15 Movies Anywhere Alternatives for 2023 – The Perfect List of Legal Streaming Platforms

With many streaming services on the Internet, it can be daunting to decide which service best suits your needs. Movies Anywhere are one such platform that has seen tremendous growth in recent years, bringing together an impressive roster of streaming and premium VOD platforms under its umbrella. However, there are other legal alternatives to Movies Anywhere that can be explored, with features suited to users’ unique needs.

Tips to Choose Safe Movies Anywhere Alternatives:

When choosing a streaming service as an alternative to Movies Anywhere, there are several factors users should keep in mind. Compatibility on mobile devices is critical – some services may not offer their content library in full HD resolution on smartphones and tablets. In contrast, others have no dedicated app for handheld devices at all. Loading speeds can often vary depending on connection stability and location relative to servers hosting the streaming service. At the same time, captions, subtitles, and audio descriptions are sometimes a must-have feature. Additional factors such as personalization options, free vs. paid availability of content, licensing agreements with major studios/networks etc., should also be considered when selecting legal alternatives to Movies Anywhere for online streaming.

Best Alternatives:

Here’s an easy-to-grasp overview of some of the best Movies Anywhere alternatives that can give users excellent entertainment experiences on virtually any device they choose.



Arguably the most widely known streaming service on the Internet, YouTube ranks high in accessibility and availability across many devices. Mobile apps are available for iPhone/iPad, Android, and Windows mobile platforms. From traditional short-form content to full-length movies, YouTube has it all – albeit wrapped up with advertisements to compensate for their lack of paid subscription services like Amazon Prime or Netflix. Audio descriptions and limited captions are also supported.



Crackle is one of the oldest, most reliable sources for movies and TV shows online, consistently offering users a great selection of full-length feature films from major studios that include some pretty big names. The only downside for mobile platforms is the lack of audio description support and glitchy buffering speeds at times, though these are perfect on more giant screens like computer desktops, laptops, etc. However, with unique features such as parental controls, personalized watchlists/ queues etc., along with limited ads, Crackle makes for a great Movies Anywhere alternative.

Pluto TV:

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is another old-school streaming service that has existed since the mid-2000s and continues to delight its users even today. Unlike most competitors, Pluto offers free live television catering to tastes such as comedy, sports, news etc., supported across Android & iOS mobile devices through dedicated apps. It also offers movies on demand, although these are more modern than classic titles on Crackle. Audio/Visual descriptions along with captions are missing – making it entirely unsuitable for the hearing- and sight-impaired viewers among us, unfortunately.

Freevee (Formerly IMDb TV):


Freevee, formerly known as IMDB TV, retains all the features of its previous incarnation while dropping in many modern titles to better suit users’ streaming needs today. Notable absentees include audio description support or captions options; however, they balance it with ad-free streaming services and much faster loading speeds than competitors. Various handheld device apps are available for iOS and Android users to install, making Freevee a great Movies Anywhere alternative for modern movie fanatics on the go.

Tubi TV:


For those who love waving goodbye to ads, Tubi TV may be just the thing they’re looking for. Although free registration is required to enjoy uninterrupted streaming access, Tubi TV offers users access to an extensive variety of movies and television series spanning multiple genres, all without ever having them exposed to annoying advertisements. Mobile device app availability is also pretty impressive – with support for iOS and Android smartphones & tablets alike.



Uniquely designed as a dapper robot sidekick, Fawesome is probably one of the most fun alternative streaming services that can act as Movies Anywhere’s replacement portfolio anytime. Focusing on classic titles, the service does lack some features, such as audio description support. Still, these are more than compensated for by its ability to deliver content from Hollywood studios and independent producers all under one roof – plus free streaming lets users access this entire library without paying a single cent either!



For anime and manga fans wishing to find an alternative solution for Movies Anywhere, Crunchyroll is there with open arms (which can occasionally be too tight, if we’re honest). Its library of content includes both subbed/dubbed viewing options and a comprehensive selection of modern and older titles. While its popularity does affect loading speeds, Crunchyroll more than makes up for it with its free streaming tier – no ads included!

Plex TV:


Plex TV is essentially the upgraded ‘Super Saiya-jin God Blue’ of media playback services – having transformed itself from regular streaming to an all-encompassing personal media server that casts local as well as cloud-based content to virtually any device. It arrived late in the streaming revolution but with features such as powerful video transcoders and bandwidth support along with mobile apps for Android & iOS platforms alike – Plex more than makes up for time lost when searching out alternatives to Movies Anywhere in general.



