MoviesDa (2023): Top 12+ Best Similar Websites Like MoviesDa

In today’s world, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t love to watch movies. Cinema can be considered to be the prime source of our daily entertainment. This reason accounts for the huge demand for the film industries in any corner of the world. To allow people to recreate themselves, films are being produced on various subjects in large numbers in various languages. Now, to provide people with the latest releases, a lot of movie sites have come up that provide such services. These sites upload duplicated contents without having their copyrights. MoviesDa is one such illegal torrent site that leaks the latest releases within a few days of its theatrical release online. All videos are available in HD resolution. Let’s read below to know what the site is all about.  

 MoviesDa 2023: Best Alternatives & Similar Websites

MoviesDa is an illegal torrent site that provides free online video streaming and downloading services. You can get a huge directory of movies on this site. Movies are available on several languages like Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Punjabi, Bollywood, Hollywood dubbed and whatnot. Not only are movies available here, but also other types of content like web series, tv shows, award functions, etc. Movies can be downloaded in any format of your choice. 

Features of the website of MoviesDa

Before going any further into the details of MoviesDa site, first let us know its features, which has made this site so popular. Because of these user-friendly features, that the site is blessed with, it has acquired such a huge traffic base. Below given are some of the important characteristics of the MoviesDa site

Needless to say, there are a plethora of movies found on this site. It has got an amazing collection of movies and other content from various genres, in various languages. 

All movies and videos are available in various formats, allowing viewers to stream and download in their preferred formats.

All movies and other contents have been categorised keeping in mind the convenience of the users. As a result of this clean categorisation, users can find out heir desired movies without difficulty. Again, films are categorised into several groups, one of them is their year of release. So, users can quickly find out a film if they remember the movie’s year of release. 

Even if they don’t remember any other specifications, this will fetch them from their desired movies. 

Upon clicking on every film or web series or anything, viewers get precise information about the particular content. This enables them to know what the content is about. 

MoviesDa has uploaded movies that are dubbed in several languages. So even if viewers cannot comprehend one language, they can watch the same movie in the language they understand. 

How to Get a movie from MoviesDa? 

One doesn’t have to have technical knowledge for downloading or streaming movies on MoviesDa. The simple easy steps mentioned below will do: 

  1. Visit the site of MoviesDa first. 
  2. Search for the movie you want to stream or download on the search bar. You can also click on the category the movie belongs to and find out from there. 
  3. After clicking on the movie you want to download, the page will be redirected to another page, where you will get various information regarding the movie. Like its plot, year of release, genre, etc. 
  4. After reading it, click on continue to download page.
  5. After clicking on that, a new page appears on the screen, where you will get several downloading options. 
  6. Click on any one option and see if the movie has started to download. After the movie gets downloaded completely, save the file 

Various categories of movies on MoviesDa

As has already been mentioned, MoviesDa provides movies that are categorised based on various specifications, to make it easy for viewers to search for their desired movie. As a result, the search process becomes easier. Here are some of the tags in which the movies are classified. 

  • Telegu 2023 HD movies download
  • Tamil 2023 movies HD free download
  • Hollywood dubbed movies 
  • Bollywood HD movies free download 2023
  • Tamil 2023 movies
  • Latest Bollywood movies

Best Alternatives of MoviesDa 

Because MoviesDa site is illegal and people have come to know the disasters associated with the browsing of such sites, many of them are in search of better alternatives that are safe to be used. Surfing through MoviesDa is illegal and any person who gets caught doing so stands punishable under the anti-piracy act. The police have every right to imprison the person for 3 years and charge a hefty sum of money for the culprit. Besides this, every time a person browses through any illegal torrent site, there are high chances of his device getting infected with viruses. Not only that, but also the information and data stored in the device might be stolen. So, briwsin6 through pirated sites only puts your safety at stake. For all the above-mentioned reasons, people are searching for better alternatives. 

Below given is a list of the alternatives that can be preferred for streaming and watching movies online. 

1. Sun Xt

Sun has to be the most preferred alternative. This is one of the top-rated sites where an innumerable number of Tamil and Telegu movies are found especially. Not only movies the site also provides viewers with a huge collection of web series, TV shows, award functions, etc. All contents are available in HD format on Sun XT. If you are browsing this site from your laptop or computer you can easily visit the website online. However, if you are willing to use Sun XT on your mobile, you can directly install the app of Sun XT Users need to subscribe to this site or application for availing of its services. The subscription rate is very minimal. It ranges from INR 50 to INR 480, depending on the package that you select. Users can even watch the news on the site for free. If you face any problem with the app, you simply need to give a call to their customer service number. 

2. Hotstar 


The next popular alternative is the list is Hotstar. The site gained importance initially when it allowed people to watch all cricket matches for free on the application. All content of star channels, be it star plus or Star Gold or Star Jalsha can be watched on this site for free, in HD resolution. Apart from these basic services, the site has a huge collection of movies, Bollywood, Hollywood and regional ones. The site provides a subscription-based service. All those who have the VIP subscription can watch all domestic content, while people who have a premium subscription can watch all international shows, besides the domestic ones. Hotstar can be accessed online or from a mobile app. The website’s interface is very engaging and user-friendly. Movies and other contents have been categorised on the various basis, as a result of which it has become easier for viewers to navigate. The website and app also allow you to download movies, besides streaming. 

3. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Videos

Amazon prime has come into the limelight much later. This is an application that allows viewers to stream and download videos, movies, web series originals, stand up comedy shows, tv functions, and whatnot. This has got the best collection of latest movies in any language. Amazon prime is sure to never disappoint its users. Similar to the other alternatives, movies, and contents on amazon prime are also categorised based on their genres and other bases. Users, however, need to keep in mind that this app charges money from viewers. They need to subscribe to any plan, monthly or annually, according to their choice. Only then can they stream the contents. In this context, everyone should know that the kind of service they provide is worth your subscription. The app hosts several original shows that you won’t get anywhere else. 

