Happy Mother’s Day 2020: Status, Short & 2 Line Whatsapp Status & 15 Second Story To Update on 10th May

Every year we celebrate Mother’s Day but still, we are lacking in many things which we were supposed to do on the occasion of Mother’s Day. We are habitual putting a Mother’s Day status every year and hence our responsibility ends here. How can we forget our responsibility here for our mother who is concerned for us, even in her dream? A mother deserves many things, but she is getting nothing as we are not willing to give her anything from our share. We are just available for taking participating in feats of Mother’s Day organized by a noble son. We even don’t care to wish our mother and take the day as petty and trivial. For all such thoughts, we are lagging behind success and prosperity. God id not available for all and that’s why he has given Mother to all of us so that everybody can see God on earth. The definition of God is very simple, who gives life. Mother gives us life and hence she is the next form of God. 

Happy Mother’s Day 2020: Status, Short & 2 Line Whatsapp Status & 15 Second Story To Update on 10th May

Mother’s Day Status

Reformations in the society

Mother’s Day 2020 Status

There are certain reformations to be done in a society where we are living. We are living in a stagnated society where the petty thinking of the citizens says that women are only for reproducing babies and run the home. Here are such points directing for reformations in the society:

  • There are still many places where people used to think that women are a petty part of the family and she should not be paid heed anyways. But the same hypocrites are uploading Mother’s Day Status for Whatsapp on the day. 
  • Their mindset speaks for quelling and victimizing women without any reason. These people are polluted to such an extent as they worship female deities and the next, the moment they suppress the woman of their family.
  • The men of the family are real trouble for the women as they don’t allow them to interact or talk enough with others. They think that life can be lived by them only, others are allowed to live freely and independently.
  • With such a daily workload they are living their life, and without taking a single minute of relief. These things should be stopped immediately otherwise it will consume the motherhood from the country. 
  • Every woman is a mother, wife, sister, and daughter. They have different roles to be played at the same point in time for the family members. They never show their tantrum or stubbornness for anything, but still, they are not getting worth recognition in the family. Even they are getting relief on Mother’s Day.
  • We are living in modern society and that’s why we know that what is Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Siblings Day, etc. What about those who are living in villages and still don’t know anything about these things happening in society.
  • Some of them shoot Mother’s Day Whatsapp video status and upload it. In that video, we can see a forced smile of that mother who is not at all happy with that son who is asking his mother forcibly to smile for the sake of the video. These sorts of hypocrisy should be stopped and people must realize that Mother’s Day is not momentary, but permanent. 

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These are some of the things which should be reformed as soon as possible. The reformation of such things will be the best gift of Mother’s Day to a mother. If we can’t do such things, then we have no right to celebrate Mother’s Day with a fake smile. 

Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face. Happy Mother’s Day 2020!


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Mother’s Day 2020 Status for Whatsapp & Facebook

Happy Mother’s Day Status

Mom, you’re truly the best mother, role-model, and friend I could wish for. Thanks for being an incredible mother!

Happy Mother’s Day 2020


You are a blessing to many people, but I am especially grateful for the amazing work you have done for being my mom. Happy Mother’s Day 2020!


Thank you, mom, for always being here for me to love me and care for me when I felt like no one else did. No one can ever take your place ever.

Happy Mother’s Day 2020


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What is good about Mother’s Day?

Happy Mother’s Day Status 2020

I believe in love at first sight because I’m loving my mom… Since I opened my eyes. Happy Mother’s day 2020!

After the dark pessimism of human society towards a woman, there is an optimistic side also. Due to Mother’s Day and all, we are enough reformed to understand the position of a mother in the family and celebrating Mother’s Day every year with great fun and fervor. This should be our responsibility to inform others about the greatness of the day started by Anna Jarvis who started this day a hundred years back. She is the first lady who observed this day for her mother. Just because of her, we are celebrating this day and remembering the endeavor of our mother for us. Looking back to our traditions and customs, a lot of examples are there which proves that a mother is required for the beautiful and healthy nourishment of a son or a daughter. If a mother would not be there in the family, then the progress of that family will be ceased forever. We can’t assume a good result from that family as the gardener responsible for watering and pruning of young flowers is absent.     

Dear Mom, there aren’t enough flowers in the world to show how much you mean to me. #Happy_mothers_day_2020 


Happy Mother’s Day mom! Although we’re far apart you are always in my heart. I love you and miss you more than words can say.


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Mother’s Day Short Status

Mother’s Day Short Status

I smile because I’m your daughter. I laugh because there is definitely something you and dad did. lol… Happy Mother’s Day 2020!


No one can be as selfless as you; as sacrificing as you and as understanding as you! Lots of love and good wishes for Mothers Day 2020!


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Mother’s Day 2 Line Status

Mother’s Day 2 Line Status

As many as the stars on the sky, so do I have as many regards to the woman who brought me to this world, Happy Mother’s Day 2020!


Raising me took a lot of patience and determination. Thanks, mum for not giving up on me. Happy Mother’s Day 2020 my dear!


The warmth of your embrace is the best memory I have growing up. I love your cuddles mama. Happy Mother’s Day!


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Mother’s Day Status for Mom

Mother’s Day Status for Mom

To my friend, my guardian angel, Robin to my Batman. Love you, Mum! Happy Mother’s Day 2020!


Beauty and brains you’re more than that, you are a great mother, a hero and a loving friend right from the start. Have a Happy Mother’s Day 2020!


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Feel the urge to celebrate the day

Mother’s Day Status for Whatsapp

If you are reluctant a bit for the celebration of Mother’s Day, then you can’t celebrate the day. The day doesn’t demand an extravagant approach or any proper and well-managed arrangements. You have to feel it from inside that your mother has done a lot for you and now it’s your time to give something to her. Materialistic pleasure is not permanent, but it can give pleasure for certain moments. For those moments, you can celebrate the day. Since our childhood, we are listening that a mother is the first one who cries in our sadness and laughs in our happiness. She is the eternal companion of your life and acts as a torch-bearer so that you must follow the paths of success forever. If you are not ready for a lavish function, then it’s no harm. You can simply congratulate your mother for the day and tell her that you are happy enough to be her son. 

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The day should not be seen as merely a day where mothers are remembered more importantly. All the days in the calendar should be dedicated to the mother. Her sacrifice is endless and she can do anything for the sake of her family. For once we may forget our duties, but she is the one who will always make us remember what we are supposed to do.               


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