may lead to actions that are lawfully supported against the individual(s) or the organisation behind it. From a moral perspective, it is certainly a crime. It is swaying individuals away from paying the due tribute to the filmmakers or the makers if any original content. There is also a chance of your device getting affected by some malware. This site, however, condemns all acts of plagiarism and also suggests its users do so and if and as much as possible maintain a safe distance from them.  

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