4. Jio Cinema

Jiocinema is basically for Jio users. It offers free services to its users. This is a completely legal app that provides varied content on various languages in HD resolution to be streamed and downloaded by viewers. Movies come from Various genres and have been classified, making it easy for viewers to search for their favourite movie. The interface is very user-friendly and simple. 

5. Yupp TV

Yupp tv can be considered to be an online television. You get to stream everything, starting from Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi, Bollywood, Hollywood dubbed, Malayalam movies. Not only movies the site also allows viewers to binge-watch web series, tv shows, news, award functions, and whatnot. In short, one gets to enjoy unlimited content on this site. If you are using the app version, you only need to sign-in with your email id from your phone. That’s it. Your job is done. Some of the contents are available for free, but to stream the rest, you need to subscribe to this app, at a very nominal price. Users can watch all that can be watched on television. 

6. Netflix  


Netflix is the most trending video streaming application that people are using presently. The app is worthy of everyone’s attention both in terms of quality and quantity. Netflix mainly hosts American shows and movies, but a few Bollywood web series, documentaries z short films also are available. The collection is unique and rare and cones from all genres. The quantity of movies and web series and other contents available here is huge. The range of shows it provides remains incomparable. Multiple shows and movies found here have been produced by Netflix itself. Such contents cannot be found anywhere else. The app allows viewers to stream and download their favourite contents. The app, however, needs to be subscribed for availing its services.

7. Bollyshare


One of the best alternatives to MoviesDa is Bollyshare. Just like MoviesDa, provides you with Bollywood and Hollywood movies, Bollyshare does the same. It also has a list of movies in different languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Bengali etc. It is a free site, unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime, hence it is quite popular among those who don’t want to pay a subscription fee to watch movies online or download them. 

8. TodayPk


This is considered to be one of the best websites for watching Bollywood and Hollywood movies along with a number of popular TV shows and web series. Because of the variety that this website offers, for many years, it has been popular among users who want to move beyond Netflix and Amazon Prime. Not only can you stream online, but can also download your favourite movies and TV shows, dubbed in different languages, be it your regional language or English. 

9. GoFilms4u

One of the best alternatives to MoviesDa is GoFilms4u, which gives access to you for movies and TV shows in your own language. The reason for its popularity is because you can find movies in different regional languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu etc. Also, you need not worry about missing out the latest movie in the theatre, because this site regularly updates its list of movies. Hence, you can sit at home and watch the latest blockbuster hits. 

10. DownloadHub


One more alternative to MoviesDa is DownloadHub. It provides you with a pirated version of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Moreover, they also provide you with movies in regional languages such as Marathi, Telugu, Tamil and Punjabi. As the name suggests, you can download from this site for free without paying any subscription fee, unlike in Netflix and Amazon Prime where only one month is free. 

11. 1337x


1337x is an illegal torrent site where you can stream and download all the latest movies, web series, documentaries, short films, trailers, music videos, tv shows, award functions, etc. for free. The site offers all contents at HD resolution. There is a huge library of old and new Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Hindi, Hollywood dubbed movies available on this site. These contents cover every genre like horror, thriller, crime, animation, romance, comedy, etc. Not only that, but the contents also come from every language, era, culture, and theme. The site brings to you the downloading links of all contents at one single click. 


12. Dvdvilla



Dvdvilla is a well known alternative movie streaming site to 9kmovies. Not only does the site lets you stream your favourite contents, but also download them in any format of your choice. The site provides fast downloading speed and good audio quality. Besides all, the site’s interface is extremely simple and user friendly which makes it easier for everyone to explore this site. The site’s contents are also well classified based on their genres, year of release, and language. With every content, the site provides users with a short piece of information. This lets viewers know about the particular content without having to Google about it. 


1. How can someone download a particular movie from MoviesDa? 

Firstly, one needs to search for the movie one wishes to download. After finding the required content, click on that. Now you will be redirected to another page showing you two options: stream or download. Click on download. Now you will get a series of links. Click on any one of them to continue downloading the film. Also, choose the format in which you want to download your movie. 

2. Is downloading movies from MoviesDa illegal?

Not only downloading mobies6, or any other kind of content, using any such pirated torrent site is illegal. 

Sites like MoviesDa keep changing their domain names frequently. As soon as one link gets blocked, they activate the next one. So it’s very difficult to keep track of their active domain name. 

4. What can happen to a person if found guilty of using sites like the MoviesDa? 

Everyone needs to know that these are illegal torrent sites, surfing which is considered to be a crime in India. So, if anyone is ever caught browsing through any such illegal site, the person will be imprisoned for 3 years. He might also be charged a huge sum of money as compensation. 

5. What are the various movie sizes that can be downloaded from the MoviesDa site? 

There are various sizes of films available on this site like 1gb, 400 MB, 2 GB, etc. 


It has already been mentioned that the MoviesDa site is an illegal one. Using any such illegal site also indicates that we are supporting the piracy business, which shouldn’t be done in any form under any circumstances. We don’t support piracy of any kind nor do we intend to promote the piracy business among our readers. We urge our readers to abide by the laws and regulations of the Indian government. People should understand the hard work and dedication it requires to make and produce a complete film. We should have empathy and respect for the dedication of the entire cast and crew of a film. Keeping in mind their hard work, we mustn’t do anything that causes them to suffer. Due to the operation of illegal sites like the MoviesDa, Indian film industries have suffered severe losses. These sites are still in operation because people are using them. So its high time that we become more aware and make others aware of this grave issue too. If people have yo watch movies at home, they must use legal alternatives. 

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