Kanopy stands apart from its competitors within this list of legal Movies Anywhere alternatives owing to a unique free membership model via public libraries. That’s right – users may access their titles at no cost, provided they have a library card. The service offers an impressive selection of film titles that include new releases and hard-to-find classic gems from the annals of Hollywood history!



FilmRise is another viable alternative to Movies Anywhere out there with its dedicated apps for Android & iOS platforms giving mobile device owners complete control over their streaming experiences. Although added functionalities such as audio description and subtitles are absent, its free streaming availability across multiple platforms more than makes up for this shortcoming – plus the fact that their selection covers an extensive range of genres spanning Comedy & Documentary to Action/ Adventure and Drama etc. doesn’t hurt either.



FMovies brings torrents right into people’s homes legally with tremendous loading speeds and quality content being served directly to users without any added fuss or complications. The presence of ads, however, may tick off some viewers – but FMovies offers arguably one of the most comprehensive content libraries out there as a feasible Movies Anywhere alternative without ever having to pay for anything. Unfortunately, audio descriptions and captions/subtitles are unavailable at this time.



Serving customers like Netflix, NOXX is an excellent streaming service that comes second only to fmovies on this list with extensive library availability across all genres – though its accessible format offers no audio/video descriptions or subtitles/captions as a downside. It works on almost all handheld platforms with apps available for both Android & iOS users, and loading speeds remain impressive despite the lack of ads making it an attractive Movies Anywhere alternative.



Coming full circle to the list’s offering is Vumoo – providing such features as signing up-free streaming in its entirety, albeit wrapped up by crunchy hard candy known as advertisements throughout its portals. Things are, however, made up for by gaming console and mobile device compatibility, as well as parent-friendly user profiles that allow access to age-appropriate content only. Overall, Vumoo can be seen working as a great if not perfect, Movies Anywhere replacement.



With a fantastic selection of content ranging from some of Hollywood’s most iconic titles being offered alongside new streaming releases, LookMovie is the last legal alternative to Movies Anywhere worth mentioning here with its fast loading speeds and no registration requirement. On the downside, however, mobile platform accessibility is limited to Android devices only – as well as no audio/visual descriptions or caption/subtitles being made available for search results either.



Last but certainly not least on this list of alternative streaming services comes YesMovies – offering free streaming with ads that can be skipped after a 5-second waiting period some developers have termed ‘buffering therapy.’ Mobile device app compatibility across both iOS & Android platforms alongside breakneck loading speeds makes up for any shortcomings in its selection; however, as a Movies Anywhere alternative – YesMovies certainly takes the cake here!

Protect Yourself with VPN: A Must-Have for Safe Streaming:

To stay protected from legal liabilities such as copyright infringement suits and other criminal sanctions from authorities, users should use another powerful tool known as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) when researching alternatives or streaming content online. Popular services like NordVPN offer user encryption via military-grade encryption protocols while offering access to thousands of servers around the globe – perfect for circumventing geo-restrictions selling points at times.

NordVPN Pros and Cons:


Focusing on NordVPN specifically, some advantages include its convenient user interface across an array of platforms, including Android & iOS mobile device operating systems, as well as fast speeds for streaming that make up for their lack of 24/7 customer support right now. However, consider several drawbacks accompanying this service, such as the inability to unblock Netflix and other streaming giants such as Amazon Prime, Hulu etc.


With such a plethora of streaming services that can serve incredible entertainment experiences, choosing the one best suited to user needs can be daunting. Alternatives to Movies Anywhere abound with exciting features and convenient compatibility on virtually every device – making these an excellent choice for streaming content safely and legally from this day forth!

Movies Anywhere FAQs:

As long as viewers follow their terms of service and ensure they’ve attained a valid license to stream content through it, Movies Anywhere is 100% legal.

How Safe is Movies Anywhere Site?

Pretty safe, provided you stick with its guidelines and regulations while avoiding any torrent-related activities that may result in facing criminal convictions or financial/ reputational penalties.

Which are the top Movies Anywhere Alternatives?

YouTube, Crackle, Pluto TV, Freeeve (formerly IMDb TV), Tubi TV, Fawesome etc., all make up a list of Movies Anywhere alternatives available online today.

What happened to Movies Anywhere?

As far as we know, nothing has changed since it was launched – though whether that is likely to shift in content availability and other aspects remains to be seen.

What happens if I get caught while watching Movies Anywhere and its alternatives?

Depending on where you reside – in case of discovery, viewers may, at worst, incur criminal sanctions or even financial penalties depending on the nature/ severity of their offense.

Is Movies Anywhere Down?

As long as it keeps functioning normally nowadays – no significant issues have been reported as yet with regard to service interruptions etc.

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