23 MotoGP Alternatives for 2023: The Complete Guide to Safe Streaming

MotoGP, the world’s premier motorcycle racing championship, is known for its cutting-edge technology, breathtaking speeds and exciting races around the globe—spectators from all over flock to witness these electrifying events in person or online through different streaming services.

But with the increasing concerns of online data harvesting and piracy, staying safe while watching MotoGP streams is essential.

This article provides access to 23 legitimate and 100% secure alternatives for streaming MotoGP in 2023.

With each alternative’s distinct pros and cons covered, you can select a convenient service that meets your requirements without any worries about hacking or legal issues.

Plus, there are plenty of security tips for choosing a proper virtual private network (VPN) provider that will help protect you from any potential online threats.

Tips to Choose Safe MotoGP Alternatives

Before you start streaming the most nail-biting races, take your time and explore all the services available in terms of speed, quality of the video (including captions, subtitles and audio description), personalization features, subscription fees and licensing agreements by country.

After that, look at what each service offers and its security measures so that you can watch without having to worry about unintentionally downloading viruses or malware.

Best MotoGP Alternatives For 2023

1. F1TV:


Destination URL: formula1.com/en/subscribe-to-f1-tv.html
F1TV is the world’s only online streaming service that offers live coverage and exclusive racing events of Formula 1, MotoGP, and more specialized championships in HD quality at competitive subscription costs with no geo-restrictions.

Its mobile compatibility and personalized race history feature make it a favorite amongst Motorsport fans worldwide.

2. WorldSBK:


Destination URL: worldsbk.com/en
This streaming service offers live coverage of all SBK and supersport competitions and projects related to the entire content production pipeline in HD quality with no points or time zone restrictions, allowing you easier access anywhere across the globe at pocket-friendly prices plus account creation free of charge.

3. MotoAmerica:


Destination URL: motoamerica.com
Being the official home for all American-based road racing competitions, it offers live broadcasts with no geo-restriction along with full coverage highlights and reports from events across the USA through its subscription packages at almost half price compared to the other streaming services available in the market.

Plus, you get a 10% extra discount on your account creation as a bonus too!

4. WRC+:


Destination URL: wrc.com/en/liveplus
WRC+ is the official streaming service for FIA World Rally Championship events, with a huge range of bonus content, live broadcasts, and competing methods that you can find out online without any access restrictions.

Moreover, its subscription plans come at great discounts allowing more people to join this super fun motorsport family.

5. Red Bull TV:

Red Bull TV

Destination URL: redbull.com/int-en/tv
This subscription-based streaming service contains a range of different motorsport disciplines worldwide with official highlights and interviews, making it an ideal choice for hardcore racing enthusiasts.

However, since its content is geo-restricted to certain countries, some people might have difficulty subscribing, but that can always be solved by using a good VPN provider like NordVPN.

6. NBC Sports Gold:

NBC Sports Gold

Destination URL: nbcsports.com/gold/motors/superbike
It is the ultimate destination for Motorsport fans providing subscribers full access to exclusive racing events (including MotoGP, World Superbike and F1) in HD quality without any latency issues.

Plus, it also offers personalized accounts at extra discounts when signing up.

7. MotoGP Live Experience:

MotoGP Live Experience

Destination URL: MotoGP.com/en/live+experience
This app acts as a one-stop commuting platform providing features like live wallpapers, archived races, official lineups, and results that help you track your favorite racing events with ease and convenience at an affordable rate.

8. MotoGP App:

MotoGP™ Apps

Destination URL: MotoGP.com/en/apps
This dedicated app makes it convenient to watch official highlights, interviews, real-time stats, and other exclusive content anytime, anywhere, enabling the users to stay on top of the happenings of their favorite sport at a fraction of the cost compared to similar services available online currently.

9. MotoGP Social Media Channels:

MotoGP Social Media Channels

Destination URL: twitter.com/MotoGP
MotoGP is also available on major social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. You can access official updates regarding the race dates and riders as soon as they are released, plus some extra insights into their private lives.


10. gpone.com:


Destination URL: gpone.com
This comprehensive website provides up-to-date news, videos, interviews related to MotoGP and other motorcycle racing events, post-race analysis, and reviews for many topics.

It also has an interactive forum where viewers can engage with each other through various discussion panels.

11. BT Sport:

BT Sport

Destination URL: bt.com/sport/watch/live-now/MotoGP
This sports streaming service offers its subscribers video-on-demand services along with the live broadcast of motorsport championships like MotoGP and F1 at just half the price of other services in the market.

12. Motorsport Network:

Motorsport Network

Destination URL: motorsportnetwork.com
This motor racing streaming service features complete coverage broadcasts from motorsports competitions like Formula 1, Moto GP and World Rally championships worldwide.

It enables race enthusiasts to easily stay up-to-date with the latest news about their favorites. Plus, it has a mobile app for more convenience.

13. Crash.net:


Destination URL: crash.net/MotoGP
This website is another good source for the latest motor racing news covering all major international championship events worldwide, exclusive insights from riders and team members, and its video deposits.

14. Autosport:


Destination URL: autosport.com/MotoGP
This motorsport streaming service provides dedicated services tailored especially for MotoGP enthusiasts, allowing them access to real-time analysis, information, and interview segments.

It also has a highly active community forum where fans can express their opinions and share the joys of motorsport racing with like-minded people.

15. MCN – Motorcyclenews.com:

MCN – Motorcyclenews.com

Destination URL: motorcyclenews.com/sport/MotoGP
This website provides detailed coverage on all motorcycle-related topics, including MotoGP, WSBK and BSB events.

in addition to guidelines for proper riding technique along with gear reviews so you can get a better understanding of the whole industry any time without spending more on subscriptions.

16. Speedcafe:


Destination URL: speedcafe.com/category/racing-news/MotoGP/
This website covers all the international motorsport events worldwide, including MotoGP, F1 and Rally championships providing up-to-date news reports plus exclusive interviews with drivers, team members etc., to help you stay updated on your favorite sport in one place.

17. Motorsportweek:


Destination URL: motorsportweek.com/category/MotoGP
It is another excellent website providing detailed news, results and interviews from all motor racing disciplines, such as Formula 1, MotoGP and WRC plus, enthusiasts can even register for a membership to interact with their peers directly.

18. The Race:


Destination URL: the-race.com/category/MotoGP
This resourceful motorsports streaming service offers exclusive videos, analysis of the events alongside real-time stats and even personalized accounts at affordable costs.

It also has an interactive forum to exchange ideas with your peers!

19. Eurosport:


Destination URL: eurosport.co.uk/moto-gp/
This comprehensive website covers all motorsport events, such as MotoGP, WRC etc., in one place, providing the latest news reports plus detailed information about the race calendar, including riders’ records making it easier to stay updated on your favorite sport.

Protect Yourself with VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming

Once you have selected a proper streaming service that meets all your requirements, the next step is to ensure it keeps you safe from online threats.

Using a good quality Virtual Private Network (VPN) like NordVPN can protect by encrypting the data sent and prevent malicious agents from accessing it through different ways like IP spoofing.

Plus, for more security, it can also function as a kill switch in case the service gets disconnected abruptly without warning.

NordVPN Pros and Cons


NordVPN is one of the leading brands for certain online activities. It offers a range of benefits like fast internet speed, military-grade encryption that hides your true IP address and many servers located worldwide, allowing you access to different streaming services unavailable in your region.

Some cons of this service are its expensive subscriptions, lack of features compared to similar services and sometimes problems with connection dropping abruptly. Still, it is an exceptional VPN provider that covers most major security threats well.


MotoGP is an exciting sport that has been thrilling spectators worldwide with its heart-pounding skill and speed displays. But an essential factor to consider while streaming official coverage or reliable alternatives for MotoGP is safety, especially regarding online security threats.

This article provides you access to 23 legitimate and secure services for a better viewing experience and some vital tips on protecting yourself from any potential malicious agents like hacking viruses etc.

Plus, also a few FAQs answered in detail so that you can stay up-to-date without worrying about any mishaps – so go ahead and enjoy the best of motorsport racing in 2023.


Yes, MotoGP streaming is entirely legal if you stick to reliable sources like the ones mentioned in this article.

How Safe is MotoGP Site?

The site’s safety largely depends on the streaming service you are subscribed to. It’s better to ensure that the provider you choose has measures to keep your data private from online threats like hacking and malware attacks.

Which are the best MotoGP Alternatives?

Some top alternatives for MotoGP streaming include F 1TV, WorldSBK, MotoAmerica, WRC+, Red Bull TV and NBC Sports Gold, among many others.

What happened to MotoGP?

The official website for MotoGP racing has seen a decrease in subscribers over the years due to a lack of satisfactory services and leaving plenty of viewers unsatisfied.

What happens if I get caught while watching MotoGP and its alternatives?

If you are streaming through a pirated source, there might be some legal repercussions involved, but if you follow the official sources and reliable alternatives mentioned in this article then you should not have any issues.

Is MotoGP Down?

The service is currently up and running with no reported downtimes.

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